Minutes of the Provincial Council of Pennsylvania: From the Organization to the Termination of the Proprietary Government. [Mar. 10, 1683-Sept. 27, 1775], Volume 6

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Halaman 108 - That the laws made by them for the purposes aforesaid shall not be repugnant, but, as near as may be, agreeable to the laws of England, and shall be transmitted to the King in Council for approbation, as soon as may be after their passing; and if not disapproved within three years after presentation, to remain in force.
Halaman 120 - TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said tract of land and all and singular other the premises hereby granted and released and every part and parcel thereof with their and every of their appurtenances...
Halaman 108 - But in Case of Vacancy by Death or removal of any Officer Civil or Military under this Constitution, The Governor of the Province, in which such Vacancy happens, may Appoint till the Pleasure of the President General and Grand Council can be known.
Halaman 106 - Crown and a grand council to be chosen by the representatives of the people of the several Colonies met in their respective Assemblies.
Halaman 79 - We will, therefore, take it to Onondaga, where our council fire always burns, and keep it so securely that neither thunder nor lightning shall break it. There we will consult over it, and as we have lately added two links to it, so we will use our...
Halaman 203 - America for which Purpose you will use your utmost Endeavours to induce the Assembly of your Province, to Raise, forthwith, as large a Sum as can be afforded...
Halaman 106 - That there shall be a new election of the members of the Grand Council every three years; and on the death or resignation of any member, his place shall be supplied by a new choice at the next sitting of the Assembly of the Colony he represented.
Halaman 201 - Articles above-mentioned are of a local and peculiar Nature, and arising entirely within your Government, it is almost needless for me to acquaint you that his Majesty will expect that the Charge thereof be defrayed by his Subjects belonging to the same. But with regard to such other Articles which are of a more...
Halaman 201 - That you should carefully provide a sufficient Quantity of fresh Victuals at the Expence of your Government, to be ready for the use of the Troops at their Arrival. "That you should likewise furnish the Officers who may have Occasion to go from Place to Place with all Necessaries for travelling by Land, in case there are no means of going by Sea; And that you should use your utmost...
Halaman 208 - Royal Instructions not to give Assent to or to pass any Act, whereby Bills of Credit may be issued in lieu of money, without a Clause be inserted in such Act, declaring that the same shall be approved by his Majesty...

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