Bulletin of the American Geographical and Statistical Society, Volume 1-2

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Halaman 105 - Among other remarkable things which he describes, he relates, "that the people of that country possess a kind of plant, which, instead of fruit, produces wool, of a finer and better quality than that of sheep, and that of this they make their clothes.
Halaman 8 - PRESIDENT. The President, or (in his absence) one of the Vice-Presidents, or (in the absence of all of them) one of the members shall preside at all meetings of the Association. The President shall be ex officio a member of the Executive Committee.
Halaman 100 - I have compared the preceding with the original law on file in this office, and do hereby certify that the same is a correct transcript therefrom, and of the whole of said original law.
Halaman 16 - ... the bottom of the deep sea is concerned. From Newfoundland to Ireland, the distance between the nearest points is about 1,600 miles ;* and the bottom of the sea between the two places is a plateau, which seems to have been placed there especially for the purpose of holding the wires of a submarine telegraph, and of keeping them out of harm's way. It is neither too deep nor too shallow ; yet it is so deep that the wires, but once landed, will remain forever beyond the reach of vessels...
Halaman 96 - ... a current, that was against them to the value of three miles an hour ; and advised them to cross it and get out of it ; but they were too wise to be counselled by simple American fishermen. When the winds are but light...
Halaman 185 - Our clock strikes when there is a change from hour to hour ; but no hammer in the horologe of Time peals through the universe when there is a change from Era to Era.
Halaman 96 - ... because in our pursuit of whales, which keep near the sides of it, but are not to be met with in it, we run down along the sides, and frequently cross it to change our side ; and in crossing it have sometimes met and spoke with those packets, who were in the middle of it, and stemming it. We have informed them that they were stemming a current, that was against them to the value of three miles an hour ; and advised them to cross it and get out of it ; but they were too wise to be counselled by...
Halaman 191 - ... spindles, which was completed late in 1813. It will probably strike the reader with some astonishment to be told that this mill, still in operation at Waltham, was probably the first one in the world that combined all the operations necessary for converting the raw cotton into finished cloth.
Halaman 100 - ... affairs, shall have power to form a code of by-laws not inconsistent with the laws of this State or of...
Halaman 261 - ... powers. This is the ultimate and highest aim of society, identical with the direction implanted by nature in the mind of man towards the indefinite extension of his existence. He regards the earth in all its limits and the heavens as far as his eye can scan their bright and starry depths, as inwardly his own, given to him as the objects of his contemplation, and as a field for the development of his energies.

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