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SEVENTH REGIMENT ARMORY. The Seventh Regiment Armory is situated on the east side of the Bowery or Third avenue, and occupies the block between Sixth and Seventh streets. It is constructed of iron, and is three stories high.

The first floor is used as a market, and known as “ Tompkins Market.” The second floor is divided into company armories and meeting-rooms, which are fitted up and furnished at the expense of the several companies of the regiment. The third floor is used for a drill-room by the whole regiment. The basement, or floor beneath the market, has been prepared for target practice and squad drills.

By resolution of Common Council, approved April 6, 1855, the use of the armory was given the Seventh Regiment New York National Guard, during the pleasure of the Common Council, but was not occupied until three years after said date.


CHARLES W. SANDFORD, Major-General, Commanding.

CHARLES B. SPICER, Brigadier-General.
Commanding Officers.

Armory. 2d Regiment, Thomas M. Reed, Colonel....Hall place. 71st

Benjamin L. Trafford Centre Market. 73d

E. Kappas, Captain. . Stapleton, S. I. 77th

Thomas Lynch.. 99th

John O'Mahoney... ...Crosby street.

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Colonel Louis BURGER, Acting Brigadier-General.
Commanding Officers.

1st Artillery, Daniel W. Teller, Colonel. .City Arsenal.
3d Regiment, John E. Bendix..
Louis Burger

.Lafayette Hall. 6th

B. Schwartz, Lt.-Colonel... Centre Market. 12th

William G. Ward ...Corner 4th st. and Broadway. 84th

Fred. A. Conkling. 96th

J. D. Krehbiel...... .Bowery.





WILLIAM HALL, Brigadier-General.
Commanding Officers.

1st Regiment, Rush C. Hawkins, Colonel..
Emmons Clark..

.Corner 7th st. and 3d av. 8th Joshua M. Varian.

.Centre Market. 9th John H. Wilcox.

.. 26th st., 7th and 8th avs. 37th Wm. H. Farrar..

.Corner 6th avenue & 14th st. 55th Eugene Le Gal..

..Corner Mercer and Broome.


LLOYD ASPINWALL, Brigadier-General.
Commanding Officers,

4th Regiment, H. D. Hull, Colonel

Joachim Maidhoff..... .Cor. Delancey and Chrystie. 220 James F. Cox..

.14th st., 6th and 7th avs. 69th M. T. McMahon..

Essex Market. 79th

Addison Farnsworth... Mercer House. 95th

Frank McElroy, Lt.-Colonel.
Alexander Hamilton, Colonel and Division Inspector.




Appropriations and Expenditures for and during the year 1865.

Comprising the Expenses of the Support of the City Government, including the several Departments, Boards and Commis-

sions, charged with the Administration of particular branches thereof, and the City Courts; also, the payment of
the Interest on that portion of the City Debt, and the Redemption of the Principal thereof, which is provided for by

AP The said several sums shall be applied only to the objects and purposes for which the same are hereby appro-
priated; and neither said Corporation, nor any member or officer thereof, nor any Department, Head of Department, or
other official, shall incur any liability for any of the objects and purposes specified, to an amount beyond the sums appro-
priated therefor. * * *_ City Tax Law (Chap. 646) of 1865, Sec. 3.

It shall not be lawful for the said Corporation, or any member or officer thereof, to make any contract, incur any
liability, or make, sign, or issue any obligation purporting to be in behalf of, or for, said Corporation, or any department
thereof, except for the purposes expressly authorized by law. * * *-Ibid., Sec. 4.

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6,916 45

13,751 53

33,164 921 2,000 00 2,000 00

40,000 00
2,000 00
2,000 00

614 00
20,000 00
5,000 00
4,000 00
4,500 00
2,000 00

Election Expenses.
Five Points House of Industry
Five Points Mission...
Home for the Friendless.
House of Good Shepherd.
House of Mercy.
Ladies' Union Aid Society.
Ladies' Educational Union.
New York Fire Department Fund..
New York Infirmary for Women and Chil-

New York Asylum for Lying-in Women.
New York Infant Asylum .
New York Women's Infirmary.
Orphans' Home and Asylum..
Orphans' Home....
Orphan Asylum....
Printing for the Con mon Council..
Printing for the Common Council (special).
Rose Hill Ladies' Relief Association
Sick Assistance Society...
Salaries—Legislative Department.
Society for Reformation of Juvenile Delin-

Society for Protection of Destitute Roman
Catholic Children..

46,916 451 2,000 00 2,000 00

614 00
20,000 00
5,000 00
4,024 00
5,000 00
2,000 001
1,000 001

10,000 00
2,500 00
1,000 00
1,065 79

350 00
60,000 00
30,000 00
3,000 00

500 00
208,901 49

Carried forward.

$19,042 75)

$671,929 79)

$692,396 54

$608,511 92

$83,984 62

[blocks in formation]

Interest on Revenue Bonds.
Interest on Central Park Fund Stock of 1887,

170,000 00 183,964 26

170,273 22 183,964 281

137,649 68 183,964 24

32,623 54


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