Medicaid Home and Community Quality Services Act of 1987: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Health of the Committee on Finance, United States Senate, One Hundredth Congress, Second Session, on S. 1673, March 22, 1988, Volume 4

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Halaman 111 - Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York N. Carolina N. Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island S. Carolina S. Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington
Halaman 335 - York State used this state-administered program to further its efforts to return to the community people who had been institutionalized, and to upgrade the quality of services for those individuals who remained in institutional settings. Today, more than 7,000 individuals (many of whom are former institution residents) live in community-based intermediate care facilities. During FY 1987-88, OMRDD opened
Halaman 104 - consumers, advocates, professionals, providers, and state directors of programs for persons with mental retardation and developmental disabilities. Along with the ARC, they were: the American Association on Mental Retardation, the National Association of Developmental Disabilities Councils, the National Association of Protection and Advocacy Systems, the National Association of state Mental Retardation Program Directors,
Halaman 336 - done without a home and community care waiver. In summary, the Medicaid program has been used in New York State to move the service delivery system away from institutions and toward the community. While we, as an agency, are pleased by our accomplishments, there remains a major service development task ahead of us. Our efforts to reduce the developmental center population
Halaman 62 - it is in the national interest to offer persons with developmental disabilities the opportunity, to the maximum extent feasible, ... to live in typical homes and communities where they can exercise their full rights and responsibilities as citizens.
Halaman 336 - disabilities. In all cases, it is important for us to provide support services to the families of our clients so that their abilities to continue offering informal care is sustained. As evidence of OMRDD's commitment to this unserved population, we plan, by 1991, to serve
Halaman 335 - percent of all day service recipients. Without a doubt, the expansion of developmental disabilities services in New York State is directly attributable to the increase in federal financial participation through Medicaid. If this
Halaman 63 - enabling persons with developmental disabilities "to achieve their maximum potential through increased independence, productivity, and integration into the community.
Halaman 336 - capacity to serve developmentally disabled persons who have remained at home with their families. This group includes young adults who are being graduated from the special education system and who need vocational training programs. It includes older mentally retarded persons with aging parents who can no longer provide consistent long-term care within the home. It also includes infants and young children who
Halaman 139 - were very much surprised to learn that the psychologist had no experience or training that would help him in dealing with a CPA's occupational responsibilities. After four months of visits, twice a week, the psychologist recommended that Robert return to Chicago and resume his job as a public accountant. His doctor gave no warning of what to expect.

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