Charter, Laws and Ordinances of the Corporation of the Borough of Carlisle, to which is Prefixed a Statistical Account of the County and Borough

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J. Tizzard & Company, 1841 - 55 halaman

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Halaman 17 - In memory of the great and important services rendered to his country by his Excellency, John Dickinson, Esquire, President of the Supreme Executive Council, and in commemoration of his very liberal donation to the institution, the said college shall be forever hereafter called and known by the name of Dickinson College.
Halaman 36 - Indenture so far as the same may be inconsistent with the provisions of this compact, is to be regarded and is hereby declared to be rescinded and released.
Halaman 33 - If any person or persons shall think him, her or themselves aggrieved by any thing done in pursuance of this act...
Halaman 12 - Alone, yet not alone am I, Though in this solitude so drear ; * I feel my Saviour always nigh, He comes the weary hour to cheer. I am with him and he with me, — E'en here alone I cannot be !" The Colonel desired her to sing the hymn as she used to do.
Halaman 34 - ... authorized to take the body of such delinquent, and convey him to the jail of the proper county there to remain until the...
Halaman 30 - such rules, regulations and ordinances, as shall be determined by a majority of them, necessary to promote the peace, good order, benefit and advantage...
Halaman 52 - Be it therefore enacted, by the lieutenant governor, council, and assembly of the said island, and it is hereby enacted and ordained by the authority of the same, That from and after the...
Halaman 31 - ... of such valuation, unless some object of general utility shall be thought necessary ; in which case a majority of the taxable inhabitants of said borough shall approve of and certify the same in writing' under their hands, to the town council, who shall proceed to assess the same accordingly.
Halaman 28 - ... an oath, or affirmation, to support the constitution of the United States, and for the faithful discharge of the duties of their office; the governor before the President of the United States, or before a judge of the supreme or district court of the United...
Halaman 40 - ... shall forfeit and pay, for every such offence, a sum not exceeding five hundred dollars, nor less than two hundred dollars.

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