Additional Interoceanic Canal Facilities: Hearing[s] Before the Committee on Interoceanic Canals, United States Senate, Seventy-sixth Congress, First Session, on S. 127, a Bill Authorizing Negotiations and Providing for the Construction, Maintenance, and Operation of an Interoceanic Canal Over Nicaraguan Territory, and for Other Purposes; and S. 2229, a Bill Authorizing and Providing for the Construction of Additional Facilities on the Canal Zone for the Purposes of More Adequately Providing for the Defense of the Panama Canal and for Increasing Its Capacity for the Future Needs of Interoceanic Shipping, Volume 1-2

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1939
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Halaman 2 - ... and to prepare and issue therefor coupon or registered bonds of the United States in such form as he may prescribe, and in denominations of twenty dollars or some multiple of that sum, redeemable in gold coin at the pleasure of the United States...
Halaman 12 - It is agreed that the canal may be constructed under the auspices of the Government of the United States, either directly at its own cost, or by gift or loan of money to individuals or Corporations, or through subscription to or purchase of stock or...
Halaman 8 - It shall be free for each of the two contracting parties to appoint consuls for the protection of trade , to reside in the dominions and territories of the other party ; but before any consul shall act as such, he shall, in the usual form, be approved...
Halaman 33 - ... or (2) repair parts, accessories, supplemental equipment, or services are required for supplies or services previously furnished or contracted for; or (3) the aggregate amount involved in any purchase of supplies or procurement of services does not exceed $500; in which cases such purchases of supplies or procurement of services may be made in the open market in the manner common among businessmen...
Halaman 8 - The foregoing provisions shall be applicable to real estate situated within the States of the American Union, or within the cantons of the Swiss Confederation, in which foreigners shall be entitled to hold or inherit real estate. But in case real estate situated within the territories of one of the Contracting Parties should fall to a citizen of the other party, who, on account of his being an alien, could not be permitted to hold such property in the State...
Halaman 28 - ... for the safety and protection of said canal and harbors. That the President is authorized for the purposes aforesaid to employ such persons as he may deem necessary, and to fix their compensation.
Halaman 12 - Treaty shall be ratified by the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate thereof , and by His Britannic Majesty; and the ratifications shall be exchanged at Washington or at London at the earliest possible time within six months from the date hereof.
Halaman 7 - ... of their commerce; and generally the merchants and traders of each nation, respectively, shall enjoy the most complete protection and security for their commerce, subject always to the laws and statutes of the two countries respectively.
Halaman 2 - In addition to the members of said Isthmian Canal Commission, the President is hereby authorized through said commission to employ in said service any of the engineers of the United States army at his discretion, and likewise to employ any engineers in civil life, at his discretion, and any other persons necessary for the proper and expeditious prosecution of said work.
Halaman 52 - In comparing bids and in making awards the Governor or his duly authorized representative in the United States may consider such factors as relative quality and adaptability of supplies or services, the bidder's financial responsibility, skill, experience, record of integrity in dealing, and ability to furnish repairs and maintenance services, the time of delivery or performance offered, and whether the bidder has complied with the specifications.

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