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Record of Theodorus Valleau, a descendant of John Valleau: Theodorus Valleau, married Eda Van Raust at Poughkeepsie, N. Y. He died in 1845 at Cohoes, N. Y., and was buried at Troy, N. Y. His widow was living at Au Sable Forks, N. Y., in March, 1874, Dut is now deceased. There were three children, viz.: Elizabeth, James and John. Of the daughter, Elizabeth, we have no knowledge. James served in the late Civil War, in the 22nd Regiment, New York Volunteers, and while in service was promoted to Second Lieutenant of Company C, same regiment; mustered out June 19, 1863. He died, leaving three sons and a daughter. John, the youngest child, was also in this conflict. He is living in Paterson, N. J., and has children, Lucretia and James.

2. Andrew Valleau

Andrew, a son of Peter Theodorus Valleau and Elizabeth Anthony, was born in 1740. Baptised April 20, 1740; witnesses: Cornelius Vanaerland and wife.* He died about 1762. He was the executor of his father's will. No further record.

3. Steven Cummins Valleau

Steven Cummins, a son of Peter Theodorus Valleau and Elizabeth Anthony, was born September 22, 1742, and was baptised October 3, 1742; witnesses: Jesaies Valleau and Lea, his wife No further record.

4. Samuel Valleau

From the records of the Dutch Lutheran Church, New York City, was obtained the following:

"Baptised Aug. 4, 1744, at the house of the parents, the child being deadly sick, after I had returned from Hakkinsack, Samuel, born July 12, child of Theodorus Valleau and wife Elisabeth. Witnesses: Pieter Valleau, and in his place Stephanus Burdet, & Magdalena Valleau." The witness, Pieter Valleau, was most likely the child's grandfather, which view is borne out by the fact that the second witness, Magdalena Valleau, was the grandfather's wife.

5. Samuel Valleau, and

At the Reformed Dutch Church, Schraalenburgh, N. J., was recorded the baptism on December 15, 1745, of Samuel, son of Theodoris Valou and Elizabeth Anthoni; the witnesses being: Pieter Valou and Margrietje Stout. The witnesses were a brother and a sister of Theodoris Valou.

6. Jacob Valleau

Jacob, a son of Peter Theodorus Valleau and Elizabeth Anthony, was born in 1747. Baptised January 3, 1747; witnesses: Abram Laroe and wife.J No further record.

7. Mary Valleau

Mary, a daughter of Peter Theodorus Valleau and Elizabeth Anthony, was born in 1749. Baptised August 20, 1749; witnesses: Cornelius Van Arelant and Fransyntie, his wife.)

Mary Valleau married Samuel Bard, Attorney-at-Law, of Bristol, Bucks

* Baptism recorded at Reformed Dutch Church, Schraalenburgh, N. J.
t Baptism recorded at Reformed Dutch Church, Schraalenburgh, N. J.
t Baptism recorded at Reformed Dutch Church, Hackensack, N. J.
§ Baptism recorded at Reformed Dutch Church, Schraalenburgh, N. J.

County, Pa., April 16, 1766.* She had lived in Philadelphia with her great-aunt, Mrs. Jenney, as her adopted child, nearly six years previous to the latter's death, and at the time of her marriage was a member of the family of her aunt, Mrs. Suzanne Bard, in New York City. Dr. Bard in a letter to Peter Valleau, refers to this expected wedding, f

Samuel Bard, born December 25, 1740; died at Bristol, Pa., December 14, 1769; and was buried at St Mary's Protestant Episcopal Church, Burlington, N. J., December 17, 1769. His will, made November 27, 1768, one year before his father's death, was probated December 20, 1769, and is on record at Trenton, N. J. He orders his executors to sell, immediately after his decease, all his real estate, amongst which was a brick house at Mt. Holly, N. J., and a tract of land, adjoining the iron works, he bought of his father; the remainder to go, after the payment of his debts, to his wife, Mary Bard, in fee: appointing his father, Peter Bard,J and Zachariah Rossell, his executors. Those who witnessed the will were Jonathan Odell, Sarah Treadwell and Sarah Bard.

Mary Valleau and Samuel Bard had two children, viz.: Robert Jenney and Charlotte.

Children of Mary Valleau and Samuel Bard

1. Robert Jenney Bard

Born, Bridgetown [alias Mt. Holly], N. J., August 9, 1767; baptised§ August 23> 1767. He died in infancy.

2. Charlotte Bard

Born August 27, 1768; baptised|| September 11, 1768; buried' July 19, 1769.

Mary, the widow of Samuel Bard, married Thomas Hunloke, of Mt. Holly, N. J., April 11, 1771, at St. Andrew's Protestant Episcopal Church of that place.** Thomas Hunloke, at the time of the Revolution, was made Governor-General of New Providence, one of the Bahama Islands, and with his family went there to live. There were four children, viz.: Sarah, Bowman Howe, Thomas Winsor, and Elizabeth.

Children of Mary Bard and Thomas Hunloke
1. Sarah Hunloke

Born October 16, 1772; baptisedft December 6, 1772; died unmarried.

2. Bowman Howe Hunloke

Born March 30, 1776; baptisedJJ April 23, 1776; died unmarried.

3. Thomas Winsor Hunloke

Was a Captain in the British Navy, and died on board his vessel. He was unmarried.

4. Elizabeth Hunloke

Died unmarried.

* Marriage recorded at Trinity Church, New York City,
t letter No. 2 appended to article Peter Valleau, p. 131.
J A brother of Dr. John Bard.

§ Baptism recorded at St. Mary's Church, Burlington, N. J.
[| Baptism recorded at St. Mary's Church, Burlington, N. J.
U Buried at St. Mary's Church, Burlington, N. J.
** Marriage recorded at St. Mary's Church, Burlington, N, J.
tt Baptism recorded at St. Mary's Church, Burlington, N. J.
tt Baptism recorded at St. Mary's Church, Burlington, N. J.

8. Magdalene Valleau

Magdalene, a daughter of Peter Theodorus Valleau and Elizabeth Anthony, was born August 12, 1750; and was baptised August 19, 1750; witnesses: Fauconnier Valleau, Annatie Antone.* She married William Chardavoyne, September 23> I77°-t No further record.

9. Theodorus Valleau

Theodorus, a son of Peter Theodorus Valleau and Elizabeth Anthony, was born in January, 1752; baptised January 19, 1752; witnesses: Simon Demarest and Vrouwtie, his wife. J

Theodorus Valleau married Elizabeth Burke, February 14, 1790. He died, New York City, September 10, 1812. She born December 23, 1769; died, Buffalo, N. Y., August 28, 1847. Eleven children, viz.: Theodore Burke, Andrew, Thomas Barclay and Jane Elizabeth, twins; Ann Priscilla, Sarah Louisa, William, Mary Louisa, Theodore Andrew, Susan Barclay, and Helen.

Children of Theodorus Valleau and Elizabeth Burke
1. Theodore Burke Valleau

Born January 22, 1791; died October 21, 1806. He was employed in the office of Alexander Hamilton, New York City, and was one of the witnesses to Hamilton's will, dated July 9, 1804. Judge Nathaniel Pendleton, the second of Alexander Hamilton in his duel with Aaron Burr, at Hoboken, N. J., July 11, 1804, was one of the executors and trustees of the will, and a witness to it. The Judge's wife, Susan, a daughter of Suzanne Valleau and Dr. John Bard, was a first cousin of the father of Theodore Burke Valleau.

Theodore Burke Valleau is buried in Trinity Churchyard, New York City, on the south side, close by the monument of Alexander Hamilton. A headstone of red freestone marks the spot, the inscription upon which is as follows:

"Theodore B. Valleau
son of Theodore & Eliz. Valleau
died Oct 21, 1806
aged 15 years & 9 mos
Ah! dear departed son
thy afflicted parents greatest hope & comfort
Early art thou snatched from hence
to join the blissful throng of heaven

thou wast to few, but by those few
to be of soul angelic"

* Baptism recorded at Reformed Dutch Church, Schraalenburgh, N. J.

t Marriage license dated February 23, 1770—New York list of marriage licenses. William Chardavoyne, tadler. and Elias Chardavoyne, carpenter, both of New York City, signed the marriage bond of William Chardavoyne, and Magdalene Valleau, spinster of said city, February 23, 1770—recorded at Albany, N. Y. William Chardavoyne was a descendant of Elie Chardavoyne, the Huguenot immigrant, who came early to New York, from Saujon, Saintonge, France. "Pedigree of the Chardavoyne Family taken from the ' History of the Kings of France and their Retainers' translated 1n 1704:"

"Title: Count de Chardavoine et Crevacouer et Valire."

"Ye first of this family was Knighted upon the field of Ascalon [1191] in Palestine, for ye valorous conduct, and upon his return from the Crusades was raised to the peerage with ye title of Count de Chardavoine, and his descendants came into possession of Crevacouer and Valire, by heirship and marriage. Upon the fall ot La Rochelle, ye family emigrated to Holland and from there are supposed to have gone to the British Colonies in America."

"Crest: A heart argent with Lance shivered against it, point falling. Motto: 'Le Coeur Dur.' Arms: Three Chevrons orossed over ye flour de lis, argent, on a field azure, the whole surmounted by ye Coronet of a Count of France."

t Baptism recorded at Reformed Dutch Church, Schraalenburgh, N. J.

2. Andrew Valleau

Born January 18, 1793; died March 8, 1813.

3 and 4. Thomas Barclay and Jane Elizabeth Valleau, twins

Born March 30, 1795.

Thomas Barclay Valleau died in the South about 1830. He was unmarried.

Jane Elizabeth Valleau married Captain Nathaniel Hatch, master mariner, December 22, 1822. She died, Islesboro, Me., September 5, 1850. He born, Hanover, Mass., July 4, 1800; died, Belfast, Me., July 2, 1864. Four children: Theodore Spiller, Nathaniel, Lemuel, and Andrew.

5. Ann Priscilla Valleau

Born September 4, 1797. Married first, John Partridge, of Leicestershire, England, January 8, 1814. He died at sea, July 11, 1817. No children.

Married second, George L. Fradenburgh, of New York City, 1819. He died June 25, 1872. No children. She died December 22, 1872.

6. Sarah Louisa Valleau

Born April 16, 1800; died November 7, 1804; buried at Trinity Church, New York City.

7. William Valleau

Born October 26, 1802; married Jane Flavell, a widow, daughter of John and Elizabeth Lucas, of Belleville, N. J., September 20, 1842. They went to Apalachicola, Fla., where all their children were born, and where he died, July 8, 1857. She born December 25, 1819; died, Jersey City, N. J., July 31, 1899. Four children: Theodore Burke, William, Elizabeth Lucas, and Jane Lucas.

8. Mary Louisa Valleau

Born March 15, 1805; married* George W. Allen, June 21, 1825. She died March 11, 1839; buried at Trinity Church, New York City. Six children: Amelia Ann, Helen Elizabeth, Mary Louisa, Catharine Eliza, Christina Kip, and George Washington.

9. Theodore Andrew Valleau

Born February 14, 1808; died March 16, 1808.

1o. Susan Barclay Valleau

Born January 20, 1809; died August 2, 1809.

11. Helen Valleau

Born, New York City, May 7, 1810; married John T. Lacy, Jr., of Buffalo, N. Y., May 7, 1829. She died, Buffalo, N. Y., March 11, 1873. He born, Hudson, N. Y., November 15, 1803; died, Buffalo, N. Y., August 7, 1879. Six children: Theodore Valleau, Ann Eliza, Clark B., John T., William, and Helen.

Children and Descendants of Jane Elizabeth

Fourth Child of Theodoras Valleau and Elizabeth Burke
1. Theodore Spiller Hatch

Born October 2, 1823; married Ann Boardman, October 20, 1846. He died,

* Marriage recorded at Trinity Church, New York City.

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