In the Millennium... There Will Be... Chocolate and Jelly Beans

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Holy Fire Publishing, 2005 - 208 halaman
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If the foretold biblical Millennial Reign of 1000 years was now already upon the earth, what would people be doing or saying his book is all about a future that no one, with any accuracy, can possible imagine or visualize. It is a spoof, a fantasy, something that only whispers of reality. The fictitious prose statements show our humanness, the biblical quotations depict our truths, and the cartoons add some humor. However that time is lived, the only intent here is to stimulate thinking, to cause a smile---and to verify a wonderful yearning for the millennial era to come, when we will be living with our Savior Jesus Christ, the "King." Eye hath not seen or ear heard the things the Lord has in store for those who love Him.

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Joy Dawson is retired secondary-school teacher who has taught English, drama, reading, and social studies in five different states, having permanent certificates in four of them. Throughout the authors life, church affiliation has also put her in contact with young people---youth groups, Bible Schools, and in other related spiritual activities. She has attended religious study classes and at times was the teacher. She reared four sons, has eight grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. This is her second published work (the first: Meet Me at The Ferris Wheel), and along with her writing efforts, she enjoys being a substitute teacher in the state of Kansas.

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