A Defining Moment: The Presidential Election of 2004: The Presidential Election of 2004

Sampul Depan
Routledge, 27 Mar 2015 - 280 halaman
Set against the backdrop of the war in Iraq, drastically altered relations with traditional U.S. allies, intense partisanship, and a national debate over moral values, the 2004 presidential campaign presented voters with a clear choice that reflected deep divisions within the country. This collection analyzes this watershed election, and its likely consequences. The contributors examine every aspect of the election, including the strategies and tactics of the Bush and Kerry campaigns, voter turnout and policy consequences, campaign financing, and the power of incumbency.

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ListofTables andFigures
Constituencies and the Consequences of the Presidential Vote
Policy Consequences
Presidential Nomination Process
Financing the 2004 Presidential Election
Strategy Outcome and Mandate
Detour or New Direction?
Congressional Races
The Armageddon Election
The Meaning and Consequences of the 2004 Election
The Contributors

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