Curious and Diverting Journies, Thro' the Whole Island of Great-Britain: Containing, I. A Particular Description of the Principal Cities and Towns, ... II. The Customs, Manners, Speech, as Also ... Employment of the People. III. The Produce and Improvement of the Lands, ... IV. The Sea Ports and Fortifications, ... V. The Publick Edifices, ... With Useful Observations on the Whole. ... By A. B. Gent

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G. Parker, 1734 - 530 halaman

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Halaman 29 - Essex, and which is within these few years made navigable to this town, tho' the navigation does not (it seems) answer the charge, at least not to advantage. I know nothing for which this town is remarkable, except for being very populous and very poor. They have a great manufacture of says and perpetuana's ; and multitudes of poor people are employ'd in working them; but the number of the poor is almost ready to eat up the rich...
Halaman 103 - I shall sing you no songs here of the river in the first person of a water nymph, a goddess, (and I know not what) according to the humour of the ancient poets. I shall talk nothing of the marriage of old Isis, the male river, with the beautiful Thame, the female river, a whimsy as simple as the subject was empty, but I shall speak of the river as occasion presents, as it really is made glorious...
Halaman 109 - I say, has gained the ascendant, and is now made so necessary to the Court (as before it was thought rather a grievance) that now we see the Court itself the daily instrument to encourage and increase the opulence of the city, and the city again, by its real grandeur, made not a glory only, but an assistance and support to the Court, on the greatest and most sudden emergencies.
Halaman 109 - Chav a doffed my cooat, how shall I don't, chav a...

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