New Probate Law and Practice: With Annotations and Forms for Use in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming

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Halaman 2820 - ... the payment of any legacy or distributive share thereof, from which any such tax has been deducted or upon which it has been paid by the person entitled to such legacy or distributive share, and such person is required by...
Halaman 2333 - When any deposit shall be made by any person in trust for another, and no other or further notice of the existence and terms of a legal and valid trust shall have been given in writing to the...
Halaman 2809 - transfer" as used in this act- shall be taken to include the passing of property or any interest therein, in possession or enjoyment, present or future, by inheritance, descent, devise, succession, bequest, grant, deed, bargain sale, gift, or appointment in the manner herein prescribed. The word "decedent" as used in this act shall include the testator, intestate, grantor, bargainer, vendor, or donor. The words "county treasurer...
Halaman 2810 - A tax shall be and is hereby imposed upon the transfer of any property, real or personal, of the value of five hundred dollars or over, or of any interest therein or income therefrom, in trust or otherwise, to persons or corporations not exempt by law from taxation on real or personal property, in the following cases : 1.
Halaman 2832 - If any section, subsection, subdivision, sentence, clause or phrase of this act is for any reason held to be unconstitutional, such decision shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this act. The legislature hereby declares that it would have passed this act, and each section, subsection...
Halaman 2817 - When property is transferred in trust or otherwise and the rights, interests or estates of the transferees are dependent upon contingencies or conditions whereby they may be wholly or in part created, defeated, extended or abridged, a tax shall be imposed upon...
Halaman 2823 - ... shall have jurisdiction to hear and determine all questions in relation to the tax arising under the provisions of this act, and the court first acquiring jurisdiction hereunder shall retain the same, to the exclusion of every other.
Halaman 2415 - Judge, and the judgment must be that the executor or administrator pay in due course of administration the amount ascertained to be due.
Halaman 2563 - In the order or decree the court must name the persons, and the proportions or parts to which each shall be entitled, and such persons may demand, sue for, and recover their respective shares from the executor or administrator, or any person having the same in possession. Such order or decree is conclusive as to the rights of heirs, legatees, or devisees, subject only to be reversed, set aside, or modified on appeal.
Halaman 2812 - Where the person or persons entitled to any beneficial interest in such property...

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