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SINCE the publication of the First Part of the Pilgrim's PROGRESS, with Illustrations by the late David Scott, the desirableness of completing BUNYAN'S Work by producing the Second Part similarly treated by an artist competent to continue so noble a Series, has been frequently suggested. The Publishers confidently believe the present work, by Mr. WILLIAM B. Scott, will be found worthy of the foriner by the most ardent admirers of the lamented artist.

The treatment of the Illustrations is intentionally similar, both as regards thought and execution. Perhaps we may be allowed to point out some of the allusions of the artist.

In the Vignette to the former work, Bunyan was represented in prison alone dreaming of Christian’s pilgrimage; in that to the present series he is in the midst of his family at a later period of life, while the domestic scene before him suggests the propriety of Christiana and her children having their pilgrimage also written. In the subject. Christiana prepares to go,' the apartment is the same as that in the former series, entitled, Christian is troubled on reading the Book,' and so in other subjects whose scenery had been formerly treated.

In the 4th Plate, ' Mercy left without the Gate, it will be observed the artist has

represented the keeper as our Lord; and in the 6th, “They are entertained by the Interpreter,' the Musician is portrayed as the psalmist David.

In the second last design, “The Celestial Messenger arrives,' the background, it will be observed, is the same as in “ The Evil Dream,' at the beginning of the work, to signify that the pilgrimage has been wholly a spiritual one; and, further to connect the end with the beginning, The Good Dream of the commencement is realized at the conclusion of the Series, when Christiana is re-united with Christian.





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