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be refered to the consideration of the committee to whom is refered the bill, entitled “an act for paying the salaries and services of the several officers of the government, etc., * * that they examine the same, and add proper clauses thereto, for as much as they shall find justly due thereon.

--N. Y. Col. Assem. Journal, 1766–1776, p. 61.

[In Privy COUNCIL.]
At the Court at S* James the 12th Day of August 1768.

Whereas there was this Day read at the Board a Report from the Right Honourable the Lords of the Committee of Council for Plantation affairs dated the gth of this Instant, upon considering a Report made by the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, upon an Extract from a Letter from Sir Henry Moore Governor of New York, to the Earl of Shelburne dated the 16th January last, relative to the setling the Boundary Line between that Province and Quebec: By which Report it appears, that it having been mutually agreed upon, between Sir Henry Moore and the Commander in Chief of the Province of Quebec, at a Meeting for that purpose appointed, that the Line of Division between these Provinces should be fixed at the forty fifth Degree of North Latitude, conformable to the Limits laid down in his Majesty's Proclamation of October 1763, and it having been ascertained and determined by proper Observations where the said Line would pass; it is therefore proposed that these Proceedings above stated should be confirmed by his Majesty. His Majesty taking the said Report into Consideration was pleased with the advice of his privy council to approve thereof, and doth hereby confirm the said Proceedings above stated, and order that the said Line of Division be run out and continued as far as each Province respectively extends. Provided that nothing herein before contained shall extend to affect the Properties of his Majesty's new Subjects, having Possessions under proper Titles, on those parts of the Lands on the South side of this Line, the Dominion of which was not disputed on the part of the Crown of Great Britain ; and Provided also that this Determination shall not operate wholly to deprive his Majesty's new Subjects of such Concessions on the South side of the said Line, on which they may have made actual Settlement and Improvement, although the Lands may have been disputed by the Crown of Great Britain ; but that such Possessors shall be entitled to so much of the said Concessions, as shall be proportioned to their Improvements, at the rate of fifty acres for every three acres of Improvement, provided they take out Grants for the same under the Seal of the Province of New York, subject to the usual Quit Rents; and Provided also that the Grant to no one Person shall exceed twenty thousand acres: And the Governors or Commanders in Chief of his Majesty's said Provinces of New York and Quebec for the Time being, and all others whom it may concern, are to take Notice of his Majesty's Pleasure hereby signified and govern themselves accordingly.

STEPH: COTTRELL. - N. Y. Col. MSS., xcv, 50; N. Y. Council Minutes (MS.) v. 26, p. 131.

[blocks in formation]

His Excellency communicated to the Board his Intentions of sending a Message to the General Assembly recommending a provision for the expence of running and ascertaining the Boundary Line between this province and Quebec, from the Station fixed by Sir Henry Moore at the 45th Degree of Northern Latatude to Connecticut River, of which the Board approved and advised a Message to be sent accordingly. -[N. Y. Council Minutes (MS.), v. 26, p. 208.

"Xed by his

By his Excellency the Right Honourable John Earl of

Dunmore Captain General and Governor in Chief in
and over the province of New York and the Seiniories
depending thereon in America Chancelor and Vice

Admiral of the same.
In Council the twenty ninth Day of May 1771.

Whereas the General assembly of the said province did on the 14th day of February last Resolve that provision be made for defraying one balf of the Expenses of running and ascertaining the Boundary Line between this Colony and Quebec from the Station fixed by his late Excellency Sir Henry Moore at the 45th Degree of North Latitude to Connecticut River provided the said one half thereof does not exceed the sum of one hundred and fifty Pounds. You are therefore to pay unto Samuel Verplanck in Behalf and on account of Adolphus Benzel the Surveyor employed on the part of this Province for running and ascertaining the said Line the sum of one hundred pounds to be by the said Adolphus Benzel employed in the service aforesaid and for so doing this shall be your warrant. Given as above To Abraham Lott Esq' Treasurer of the Colony of New York.

By ordered his Excellency in Council, (N. Y. Col. MSS., xcvii, 55.

Degree of

ed the said


Crown Point, Augst gth 1771 Sir.

The bearer of this, M' Smith, I beg leave to recommend, as I am well persuaded he deserves your Friendship. I have appointed him one of my Deputys: and agreeable, I have authorised him to assist you, in the execution of this Important business, in running the Latitude 45, the expences, of consequence, between the two Provinces, will be equal, and, I am well perswaded, that M' Smith, in all purposes, will answer my presence, as neither my health, nor other Public concerns, will allow me to be for such long time absent.

I shall be extreamly happy, of seeing you in Canada or at Crown Point, as then I expect to contract a more familiar acquaintance with you.

My Lord Dunmore arrived the day before yesterday, and it is not likely he will go further, than Otter Creek, as He proposes soon, to set of for Virginia. Should my Lord resolve, further than Lake Champlain, I shall infallibly attend Him to Canada.

I am with sincere esteem Sir
Your most obedient and Humble Servant

ADOLPHUS BENZEL. To John Collins Esq?

Aug 1066

Since writing this M' Smith has been attack'd with fever and ague. and probably by his sickness it will be uncertain if he can proceed. I therefore cannot reconcile my self act without one person present representing this Province tho I am well persuaded and assured of all M* Collins' merits. I therefore wish you two, would settle how to act with the best propriety.

ADOLPHUS BENZEL. -[N. Y. Col. MSS., xcvii, 78.

[In Council.) At a Council held at Fort George in the City of New York on Wednesday the twenty-first day of August 1771.

A letter of the 30th July last was read from Adolphus Benzell Esquire, acquainting his Excellency that himself and M* Collins Deputy Surveyor General of Quebec, had appointed the 10th or 12th of this Month to begin running the Line of partition between the two provinces.

Ordered that the Clerk of this ‘Board acknowledge the Receipt of the above Letter; and acquaint M' Benzell by Letter, that his Excellency recommends the marking and distinguishing the Line so as that it may be easily discovered and traced on future occasions; and that he accompany his Return to his Excellency with a Copy of his Field Book enriched with such Remarks as he shall think worthy of observation.

-[N. Y. Council Minutes (MS.), v. 26, p. 244.


New York 26th August 1771


His Excellency communicated to the Council your Letter of the 30th July, advising that yourself and M' Collins Deputy Surveyor General of Quebec had appointed the 10th or 12th of this Month to begin running the Line of Partition between the two provinces.

I have his Excellency's Directions to acquaint you that he doubts not you will perform this very necessary and essential Service in a Manner that will give the utmost satisfaction to both governments, by making and distinguishing the Line, so as to prevent as much as possible any Difficulty in discovering or tracing it on future Occasions; and that he desires you will be so obliging as to send with your Return to him a Copy of your Field Book enriched with such Observations and Remarks as you shall deem worthy his Notice.

I am Sir &c.

(No signature.) To Adolphus Benzel Esq'

[Endorsed] Draft – Letter to M' Benzel relative to the Line between New York & Quebec. - [N. Y. Col. MSS., xcvii, 81.

[In Council.] At a Council held at Fort George in the City of New York on Wednes

. day the twenty seventh day of November 1771.

An account of Adolphus Benzell Esq' exhibeted in his Behalf by Joseph Smith, of Charges and Disbursements in running about twenty two Miles of the Partition Line between this Colony and Quebec amounting in the whole to £80.18.0, was laid before the Board and Read, whereby it appears that there is a Balance in his Hands of £19.2.0 due to this Province — Whereupon it is ordered by his Excellency the Governor with the Advice of the Council, that the said

Adolphus Benzell do pay the said Sum of £19.2 to John Collins Esq Deputy Surveyor General of Quebec, taking his Receit for the same.

And it appearing that M' Benzel had not personally attended the said Service, The Council humbly advised his Excellency the Governor to appoint some other Person in the Room of M' Benzel who will attend the Duty personally to Act in Conjunction with M' Collins in completing the said Line as soon as may be.

An account of John Collins Esq" Deputy Surveyor General of Quebec of Charges and Disbursements made by him for running so much of the Partition Line between the two Provinces as is yet marked and distinguished; amounting in the whole to £89.19.4 Halifax Currency, was laid before the Board and read; whereby it appears that he has received of Adolphus Benzel Esq' on Account £19.4.0, and that after deducting £19.2.0 which he is still to receive of M' Benzel, there will be a Balance due to the said M? Collins of £33.13.6 New York Currency on the part of this Colony, and the said Account being examined and considered at the Board, a Warrant was Ordered to issue for the Balance.

The following Warrant on the Treasurer being Read was signed by his Excellency the Governor Viz' To John Collins Esquire (being with the Sum of £19.4.0

he has Received and £19.2.0 he is to Receive of Adol-) phus Benzel Esq" in full of his Account of Expences ( accrued on the Part of New York in running about 22 / £33.13.6. Miles of the Partition Line between this Province and

the Colony of Quebec the Sum of -[N. Y. Council Minutes (MS.), v. 26, p. 258.

1771. Provinces of Quebec & New York — T. Johns Collins Esq?

Deputy Surveyor General of the Province of Quebec for
Sundrys for Carring on the Boundary line between the said

£. S. d. Tinmans Bills for Kettles &c. ......

..... 2 2 6 M' Bells Bill at the River la Cole for Masons & Horses &c. 15 100 M" J. Maureys Bill for Cartage &c of Provisions

4 18 0 M' Ermintingers Bill for Axes and Grocery .....

16 16 0 M' Morrisons Bill for Rum & Wine.

10 7 4 pa the Cooper for Kegs & Tub........

1 1 44 Freight of Stores from Quebec

0 8 0 Beef and Tongues ........

1 16 0 2 Quire of paper.............

0 3 21 2 Black lead pencils.....

0 1 0

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