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401 Second avenue.

Frederick E. Mather, President.
William F. Mott, Jr., First Vice-President.
Nathaniel Hayden, Second Vice-President.
James C. Holden, Treasurer.

Joseph Gillett, Secretary.
Charles Tracy,

D. Willis James,
Adam W. Spies,

Morris K. Jesup,
Charles C. Savage,

William T. Blodgett,
Peter McMartin,

Sherman J. Bacon,
Joseph W. Patterson,

Moses G. Baldwin,
Henry G. Marquand,

Robert Hoe, Jr.,
William Post,

Oliver Harriman,
Pierre Humbert,

John N. Hayward,
William H. Wells,

Henry J. Baker,
Joseph M. Cooper,

Frederick N. Goddard.

1866. ON FINANCE_Peter McMartin, Pierre Humbert, Adam W. Spies, William H. Wells.

ON CONFERENCE-Nathaniel Hayden, Charles Tracy, Henry J. Baker, Frederick N. Goddard.

COMMITTEE ON APPLICATIONS-D, Willis James, William F. Mott, Jr., James C. Holden, Moses G. Baldwin.

ON SUPPLIES—William Post, Charles C. Savage, Robert Hoe, Jr., Oliver Harriman.

ON REAL ESTATE-Joseph M. Cooper, John N. Hayward, Morris K. Jesup, Sherman J. Bacon.

VISITING COMMITTEES. January-Joseph Gillett, William H. Wells, Robert 'Hoe, Jr., Sherman J. Bacon.

February-James C. Holden, Charles C. Savage, Joseph M. Cooper, Nathaniel Hayden.

March-William Post, Adam W. Spies, Charles Tracy, D. Willis James.

April–Morris K. Jesup, Frederick N. Goddard, Henry G. Marquand, Joseph W. Patterson.

May-Pierre Humbert, John N. Hayward, Moses G. Baldwin, William T. Blodgett.

June-William F. Mott, Jr., Peter McMartin, Henry J. Baker, Oliver Harriman.

July-William H. Wells, Joseph Gillett, Sherman J. Bacon, Robert Hoe, Jr.

August-Charles C. Savage, James C. Holden, Nathaniel Hayden, Joseph M. Cooper.

September, Adam · W. Spies, William Post, D. Willis James, Charles Tracy.

October_Frederick N. Goddard, Morris K. Jesup, Joseph W. Patterson, Henry G. Marquand.

November.-John N. Hayward, Pierre Humbert, William T. Blodgett, Moses G. Baldwin.

December_Peter McMartin, William F. Mott, Jr., Oliver Harriman, Henry J. Baker.


Diseases of Heart, Langs, and Throat.. (J. R. Leaming, M.D.

Alfred L. Loomis, M.D.
Diseases of Head, Abdomen, &c.......

(Gouverneur M. Smith, M.D. William B. Bibbins, M.D.

William S. Ludlum, M.D. Diseases of Eye and Ear...

Wm. Frederick Holcomb, M.D.

William H. Thomson, M.D. Diseases of Children...

J. B. Reynolds, M.D.

Joseph Bluxome, M.D. Diseases of the Skin.....

G. S. Winston, M.D.

William M. Chamberlain, M.D. Diseases of Women...

E. R. Peaslee, M.D.
James L. Brown, M.D.

Stephen Rogers, M.D.

Edward Bradley, M.D. NOTE.—The Physicians attend on alternate days; the first named in each class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ; the other on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

HOUSE PHYSICIAN—Isaac Cummings, M.D.
NOTE—The House Physician has charge of Vaccination at the Dispensary.

VISITING PHYSICIANS, North District, James E. Steele, M.D.; South District, Henry M. Field, M.D.

NOTE—The North District extends from Fortieth street to Twenty-fourth street, and includes both sides of Twenty-fourth street. The South District extends from Twenty-fourth street to Fourteenth street. Each District extends from the East river to Sixth avenue.

APOTHECARY-W. Wallace Nichols.

Departments and Hours of Attendance of the Medical Board of the

Demilt Dispensary.

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The House Physician in attendance from 9 o'clock A.M. until 4 P.M. to receive the names of applicants for the services of the Visiting Physicians, supervise and classify patients, and act in any department

in the absence of the Attending Physician; also to prescribe for cases requiring immediate relief.

An Attending Physician for each class is present at the hour above specified to treat patients able to attend at the Dispensary.

The Visiting Physicians are at the Dispensary at least twice each day. A Register is kept at the building to receive the name and residence of applicants who are too sick to come to the Dispensary.

The Apothecary is in attendance to put up prescriptions from 9 o'clock A.M. till 5 P.M. (except Sundays), from the 1st of October to the 1st of March; and during the remainder of the year from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. On Sunday from 9 to 10 A.M., and from 1 to 2 P.M.

The rooms of the Dispensary are open at hours corresponding to those of the attendance of the Apethecary. Patients are not treated at the building on Sunday, but applications are received for the services of the Visiting Physicians, and their prescriptions dispensed, at the hours stated above.

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Fifty-ninth street, between Second and Third avenues.

John H. Riker, President.
George H. Ross, First Vice-President.
Joseph Sanderson, Second,
Daniel Gallagher, Treasurer.

William Lockwood, Secretary.
George Whitfield,

H. M. Brush, M.D., A. Cardozo,

T. A. Howe, J. G. Shaw,

R. J. Lomas, T. Farley,

P. Russell, E. P. Worth,

John Torrey, M.D., LL. D., Edward Dodd, M.D.,

G. M. Harpel, P. Smith,

H. Steinway, C. H. Lyons,

Thomas Crimmins, Alexander Hadden, M.D., R. B. Burton, M.D., J. Haskell,

Matthew Allen. STANDING COMMITTEES FOR 1865. ON FINANCE-Charles H. Lyons, R. J. Lomas, T. A. Howe, P. Russell, E. P. Worth,

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