Biennial Report of the Board of Control of State Institutions of Minnesota, Volume 3

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Halaman 32 - In any case where the court shall award a dependent child to the care of any association or individual in accordance with the provisions of this act, the child shall unless otherwise ordered become a ward and be subject to the guardianship of the association or individual to whose care it is committed.
Halaman 32 - ... said board shall have power to parole such child on such conditions as it may prescribe; and the court shall, on the recommendation of the board, have power to discharge such child from custody whenever, in the judgment of the court, his or her reformation is complete ; or the court may commit the child to the care and custody of some association that will receive it, embracing in its objects the care of neglected or dependent children, and that has been duly accredited as hereinafter provided.
Halaman 31 - ... it shall be the duty of the said probation officer to make such investigation as may be required by the court; to be present in court in order to represent the interests of the child when the case is heard; to furnish to the court such information and assistance as the judge may require; and to take such charge of any child before and after trial as may be directed by the court.
Halaman 30 - Upon the filing of the petition a summons shall issue requiring the person having custody or control of the child or with whom the child may be...
Halaman 31 - ... to the care of some reputable citizen of good moral character, or to the care of some training school or industrial school, as provided by law, or to the care of some association willing to receive it, embracing in its objects the purpose of caring for or obtaining homes for neglected or dependent children, which association shall have been accredited as hereinafter provided.
Halaman 33 - The court in committing children shall place them as far as practicable in the care and custody of some individual holding the same religious belief as the parents of said child, or with some association which is controlled by persons of like religious faith of the parents of the said child.
Halaman 32 - ... may allow said child to remain in its own home subject to the visitation of the probation officer, such child to report to the probation officer as often as may be required and subject to be returned to the court for further proceedings...
Halaman 29 - delinquent child" shall include any child under the age of sixteen (16) years who violates any law of this state or any city or village ordinance, or who is incorrigible, or who knowingly associates with thieves, vicious or immoral persons, or who is growing up in idleness or crime, or who knowingly visits or enters a house of...
Halaman 30 - The parents of the child, if living, and their residence known, or its legal guardian if one there be, or if there is neither parent nor guardian, or if his or her residence is not known, then some relative if there be one and his residence is known, shall be notified of the proceedings, and in any case the judge may appoint some suitable person to act in behalf of the child.
Halaman 30 - ... be entered in a book or books to be kept for that purpose...

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