Fiscal Year 1991 Budget Proposals: Hearings Before the Committee on Finance, United States Senate, One Hundred First Congress, Second Session, February 28, March 6 and 22, 1990

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1990 - 283 halaman

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Halaman 281 - Industry performs over 70 percent of total national R&E These statistics highlight the Chamber's viewpoint that a successful national R&E policy Is best served through reliance on private R&E expenditures. President Bush recognizes the significant role of the private sector In R&E. This b demonstrated by the Administration's call tor a permanent R&E tax credit.
Halaman 175 - Health, to continue progress toward medical breakthroughs which historically have resulted in many lifesaving and cost-effective discoveries. 12. Encourage health promotion by both physicians and patients to promote healthier lifestyles and disease prevention. 13. Amend ERISA or the federal tax code so that the same standards and requirements apply to self-insured (ERISA) plans as to state-regulated health insurance policies, providing fair competition. 14. Repeal or override state-mandated benefit...
Halaman 280 - Revenue Code provides that self-employed individuals may deduct 25 percent of the amount paid for health insurance for the individual, the individual's spouse, and dependents. This provision was added to the Code in 1986 to make the tax treatment of health insurance benefits of self-employed individuals fairer and to encourage broader coverage in this sector.
Halaman 240 - This adjustment is provided in light of doubts . . . about the ability of the DRG case classification system to account fully for factors such as severity of illness of patients requiring the specialized services and treatment programs provided by teaching institutions and the additional costs associated with the teaching of residents . . . the adjustment for indirect medical education costs is only a proxy to account for a number of factors which may legitimately increase costs in teaching hospitals...
Halaman 188 - Mr. Chairman and members of the Committee. I am honored to appear before you today to discuss the President's FY 2003 budget for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).
Halaman 229 - ... $10,000 from an IRA for the purchase of a first home without imposition of the present-law 10-percent additional income tax on early withdrawals. This provision would apply to individuals who did not own a home in the last 3 years and who are purchasing or constructing a principal residence that costs no more than 110 percent of the median home price in the area where the residence is located. No withdrawal would generally be permitted from an account that had received a rollover amount from...
Halaman 111 - General rule A 20-percent tax credit is allowed to the extent that a taxpayer's qualified research expenditures for the current year exceed its base amount for that year. The credit will not apply to amounts paid or incurred after December 31, 1990, and a special rule...
Halaman 131 - American Public Welfare Association's National Council of State Human Service Administrators.
Halaman 232 - OtP field is a relatively small one, with only about 2,600 certified practitioners available to serve the entire United States. The services of this industry are rehabilitative in nature. Typically, they reduce the length of stay for beneficiaries in costly inpatient settings and help restore mobility and ability to function unaided, making it possible for the OtP patient to return to useful work.
Halaman 134 - States had an artificially low base in the early years (shortly after Public Law 96-272 was enacted) due both to their inability to claim all appropriate costs and the absence of required program components (page ii). The 1987 report also stated that in seven separate studies HDS had failed to document that States were systematically transferring ineligible title IV-E administrative costs to the Federal Government. The report concluded that although HDS did uncover some random accounting errors "there...

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