Interstate Commerce Commission Reports: Reports and Decisions of the Interstate Commerce Commission of the United States, Volume 323

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Cudahy Packing Co v Akron C Y R Co 318 I C C 229 189603
Rocky Mountain CarriersAgreement 314 I C C 279 350
Kelly Freight Forwarder Application 260 I C C 315 727
Russellville Compress Co v Gulf M N R Co 120 I C C 481 100
Indianapolis Board of Trade v Baltimore OR Co 129 I C C 675 180
Molds Ingot Pennsylvania to Steelton Ky 758
Paint and Related Articles in Official Territory 308 I C C 439 311
St Paul Fire Marine Insurance Co v W H Daniel Auto Co 83 S 807
Export Shipping Co v Wabash R Co 14 I C C 437 198
Y R Co Cooperative Grange League Federation
Mills 286 U S 397 517
Alabama State Docks Dept v Alabama T N R CO
Automatic TrainControl Devices 69 I C C 258 195 I C C 721 223
International Forwarding Co F F Application 260 I C C 249
Vehicles TriLevelTruckaway Flint Mich to Iowa Minne
Interstate Commerce CommissionV Jersey City 322 U S 503 640
Larrimore Inc v Union Pac R Co 2731 C C 415 106
Vehicles Wayne and Wixom Mich to Milwaukee Wis
Automobiles from Atlanta Ga to Norfolk Va 316 I C C 99
Bacon Bros v Alabama G S R CO 263 I C C 587 539
Interstate Freight Carriers Conference Inc Agreement 299 1 C C
Eastern Central Motor Carriers Assn Inc Interpretation of Govern
United States 129 Ct Ci 63
Western Transp Co Inc GrandfatherApplication 323 I C C 354 728
Bernstein Service Freight Forwarder Application 260 1 C C 498 380
Aircoach Transport Assn Inc v Atchison T S F Ry Co
Superior Fast Freight Alaska Grandfather Application 323 I C C
Bills of Lading of Freight Forwarders 259 1 C C 277
Texas N C R Co v Sabine Tram Co 227 U S 111 742
Eastern Central States Combined Bill of Lading Freight Bill Allow
Union Iron Works v New York Central R Co 218 I C C 607 505
Steel Inc v Baltimore O R Co 509
Ironand Steel Articles 155 I C C 517
Subler Transfer Inc Fresh Meats and Packinghouse Products
Arizona Grocery Co v Atchison T S F Ry Co 284 U S 370
Davis Randall Inc v United States 219 F Supp 673
Alabama T N R Co See Alabama State Docks Dept
Meatsand PHP Central Western to Far Western States 319
Asphalt to Iowa Michigan Minnesota and Wisconsin 316 I C C 117 771
Board of Directors for Utilities v Canadian Natl Rys 315 I C C 471 738
National Motor Freight Traffic Assn Inc v Baltimore Shippers
Parcel Warehouse Inc Freight Forwarder Application 285 1 C C 697
Du Pont de Nemours Co v MississippiW Service 153 I C C 283 404
Atchison T S F Ry Co v Alrcoach Transport Assn 253 F
Federal Shippers Assn Inc Investigation 316 I C C 523
White Bagley Co v Boston M R 279 I C C 715
Federated Metals Corp v Baltimore O R Co 167 1 C C 215
Yazoo Barge Line Common Carrier Application 305 I C C 17 392
Eastern ClassRate Investigation 164 I C C 314 179
Vendors Consolidating Co Inc F F Application 265 I C C 719
Tin Plate Fairless Pa to Hillside N J
Brown and Brown v Boston M R 266 I C C 310 692
El Dorado Oil Works v United States 328 U S 12 172428
Virginian Ry Co Extension 162 1 C C 552 67
Atlanta Shippers Assn Inc Investigation 316 I C C 259 322 1 C C
Sandand Gravel in the Southwest 241 1 C C 769
New Orleans Shippers Assn Inc Investigation of Operations 619
Byrnes Co of New York Inc F F Applications 260 I C C 55 198
Free Helper Service in Middle Atlantic Territory
Fresh Meats from the Midwest to the East 313 I C C 345 645711
Atlantic Coast Line R Co v Standard ou Co 12 F 2d 541 273 U S 712
MotorCarrier Freight Commodity Statistics 69 M C C 327 191141
Murphy Co v Atlantic Coast Line R CO 264 I C C 333 405
FreightAll Kinds LessThanCarload Container Charges United
General Iron Works Co v Atchison T S F Ry Co 509
Cartage Co ExtensionTwine 81 M C C 167
Oil Field Haulers V S A Loading Unloading by Winch 359
Cementfrom Hudson N Y to New England and Pa 319 I C C 235 418
Central Vermont Ry Inc v United States 182 F Supp 516 157
Pennsylvania R Co v Pittsburgh L W R Co 57 S Ct 35 81 L
PigIron Buffalo N Y TO Chicago Ill and Gary Ind 321 1 C C
Southern Motor CarriersAgreement 297 I C C 603 396
Index digest
Southern Ry Co v United States 186 F Supp 29 79
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Halaman 319 - It is hereby declared to be the national transportation policy of the Congress to provide for fair and impartial regulation of all modes of transportation subject to the provisions of this Act, so administered as to recognize and preserve the inherent advantages of each; to promote safe, adequate, economical, and efficient service and foster sound economic conditions in transportation and among the several carriers; to encourage the establishment and maintenance of reasonable charges for transportation...
Halaman 333 - That nothing in this act shall prevent the carriage, storage, or handling of property free or at reduced rates for the United States, State, or municipal governments...
Halaman 319 - States and the duly authorized officials thereof; and to encourage fair wages and equitable working conditions; — all to the end of developing, coordinating, and preserving a national transportation system by water, highway, and rail, as well as other means, adequate to meet the needs of the commerce of the United States, of the Postal Service, and of the national defense. All of the provisions of this Act shall be administered and enforced with a view to carrying out the above declaration of policy.
Halaman 54 - ... Commission shall hear and investigate the same and shall determine as to the safety and practicability thereof and justification and reasonable compensation therefor, and the Commission may make an order, as provided in section fifteen of this Act, directing the common carrier to comply with the provisions of this section in accordance with such order, and such order shall be enforced as hereinafter provided for the enforcement of all other orders by the Commission, other than orders for the...
Halaman 54 - Act, upon application of any lateral, branch line of railroad, or of any shipper tendering interstate traffic for transportation, shall construct, maintain, and operate upon reasonable terms a switch connection with any such lateral, branch...
Halaman 768 - freight forwarder" means any person which (otherwise than as a carrier subject to part I, II, or III of this Act) holds itself out to the general public to transport or provide transportation of property, or any class or classes of property, for compensation, in interstate commerce, and which, In the ordinary and usual course of its undertaking, (A) assembles and consolidates...
Halaman 581 - freight forwarder' means any person which (otherwise than as a carrier subject to part I, II, or III of this Act) holds itself out to the general public as a common carrier to transport or provide transportation of property...
Halaman 332 - Acts amendatory thereof, whereby any such property shall by any device whatever be transported at a less rate than that named in the tariffs published and filed by such carrier, as is required by said Act to regulate commerce and the Acts amendatory thereof, or whereby any other advantage is given or discrimination is practiced.
Halaman 64 - ... a greater or less compensation for any service rendered, or to be rendered, in the transportation of passengers or property, subject to the provisions of this act, than it charges, demands, collects or receives from any other person or persons for doing for him or them a like and contemporaneous service in the transportation of a like kind of traffic under substantially similar circumstances and conditions, such common carrier shall be deemed guilty of unjust discrimination, which is hereby prohibited...
Halaman 500 - ... it shall be the duty of the commission to investigate the matters complained of in such manner and by such means as it shall deem proper.

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