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Postoffice, Red Wing. Stations, C. M. & St. P. Ry., C. G. W. Ry.
Superintendent, Frank A. Whittier.
Assistant Superintendent, H. W. George.
Steward, Amilie E. Willard.
State Agent, Grace Johnston.
Visiting days, every day.
Population, July 31, 1906, 263 males, s5 females. Total 348.

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Postoffice, St. Cloud. Stations, S. P. Ry., G. N. Ry.
Superintendent, Frank L. Randall.
Principal Keeper, Fred H. Whitney.
Steward, R. O. Pickit.
Visiting days, every day, except Sundavs and holidays, from 7 a. m.

to 4 p. m.
Population, July 31, 1906, 300 males.

STATE PRISON. (Opened 1851.)

Postoffice, Stillwater. Stations, C. St. P. M. & 0. Ry., C. M. & St. l. Ry.,

N. P. Ry. Warden, Henry Woifer. Deputy Warden, J. S. Glennon. Assistant Deputy Warden, M. C. Colligan. Chief Clerk, Horace W. Davis. Prison Physician, J. J. Merrill, M. D. Visiting days, 8 to 12 and 1.30 to 4.30 every week day, except holidays. Population, July 31, 1906, 678 males, 12 females. Total 690.

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State Board of Control,

St. Paul, Minn. Gentlemen: The biennial report of the Anoka State Asylum for the period ending July 31, 1906, is herewith respectfully submitted.


Average daily population for period....

.295.22 Number received by transfer from other institutions during biennial period

102 Number on parole at end of period

2 Number of escapes on roll at end of od

2 Number died during period Remaining in institution at end of period: Males

274 Females




Total nunber remaining in institution at end of period
Number legally discharged during biennial period



During the past two years there has been erected, equipped and populated, the women's cottage No. 1. A transfer of fifty female patients was received from the St. Peter State Hospital on Aug. 29, 1905.

Our new laundry was complete and equipped with all modern machinery during this period also, as well as the new Power Plant equipped with two 70 horse power boilers, a new Buckeye engine directly connected to a thirty K. W. Generator, an Ideal engine also connected to a 20 K. W. Generator and a 50,000 gallon tank on a 70 foot steel tower. Tunneis connecting the main building with the laundry, Power Plant and Cottage have also been constructed and completed during this period.

A Greenhouse, 40 by 171/2 feet is at present under construction and will be completed in a very short time.

There has also been installed in the main building a system of fire protection. Heretofore the only protection from fire about the place was. the chemical fire extinguishers hung throughout the main building.

Cottage No. 2 for female patients is rapidly nearing completion and like Cottage No. 1 is perfectly fireproof and is nearly an exact duplicate of the first cottage erected. l'pon the completion of this building we will be able to care for at least fifty more female patients.

A new root cellar and carpenter shop has been erected during this period also.

Our old tower and tank, which was of wood construction throughout, has been taken down and stored for future use at the cow barns.

Work on remodeling the Administration building, making more office room and quarters for employes, has begun, as the appropriation is now available.


The north and south wings of the main building will need to be reshingled and would suggest that slate be used. For this improvement we would ask an appropriation of $5,000.00.

The plumbing in the south wing is in very poor condition and very unsanitary, and we would ask an appropriation of not less than $5,000.00 for remodeling the same.

As our population increases, so also does the volume of sewerage, and as the filter bed and septic tank system was only intended to care for the sewerage from the main building, we shall have to have additional filter beds. For this we shall require not less than $1,000.00.

For an electric fire alarm system and watchman's detector we would ask an appropriation of $1,000.00.

l'p to the time of the New Code going into effect we had an appropriation of $2,108.00 for a cold storage plant, but according to the provisions of the Code there was covered back into the treasury the unexpended balance of the first appropriation leaving us but $1,500.00 for this purpose, and would ask that $1,000.00 additional be appropriated.

For Repairs we would ask an appropriation of $1,500.00 each year.

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