The Southern Reporter, Volume 75

Sampul Depan
West Publishing Company, 1917

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Halaman 391 - It is a maxim, not to be disregarded, that general expressions, in every opinion, are to be taken in connection with the case in which those expressions are used. If they go beyond the case, they may be respected, but ought not to control the judgment in a subsequent suit, when the very point is presented for de
Halaman 423 - Every law enacted by the General Assembly shall embrace but one object, and that shall be expressed in its title.
Halaman 435 - State, to provide equal, but separate, accommodations for the white and colored races...
Halaman 198 - ... this insurance, as to the interest of the mortgagee (or trustee) only therein, shall not be invalidated by any act or neglect of the mortgagor or owner...
Halaman 32 - ... shall not be alienated without the joint consent of husband and wife, when that relation exists ; but no property shall be exempt from sale for taxes, or for the payment of obligations contracted for the purchase of said premises, or for the erection of improvements thereon : Provided, The provisions of this section shall not apply to any process of law obtained by virtue of a lien given by the consent of both husband and Wife...
Halaman 208 - The assured will keep a set of books which shall clearly and plainly present a complete record of business transacted, including all purchases, sales and shipments, both for cash and credit, from date of inventory as provided for in first section of this clause, and during the continuance of this policy.
Halaman 239 - No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property, except by due process of law.
Halaman 346 - ... intended, by any person interested therein, to be received, possessed, sold, or in any manner used, either in the original package or otherwise, in violation of any law of such State, Territory, or District of the United States, or place noncontiguous to but subject to the jurisdiction thereof, is hereby prohibited.
Halaman 187 - His measure of damages would be the difference between the value of the property at the time of the breach of the contract and the price fixed by the contract.
Halaman 297 - He must, in the language of the oases, have sufficient active memory to collect in his mind, without prompting, the particulars or elements of the business to be transacted, and to hold them in his mind a sufficient length of time to perceive at least their obvious relations to each other, and be able to form some rational judgment in relation to them.

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