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COMMITTEES. EXECUTIVE_Mrs. Goddard, Mrs. Stuart, Mrs. Boorman, Mrs. Bull, Mrs. Phelps, Mrs. Sutherland, Mrs. D. D. Lord.

SCHOOL-Miss Warren, Miss Sturges, Miss Brown, Miss Benson, Miss Lord, Miss Talbot, Mrs. Woodworth, Mrs. Jesup, Mrs. Ceccarini.

PARENTS' VISITING-Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Sutherland, Mrs. G. G. Smith, Mrs. Butler.

PURCHASING-Mrs. C.'F. Lindsley, Mrs. J. N. Bradley,Mrs. A. G. Phelps,


PHYSICIAN-B. F. Bowers, M. D.
MATRON-Mrs. I. Bush.

TRUSTEES -Mr. James Boorman, Mr. George S. Robbins, Mr. Charles Butler, Mr. John Campbell, Mr. George D. Phelps, Mr. James Donaldson, Mr. Charles N. Talbot, Mr. John N. Bradley, Mr. Robert L. Stuart. Regulations in regard to the Admission of Children into the Protestant

Half-Orphan Asylum. 1. Applications for the admission of children are received on Tuesdays from 11 to 12 o'clock.

2. No child will be received into the Asylum under four or over ten years of age.

3. The board of each child is fifty cents per week, to be paid monthly in advance.

4. No child will be received for less tiine than one year.

5. Any parent removing his or her child before the first year has expired, will be required to pay one dollar per month extra board, from the date of its admission to its removal.

6. Parents are permitted to see their children on the first Thursday of each month, from one to four o'clock in winter, and from one to five in summer, when they are required to pay their dues. On no other day can they demand to see their children, excepting in cases where the parent is employed out of the city and is unable to come at a stated time.

7. No visits received on the Sabbath.

8. Any parent or guardian failing to pay board money for three successive months, a strict inquiry will be made into the circu nstances of the

If found delinquent, when able to pay, the child or children will be returned to the friends.

9. On removing children from the Asylum, either by friends or employ. ers, clothes must be bought for them to wear out. The Asylum suits are theirs only while they remain in the Institution.

10. No relative or friend shall interfere in the management of the children.



Seventy-fourth street and Bloomingdale road.



Mrs. John Anthon, First Directress.
Miss Brinckerhoff, Second
Miss M. J. Oothout, Treasurer.

Miss Caroline Murray, Secretary.
TRUSTEES.Mrs. J. P. Van Horne, Miss Emma Seton, Miss Mary A.
Strong, Mrs. Isaac Gibson, Mrs. Jonathan Odell, Miss Bella Mathews,
Mrs. G. C. Satterlee, Miss Caroline C. Woolsey, Mrs. Nathan Bishop.

ADVISORY COMMITTEE. -A. R. Walsh, Esq , John K. Myers, Esq., Henry Oothout, Esq.

PHYSICIAN-John L. Campbell, M.D.
SUPERINTENDENTS_Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Pell.
TEACHERS-Mr. Wright, Miss Campbell, Miss Marian Dempster.

The children have to be orphans having no parents living. No charge for admission.

MAGDALEN FEMALE BENEVOLENT SOCIETY. Eighty-eighth and Eighty-ninth sts., Fourth and Fifth avs.


Mrs. Thomas Hastings, First Directress.
Mrs. J. 0. Pond, Second
Mrs. L. Beecher,
Mrs. Z. S. Ely, Treasurer.
Mrs. A. Merwin, Corresponding Secretary.
Mrs. Charles Fanning, Recording Secretary.

Rev. Charles C. Darling, Chaplain.
MANAGERS --Mrs. A. G. Allen, Mrs. M. Allinson, Mrs. J. W. Baker
Mrs. A.. Baxter, Mrs. G. P. Bradford, Mrs. H. Brooks, Mrs. C.J.Boggs,
Mrs. J. Canfield, Mrs. Wm. Couch, Mrs. Wm. Cripps, Mrs. L. W.Curtis,
Mrs. J. Donaghe, Mrs. S. Derickson, Mrs. W. Edwards, Miss A. E.
Fellows, Mrs. H. Gillett, Mrs. A. Greenleaf, Mrs. C. Hammill, Mrs. J.M.
Halstead, Mrs. J. W. Hayes, Mrs. C. Hoffman, Mrs. Dr. Housel, Mrs.
R. L. Murray, Mrs. L. Nash, Mrs. M. Nicholson, Mrs. J. H. Patridge,
Mrs. Wm. Topping, Mrs. E. L. Trowbridge, Mrs. G. M. Tracy, Mrs.
T. M. Turlay.

MATRON–Mrs. C. Offer.


ON SUPPLIES-Mrs. A Merwin, Mrs. C. Hoffman, Mrs. C. J. Boggs.
On REPAIRS—Mrs. Thomas Hastings, Mrs. M. Allison.
AUDITING—Mrs. Z 8. Ely, Mrs. W. Edwards, Mrs. Partridge.

SEWING-Mrs. C. Hoffman, Mrs. Ingersoll, Mrs. Trowbridge, Miss Fellows.

GARDEN—Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Partridge, Mrs. Offer.
ON EDUCATION—Mrs. Brooks, Mrs. Trowbridge, Mrs.Partridge.

ADVISORY-Mr. M. Allison, Mr. J. W. Hayes, Mr. A. Merwin, Mr. R. L. Murray, Mr. S. M. Beckly.

Females applying for admission into this Asylum may be received, at the discretion of the Matron, for one week, until the Visiting Committee shall have opportunity to decide whether they shall remain as permanent inmates.

During the continuance of each female in the Institution, she shall be considered as standing on her good conduct and liable to be dismissed whenever her deportment shall be unsatisfactory to the Visiting Committee.

Each female, on entering the Asylum, shall give up her clothes to the Matron, who shall permit her to use them as are suitable to the custom of the house ; the rest to be laid by for her.

Eighty-eighth street, between Fourth and Fifth avenues.

Mrs. Wm. Walker, President.

Rev. Dr. N. L. Rice, Secretary.
John H. Mortimer, Treasurer.
H. Brooks, Visitor.

S. A. Van Dyke, Visitor.
Cyrus Offer, Missionary.

Brick Presbyterian Church-Mrs. H. K. Corning, Mrs. S. A. Church,
Mrs. Rev. J. 0. Murray, Mrs. Rev. Dr. W. G. T. Shedd.

Chelsea Presbyterian Church ; Rev. E. D. Smith, D.D.--Mrs. Dr. J. 0. Pond.

Covenant Presbyterian Church ; Rev. S. L. Prentiss, D.D.-Mrs. Wm. E. Dodge, Mrs. Rev. Dr. G. L. Prentiss.

Collegiate Dutch Refornied Church, Fifth avenue and Twenty-ninth street-Mrs. Rev. Dr. T. W. Chambers, Mrs. Rev. Joseph T. Duryea, Mrs. J. J. West.

Fifth Avenue and Nineteenth Street Presbyterian Church ; Rev. N. L. Rice, D.D.--Mrs. H. W. Barnes, Mrs. William E. Bunker, Mrs. J. M. Halsted, Mrs. Parker Handy, Mrs. John H. Mortimer, Mrs. Rev. Dr. N. L. Rice, Mrs. William Walker.

First Presbyterian Church, Fifth avenue ; Rev.Wm. M. Paxton, D.D.-Mrs. E. S. Jaffray, Mrs. H. M. Taber.

Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church ; Rev. Howard Crosby, D.D.Mrs. H. Brooks, Mrs. D. H. Curtis, Mrs. H. Studley.

Madison Sqaare Presbyterian Church ; Rev. Wm. Adams, D.D.--Mrs. Z. S. Ely, Mrs, Augustus D. Shepard.

North Presbyterian Church ; Rev. Thomas Street--Mrs. John S. Ketchum, Mrs. Wm. H. McNeil, Mrs. Rev. Dr. J. M. Stevenson.

North West Dutch Reformed Church, Twenty-third street--Mrs. Rev. H. D. Ganse, Mrs. H. Butler.

Tabernacle Congregational Church; Rev. J.P. Thompson, D.D.-Mrs. S. Palmer, Mrs. Edwin C. Ray.

Twenty-third Street Presbyterian Church; Rev. Fred. G. Clark, D.D.Miss Dabney, Mrs. L. Pearce.

Thirty-fourth Street Dutch Reformed Church ; Rev. Peter StrykerMrs. N. H. Fowler, Mrs. R. Raven, Mrs. Rev. P. Stryker.

Second Dutch Reformed Church, Fifth avenue and Twenty-first streetMrs. Rev. Dr. E. P. Rogers.

Washington Square Dutch Reformed Church ; Rev. M. S. Hutton, D.D.--Mrs. J. W. Baker, Mrs. Danl. S. Schanck.

West Presbyterian Church ; Rev. Thos. S. Hastings, D.D.--Mrs. P. C. Adams, Madame Dubois.


72 Madison street.


William Walker, President.
Captain Edward Richardson,
Jacob Brouwer,

Aaron B. Belknap,
D. J. Stewart,
William D. Harris, Corresponding Secretary.
Samuel N. Stebbins, Recording Secretary.
James B. Wilson, Treasurer.

William Walker,

Capt. Edward Richardson, Jacob Brouwer,

Aaron B. Belknap, William D. Harris,

Samuel N. Stebbins, James B. Wilson,

Rev.C.S. Stewart,D.D.,U.S.N. D. Jackson Steward,

Charles A. Davison, John E. Parsons,

William Post, Morris K. Jesup,

Thomas S. Shepard, Benjamin B. Atterbury,

George W. Lane, Loring Andrews,

Oliver S. Strong, John W. C. Leveridge,

William W. Wakeman, Gilbert Potter,

William B. Isham, William K. Hinman,

Henry K. Bull, James C. Holden,

Henry S. Terbell, James P. Wallace,

Frederick W. Downer, Joseph F. Joy,

William H. H. Moore.

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