Census of the State of Michigan, 1904, Volume 1

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W. H. Crawford Company, State Printers, 1906
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Halaman xxix - It shall be the duty of each enumerator to visit personally each dwelling house in his subdivision, and each family therein, and each individual living out of a family in any place of abode, and by inquiry made of the head of...
Halaman xxx - Director, supervisor, or enumerator, to render a true account, to the best of his or her knowledge, of every person belonging to such family in the various particulars required...
Halaman xxix - And in case no person shall be found at the usual place of abode of such family or individual living out of a family...
Halaman 359 - WARD. 1st Ward. 2d Ward. 3d Ward. 4th Ward. 5th Ward. 6th Ward. 7th Ward. 8th Ward. 9th Ward. 10th Ward, llth Ward. 12th Ward. 13th Ward. 14th Ward. 15th Ward. 16th Ward. 17th Ward. 18th Ward. 19th Ward.
Halaman xxix - Whenever it shall appear that any portion of the enumeration and census provided for in this act has been negligently or improperly taken, and is by reason thereof incomplete or erroneous, the Director of the Census may cause such incomplete and unsatisfactory enumeration and census to be amended or made anew under such methods as may, in his discretion, be practicable.
Halaman xxvii - The aforesaid schedule shall also designate the heads, husband and wife, of each family, and shall contain inquiries as to the relation of each person enumerated to the heads, husband and wife, of the family, whether son, daughter, servant, boarder, or other; also inquiries as to the whole number of births by sex, and the whole number of deaths occurring during the census year.
Halaman xxx - And every president, treasurer, secretary, director, agent, or other officer of every corporation, and every establishment of productive industry, whether conducted as a corporate body, limited liability company, or by private individuals, from which...
Halaman xxviii - The schedules relating to agriculture shall comprehend the following topics: Name of occupant of each farm, color of occupant, tenure, acreage, value of farm and improvements, acreage of different products, quantity and value of products, and number and value of live stock.
Halaman xxx - ... or shall, without the authority of the Director of the Census, communicate to any person not authorized to receive the same any information gained by him in the performance of his duties, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor...
Halaman li - If, however, he devotes the greater part of his time to some other occupation, the house in which he resides is not a part of the farm. If the land owned by an individual, firm, or corporation is operated in part by the owner and in part by one or more tenants or managers, or if the land is wholly operated by tenants or managers, the portion of the land occupied by each is a farm, and must be reported in the name of the individual or individuals operating it. No land cultivated under the direction...

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