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attracted which we ('orrected by staking that from the Station Rock Marked on the West side of Hudsons River in the Latitude of forty one Degrees to the fork or Branch formed by the junction of the Stream or Waters Called the Machockemack with the River Cailed Delaware or Fishkill the Course according to the Best of our Judgment is North fifty four Degrees and forty minutes West as the Magnetic Needle now Points and that this Distance between the two stations is forty eight mile and thirty eight Chains In Witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals the twenty sixth Day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy four Sealed & Delivered

JAMES CLINTON in the presence of

ANTHONY DENNIS Barent Martlings

Jacob Garrabrants - [N. Y. Col. MSS., xcvii, 137; N. Y. Council Minutes (MS.), xxvi, 427; N. Y. Senate Doc., 1875, No. 17, p. 28.

[N. Y. COMMISSIONERS' REPORT.] In pursuance of an Act of Assembly of the Colony of New York entitled “An Act for establishing the Boundary or Partition Line between the Colonies of New York & Nova Cæsaria or New Jersey, & for confirming Titles & Possessions.”

And of one other Act of Assembly of the Colony of New Jersey entitled “An Act for establishing the Boundary or Partition Line Between the said “ Colonies of New York and Nova Cæsaria or New Jersey & for confirming the Titles and Possessions." We William Wickham & Samuel Gale two of the Commissioners in the first of the said Acts mentioned & John Stevens' & Walter Rutherfurd two of the Commissioners in the other of the said Acts mentioned Do hereby certify, that we have ascertained & marked the Partition Line in the said Acts mentioned so that it may be sufficiently known and distinguished. In doing this Business we have been greatly assisted by James Clinton and Anthony Dennis Surveyors by us appointed for that purpose as will more particularly appear by their Certificate hereunto annexed. That the Rock on the West side of Hudson's River marked by the surveyors in the said Acts mentioned in the Latitude of 45°, we have marked with a straight line throughout its surface passing through the place marked by the said Surveyors & with the following words and figures to wit Latitude 45° North & on the south side thereof the words New Jersey

Mr. Stevens' signature does not appear at end of report, as here copied from the original MS. records; but it is found in its order, as below in brackets, in the printed copy given in N. Y. Sen. Doc., 1875, No. 17, p. 28.- [P.

and on the North side thereof the words New York. That we have marked Trees agreeable to the said Acts standing in the said line with a Blaze & five notches under the same. And that we have erected stone Monuments at one mile distance from each other along the said line except the Monument number twenty-six, which by reason of the long Pond we were obliged to place one chain further from the station on Hudson's River. And we have numbered the said Monuments from the West side of Hudson's River, beginning with Number one, & ending with Number forty eight, & have marked the words New York on the North side of each of the said Monuments & the words New Jersey on the South side of each of the said Monuments.

In Witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands & seals the thirtieth day of November one thousand seven hundred & seventy four, Sealed & Signed

W. WICKHAM L. S. in presence of


L. S. Rob: Hull

[JOHN STEVENS.) Ch: Wickham Crooke

WAL? RUTHERFURD L. S. -IN. Y. Col. MSS., ci, 35; N. Y. Council Minutes (MS.), xxvi, 426; N. Y. Seat. Doc., 1875, No. 17, P. 27.

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The following Warrant was Signed by his Honor with the Advice of the Council. N: 2303. To Samuel Gale and William Wickham Esquires Surviving

Commissioners appointed by An Act of the Legislature of this Colony passed the 16 February 1771 for ascertaining and marking the Partition Line between this Colony and

the Colony of New Jersey, the Sum of ........£100..0..O -[N. Y. Council Minutes (MS.), xxvi, 428.

The Partition Line between the States of New York and New Jer sey, from the Delaware to the Hudson, thus ascertained and marked while these States were yet colonies, after almost a century of controversy, has since 1775 been recognized as the actual boundary. By a re-survey of the line made in 1874 under the direction of Professor George H. Cook, New Jersey State Geologist, it was found that the line is not a straight line or the arc of a great circle, but rather a

See last preceding foot-note.-[P.

magnetic rhumb line, with its curvature southward of a straight line and also of a true rhumb line. The deviation from a straight line at its greatest extent amounts to almost half a mile; and the area thus gained to New York may be estimated at from six to eight square miles. It also appeared from the said re-survey that one-third of the monuments originally marking the line were no longer existing. It was accordingly proposed by the authorities of New Jersey that the two States should unite in a rectification of the line, and in causing durable monuments to be erected thereon. The former part of this proposal was not favorably entertained by New York, and the original line has recently been acknowledged by duly authorized commissioners of both States as the valid boundary between them. The original monuments were also, in 1882, replaced by new and durable ones, under the direction of the said commissioners. For these recent proceedings, reference is made to N. Y. Senate Doc. No. 17, of 1875, which is mainly a reprint of Professor Cook's report to the Governor of New Jersey, dated Sept. 8, 1874; also to N. Y. Senate

Doc. No. 20, of 1882, and N. Y. Assem. Doc. No. 161, of 1883. It only now (1883) remains for the Legislatures of the two States to ratify the final action of the commissioners, and thus to establish, beyond all further question, the validity of the line as ascertained and marked in 1774.




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I, 42
conveyed to France...............
included in the 2d Massachusetts charter ...
boundaries of, defined .
granted to Latour, Temple and Crowne, by Oliver Cromwell .

restored to France and granted to Grand Fontaine .....
See Nova Scotia.
Acason, John ........................................
Acts (Conn. Col.) for perfecting the running of New York and Connecticut

(Conn. State) of cession, I, 157; before Congress ...........

1, 166
for completing the line between Connecticut and New York ......... II, 275
(Ga.) to make a cession of lands to United States

I, 196 et seq.
Great Britain, extending the boundaries of Quebec. ........

I, 88
Great Britain, for the government of Canada...

I, 90
(Md.) ratifying the Articles of Confederation .

I, 161
(Mass. Col.) appointing commissioners to examine the New York
boundary line ................

........... II, 122
(Mass. State) of cession of western lands .......

I, 183
ceding Boston Corner to New York; referred to ......

appointing commissioners to ascertain the boundary between Massa-
chusetts and New York. .....

II, 179
authorizing Congress to appoint commissioners for running the New
York and Massachusetts line ................

empowering agents to defend the claims of Massachusetts against New
York ..................

granting time to commissioners for running New York and Massa-

chusetts line ............
ceding Boston Corner to New York .......

(N. J. Col.) for running and ascertaining New Jersey and New York
line .....................

......... II, 606
for running and ascertaining New Jersey and New York line, disallowed,

645; opposed by freeholders on New York side of the line ...... 649 et seq.
the king advised to disallow......

... 656 et seq.
referred to............................

for submitting the property of lands in dispute between New York
and New Jersey to the king, 1762 ........

for submitting to the king the controversy about the boundary between
New York and New Jersey, 1764........

for establishing the boundary between New York and New Jersey, etc.,
786; referred to..........

(N. J. State) for the settlement of the boundary between New Jersey
and New York, 1833.

I, 236




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