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Part of the machinery for the manufacture of an additional four million pounds has been purchased from a defunct factory in Canada at about one-third of its cost, and this machinery will be installed in the new factory building which will be erected on the new prison site. When this addition is made, it will practically furnish all the twine used in the State of Minnesota.

We desire to call your special attention to the recommendations for legislation made in another part of this report. We believe this recommendation to be of the utmost importance and entitled to the most earnest consideration of the Legislature.


Under the legislation enacted in 1905 this Board was directed to purchase not to exceed 160 acres of land for a new prison site in the City of Stillwater. We beg leave to report that the Board has purchased about 160 acres, with the right-of-way connecting the site with the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha for total consideration of $12,500.

The preliminary survey of the 20 acres to be included in the enclosed prison yard warranted the location of the first-chosen right-of-way, but upon a more thorough investigation by the engineers it was found that a great deal of money could be saved in grading by moving the yard 400 ft. farther north. This made the curve too sharp on the grade necessarily ascended in approaching the premises. Hence the railroads declined to build the first-proposed side track.

We have obtained options on a satisfactory right-of-way, the titles to the land of which are now in process of adjustment, and this change will cost the State an additional $2,500.

There has necessarily been much delay in obtaining this site and right-of-way because of the involved nature of the titles to the various lots and parcels obtained, but it is now believed that all titles will be completed within the next ninety days.

About one-fourth of the grading of the new prison yard has been done, and the grounds are now ready for the erection of the first factory building and warehouse, the intention being to build a modern factory building, two-thirds of which will be used for manufacturing purposes and the other third for dormitory and kitchen purposes for the inmates who will be transferred to the new institution.

The rapidity with which this institution will be built will depend entirely upon the appropriations made for that purpose by the legislature. We would recommend an appropriation of $50,000 for each year of the coming biennial period, to be utilized for the recessary power plant and the extension of the institution according to the best judgment of the Board.


The total appropriation made for the purchase of land, clearing of the grounds, and buildings for the Sanatorium for Consumptives located at Walker was $75,000. Of this sum there has been expended for land $7,654.33; for clearing this land, grading grounds and roads, $1,167.33; for traveling expenses of Advisory Commission, surveying. spur track. salary of caretaker and miscellaneous expenses $2,216.78; for caretaker's cottage $2,177.50; under contract for the West Wing of the Main Building now under construction: For the building $34,260, for the plumbing $2,437, and for the heating $2,555; to which may be added the estimated expense of architect's fees and the salary of the superintendent of construction, $1,800; making in all an expenditure, made or contracted for, of $57,267.94, leaving a balance for furnishings, sewerage and a water system of $17,732.06.

As is well known, this is a new institution and the assumption of a new duty on the part of the state. While it is an experiment in this state, the system of state care for consumptives has been in force in the State of Massachusetts for about eight years, and a number of the other states have begun to build institutions for this purpose, or are about to

do so.

The intention of the Legislature in providing for this institution was that it should be entirely self-supporting, hence no appropriation was made for support, but it is manifestly impossible to make it selfsupporting at once, as the few patients for whom accommodations are furnished could not possibly bear the expense involved in supporting the institution. For this reason we would recommend the appropriation of $50,000 as a revolving fund to be used for the purpose of support, into which shall be paid the weekly charge made for patients.

Upon the unanimous nomination of the Advisory Commission we have elected Dr. Walter J. Mareley superintendent of this institution at a salary of $2,500 per year, conditioned upon the Legislature's making the necessary appropriation for the support of the institution.

Dr. Mareley is the present superintendent of the Massachusetts Hospital for Consumptives, and has been since its inception eight years ago. The Advisory Commission feels that the state is very fortunate in securing the services of so able and experienced a man.

We desire to call your attention to the report made to us by the Advisory Commission. It is for the Legislature in its wisdom to decide how rapidly this institution shall be developed. The plans for the completed institution you will find referred to in the architect's report.

In addition to whatever appropriation may be made for the com: pletion of the Main Building, we would recommend the appropriation of $10,000 for the erection of so-called shacks and a farmer's cottage, that the present building occupied by the farmer may be used as a residence for the superintendent.

If farm buildings, machinery, live stock and the care of the grounds are to be provided for, a special appropriation for this purpose will have to be made.


An appropriation of $10,000 was made for the construction of a Ladies' Dormitory to be connected with the Normal School at Dulut). We have erected and completed the said, building, which will be more fully referred to in the report of the architect. Four thousand dollars of the amount appropriated was set aside for furniture at the request of the State Normal School Board.

A much larger building for the same purpose was erected in connection with the Normal School, at St. Cloud. This has also been completed and furnished under the direction of this Board. In addition $25,000 was appropriated for the construction of a Model School Building in connection with this institution, and this has recently been completed and is now occupied.

At the University the Building of Public Health and Pathology is about completed and ready for occupancy. The completion of this building has been unduly delayed by reason of the many changes made in the proposed plans, with all of which suggested changes the architect and this Board have tried to comply.

The Main Building at the University is making slow progress. For this purpose $108,000 was appropriated, and of this amount $38,456 was set aside for furniture and equipment under the jurisdiction of the Board of Regents. This amount was requested by resolution of that governing body.

For the Main Building at the Agricultural School, together with the necessary balance to purchase an additional 20 acres of land, the appropriation of the Legislature of 1905 amounted to $277,173.76. Of this amount $11,792.76 was paid for the land purchased, and $14,600 was set aside, at the request of the Board of Regents, for the purpose of furnishing and equipping the same and for the addition to the Boiler House. The balance, $220,781, is to be used in the actual construction of the building. This building is making progress and is now under roof. Much delay has been occasioned at both of the large buildings by reason of the difficulty experienced in obtaining the necessary material.

Fifteen thousand dollars was appropriated for erecting a school building at the Experiment Farm at Crookston, and this building has been completed and is now occupied.

The Experimental Farm located near Grand Rapids obtained a $2.000 appropriation for a dairy building. This has also been completed under the supervision and direction of the Superintendent of that institution.

An insectary has been built on the grounds of the Agricultural School under plans furnished by the institution.

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