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To the Legislature of the State of New York:

The Regents of the University, in communicating this continuation of their Report of May 28, 1873 (Senate Document No. 108 of that year), take pleasure in referring to the recognized historical value of that document, which has already been of service in preparing to retrace the joint boundary line between this State and Pennsylvania, under the authority of chapter 424 of the Laws of 1875. Other parts of that Report, and of this continuation, will be equally serviceable, and even indispensable, in any future reconnoissance of the other boundary lines of the State. Probably few persons are aware of the nature and extent of the proceedings had in connection with the establishment of these boundary lines. Many of the official records on this subject have hitherto been accessible only in manuscript form, as preserved in the State archives, while such as have been printed are not fully reliable, on account of clerical and typographical errors. In this publication, the sources of information are fully cited, so that any question that may arise about the original text or collateral points, can be readily determined.

The preparation of this work, like that of 1873, has devolved upon Mr. Daniel J. Pratt, the Assistant Secretary of this Board, who has spared no pains to make an impartial and thorough examination of the whole subject. All which is respectfully submitted, By Order of the Regents,


Chancellor of the University. S. B. WOOLWORTH, Secretary. ALBANY, May 8, 1877.

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