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Tryntie (Catharine) Slot, or Sloat. He was born at Hackensack, N. J.f in 1705; and was baptised March 18, 1705, the witnesses being David De Maree and Abeltie Slot. [These dates are from the records of the Reformed Dutch Church, Hackensack, N. J.]

Anne Magdalene Valleau and Lucas Lozier were living at Hackensack at the time of their marriage, but at different periods of their wedded life they resided in the city of New York. In the year 1749, when her mother's will was made, they were living in that city, and later returned to Bergen County, N. J.

Anne Magdalene and her husband united with the Reformed Dutch Church, Schraalenburgh, N. J., on confession of faith, June 10, 1750. Lucas Lozier was made a freeman of New York City, June 21, 1757,* and when residing there he and his wife were attendants at the Reformed Dutch Church. They eventually settled at Hyde Park, Dutchess County, N. Y., about 1762, at the time Dr. John Bard began improvements at this place.

Anne Magdalene and Lucas Lozier had no children. They frequently acted as sponsors at the baptisms of the children of their relatives and friends, as shown by the records of several churches, f Mr. Edward Braman of Hyde Park, N. Y.,

to Harlem (he was one of its pioneers) from the island of St. Christopher, West Indies. He was attended by his young sister Jeanne; neither of them being married. This was about 1656 or 1657.

Francois Le Sueur who left the town of Harlem early in 1663, was the ancestor of the families of Leseur and Lozier, now mostly seated in New York City, and Bergen County, New Jersey. Francois first lived in Flatbush, after coming to Manhattan, and in 1659 married Jannetie, daughter of Hillebrand Pietersen, of Amsterdam, in which year Jannetie's brother, Pieter Hillebrands, was captured by Indians at Esopus, but this did not deter her from removing there with her husband. Before going from Harlem, he sold some of his effects, and his wife bought "a litte bed," etc., at Sneden's sale. Le Sueur's sister, Jeanne, went with them to Esopus, and there married, in 1668, Cornells Arents Viervant, of Utrecht, Holland; they left one child, Cornelia. Viervant and his wife returned to Harlem, and after his death she married William Innis. Le Sueur was living in 1669, but on November 30, 1671, his widow bound out her son Hillebrand, eight years old. He was engaged bv the deacons, in 1673, to ring the bell at 5 gl. a year. Afterward the widow married Antoine Tilba, and by him had children also. Those by Le Sueur, all but the first, born at Esopus, were: 1. Jannetie, born 1660, who married Jan Postma (now Post), and Thomas Innis; 2. Hillebrand, born 1663; 3 and 4. John and Jacob, born 1665; 5. Nicholas, born 1668. Hillebrand married, 1688, Elsie, daughter of Jurian Tappan, but soon died, leaving apparently but one child, Jannetie, born 1689, who married William Elting. Hillebrand's widow married Abraham Delamater, previously of Harlem. John, of Kingston, married Rachel Smedes, in 1686, was an elder of the church and quite dist1nguished; he had Jannetie, born 1687; John, born 1689; Catharine, born 1692; etc., of whom the first married Abraham Low. Nicholas, whose branch of the family write their name Lozier, married at New York City, May 8, 1691, Tryntie, daughter of Pieter Jansen Slot (Sloat). He afterwards left Kingston (Esopus), and settled near Hackensack, where he married, in January, 1709, Antie, daughter of Derick Banta. Nicholas Lozier had fifteen children, Ariz.: Hillebrand, born 1695; Peter, born 1697; John, born 1699; Mary, born 1701; Antie, born 1703; Lucas, born 1705; Jacobus, born 1707; Benjamin, born 1708; Tryntie, born 1710; Hester, born 1711; Rachel, born 1714; Jacob, born 1719; Abraham, born 1721; Leah, born 1723; Margaret, born 1726. These intermarried with the Demarests and others. In Ulster County, New York, the French pronunciation of the name was, for a time, tolerably preserved in the form of "Lashier," but it is now extinct there, though the blood runs in the Post family and others.

"The Banta Genealogy" by Theodore M. Banta, p. 33,says: "Antie Banta married, January 26,1709, Claes (or Nicholas) Lozier, b. 1668, son of Francis Le Sueur, whose first wif&jvaa Tryntie Slot. She joined the church at Hackensack, 1708. ^


1. Trintie Lozier, bp. March 12, 1710.

2. Hester Lozier, Dec. 16, 1711; m. Samuel Moor.


I. Maritjen Moor, bp. May 14, 1738.
II. Niclaes Moor, bp. Dec. 23, 1739.

III. Sarah Moor, bp. Julv 18 1742.

IV. Frankie Moor, bp. Dec. 3, 1749.

3. Rachel Lozier, May 17, 1714.

4. Jacob Lozier, May 24, 1719; m. Fytjen Zaboriski, June 6, 1739.

5. Abram I,.ozier, July 1, 1721.

6. Leva Lozier, Sept. 22, 1723; m. Seba Banta.

7. Margrietje Lozier, April 5, 1726.

8. Marytje Lozier, Jan. 15, 1729."

[Author's Note.—Maritjen Moor, baptised May 14, 1738, married Isaiah, son of Isaiah Valleau and Leah Harty—see article Isaiah Valleau. Abram Lozier, baptised July 1, 1721, married in 1744, Maria, daughter of William Earle.]

"A Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties, New Jersey," by Cornelius Burnham Harvey, 1900, states that Nicholas Lozier had twenty children, viz.: "Anthony, Jannetie, Peter, Hildebrand, Jacon1ina, Mary tie, John, Antie, Lucas, Jacobus, Benjamin, Catharine, Hester, Rachel, Dirk, Jacobus, Abram, Lea, Margaretta, and Maria."

* MN. Y. Hist. So. Coll.," 1885, p. 188. Several instances of this are given here, Ariz.:

. Schraalenburgh Church. Baptism July 2, 1738, of Jan, son of Thadeus Valoo and Elizabeth Antoni. Witnesses: Lucas Lizier, Henni Valoo, wife.

2. Schraalenburgh Church. Baptism April 15, 1739, of Lucas, son of Cornelius De Graeuw and Geertjin Ridnars. Witnesses: Lucas Lizier, Annetjiu Valo, wife.

sends the following: "Madam Lesier having no children, 'brought up a girl,' (I never heard who she was), and this girl afterwards married a man named Luke Schultz. When she returned to New Jersey to live she left this couple in her house to take care of the place, but Schultz managed so badly that she concluded to sell, after a few years, and did so. What became of Schultz and his wife I do not know, but when I was a boy, a disregarded old book still remained in the house, with the boldly written name of Luke Schultz in it."

The house of Madame Lesier, mentioned in this account, stood just north of the boundary line at Hyde Park, between the old Braman farm and Placentia (a family country place), originally all on one great tract of land belonging to Peter Fauconnier. Madame Lesier built this house, which was of stone, and which at an early date was called "Belgrove," she, perhaps, giving it this name. A part of it stood until 1894. The land it was erected upon was lot No. 2 of the Hyde Park Patent, belonging to her, Anne Magdalene Valleau, the wife of Lucas Lesier (commonly called Madame Lesier). This lot, in November, 1799, was purchased by Cyrus Braman from Phineas Eames. Lucas Lester died at Hyde Park, at the time of the Revolution, when his widow returned to New Jersey, where she was living when she sold her property.*

The date of Mrs. Lozier's death has not been ascertained.

Peter Theodoras Valleau

Peter Theodorus, a son of Peter and Magdalene Valleau, was born April 28, 1716, and was baptised September 27, 1716, the witnesses being Peter Fauconnier, his grandfather, replacing Theodorus Fauconnier, his uncle, then absent, and Elisabeth Jannetie, his aunt, present at the time.f He married Elizabeth Anthony, who was born in 1717. They had twelve children, viz.: John, Andrew, Steven Cummins, Samuel, Samuel 2nd, Jacob, Mary, Magdalene, Theodorus, Marguerite, and two others whose names are unknown.

Peter Theodorus Valleau, lived in Bergen County, N. J., of which he was made Sheriff in 1753; his bond of £800 for the said office, dated July 25,1753, was signed by himself, Henry Van de Linda, and Peter Valleau.

Peter Theodorus Valleau removed to the Province of New York, where he died in 1761. His wife died November 2, 1805, and was buried at Trinity Church, New York City. win §

"In the name of God Amen, I Theodorus Valleau of the Province of New York Yoeman being weak in Body of Disposing mind and memory after recommending my Soul to God do dispose of what Worldly Estate I Die Possess'd of—of what kind soever in the following manner:

3. Schraalenburgh Church. Baptism April 27, 1746, of Maria, daughter of Steven Bordet and Geesjin De Groot. Witnesses: Lucas Lezier, Annaetje Valeouw.

4. Schraalenburgh Church. Baptism March 23, 1755, of Catarintie, daughter of Abraham Lezier and Maria Earle. Witnesses: Lucas Lezier, Nenne, his wife.

5. Reformed Dutch Church, New York City. Baptism October 7, 1761, of Hendrik, son of Jakobus Brtiyn and Tryntie Lesier. Witnesses: Lukas Lester, Annetje Vellok, z. h.

6. Lucas Lozier and wife first appear as witnesses at Poughkeepsie (then the nearest church to Hyde Park), on February 1, 1767, for a child of a family living near the latter place.

* The facts of this paragraph were obtained from Mr. Edward Braman and other correspondents. Mr. Braman says: "My family have lived for some generations on the Hyde Park Patent, and my father and myself were born in the house built by Anne Magdalen Valleau [Madame Lesier]."

t Baptism recorded at Reformed Dutch Church, Hackensack, N. J. The second witness was Jeanne Elizabeth Fauconnier.

t Recorded at Hackensack, N. J.

| Recorded New York City, Liber 22, p. 398. He was always known as Theodorus.

Viz: I appoint my loving wife Elizabeth Valleau and my son Andrew my executrix and executor of this my last Will and Testament and do hereby Will and Ordain that what Estate I hereby leave after my debts are paid be possesd and Enjoyed by my said Wife during her life for which purpose what ever be left I hereby direct shall be put to Enterest and ye said Interest be duly paid to my said Widow during her s'd life & after her Death the principal be equally divided between my Eleven children now alive & in case of Death of any of them then among the Survivors in an equal portion.

Theodorus Valleau. [L. S.]

Samll Browne
John Bard
Samuel Bard

Be it remembered that on the twenty first day of
February 1761. Personally came and appeared before
me Goldsbrow Banyar there unto duly authorized
Samuel Bard of the City of New York Gentleman and
being duly sworn on his Oath Declared that he did see
the within named Theodore Valleau Sign and Seal the
within Instrument purporting to be the Will of the
said Theodore Valleau and heard him Publish and
Declare the same as and for his last Will and Testament
that at the time thereof the said Theodore Valleau was
of sound disposing mind and memory to the best of the
knowledge and belief of him the Deponent and that his
name Subscribed to the said Will is of his own proper
hand writing which he Subscribed as a Witness to the
said Will in the presence of the Testator and that the
Deponent also saw Samuel Brown and John Bard the
other Witnesses to the said will Subscribe their names
as Witnesses thereof in the Testator's presence.

Geo. Banyar."

1. John Valleau

John, a son of Peter Theodorus Valleau and Elizabeth Anthony was born in 1738. Baptised July 2, 1738, witnesses: Lucas Lizier, Henni Valoo, wife.*

It has not been learned whom John Valleau married, or the names of his children. The names of four persons, viz.: Peter, Sarah, James, and Theodore, have been furnished by one of his descendants, as being among either his children or his grandchildren. Record of the first: Peter Valleau, born, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., about 1794; married, Effie Dutcher. He died, New York City, 1863. She born, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1800; died, New York City, 1837. Six children, viz.: John Henry, Peter, John Henry 2nd, Mary Elizabeth, Theodore Augustus, and George Peter. No records were obtained of Sarah, James and Theodore.

John Valleau was a schoolmaster at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., at the time of the

* Baptism recorded at Reformed Dutch Church, Schraalenburgh, N J., his name being entered as "Jan."

Revolution, and is said to have been exempted from service in the Army on account of his occupation. He was teaching as late as 1808.

Children and Descendants of Peter Valleau and Effie Dutcher

1. John Henry Valleau

Born, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., August 29, 1817; died, New York City, July 28, 1818.

2. Peter Valleau

Born, New York City, September 24, 1819; died, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., May 18, 1824.

3. John Henry Valleau, and

Born, New York City, about 1822. In 1838, he went to sea in a whaler, stayed nine years, then came to New York City, where he remained until 1849, when he went to California, returning from there in 1856. After this, he again went to sea, since which time nothing has been heard of him.

4. Mary Elizabeth Valleau

Born June 23, 1824; married John Scoughton, July 5, 1842. She died October 23, 1895. He born, February 22, 1824; died, May 24, 1884. Eight children: George Washington, John Cornelius, Annie Rebecca, Henrietta, Laura Virginia, Mary Elizabeth, William Eugene Harold, and Theodore Augustus.

George Washington Scoughton, born May 25, 1844; died June 21, 1862.

John Cornelius Scoughton, born April 28, 1847; died August 22, 1864.

Annie Rebecca Scoughton, born February 17, 1849; died September 6, 1852.

Henrietta Scoughton, born October 3, 1851; married Silas Alonzo Battey, of Mineral, Ill., November 7, 1869. Five children: Cyril Urban, Effie Mercy, Leonard Orrin, Avice Elizabeth, and Alonzo Logan.

Cyril, Urban Battey, born January 14, 1871; married Bertha May Barnes, September 28, 1895. Two children: Lloyd, born August 12, 1897; Fanchon, born September 24, 1898.

Effie Mercy Battey, born January 1, 1873; married Willis Egbert Benjamin, August 15, 1894. Two children: Ermon Waldo, born June 30, 1895, died June 8, 1897; Sybil, born April 22, 1898.

Leonard Orrin Battey, born June 2, 1877.

Av1ce El1zabeth Battey, born December 18, 1879.

Alonzo Logan Battey, born March 26, 1887.

Laura Virginia Scoughton, born June 9, 1854; married Linnaeus Allen Battey, November 6, 1875. He born May 14, 1853. Three children: Eva Laura, born August 12, 1876; Pierre Allen, born July 12, 1878, died September 18, 1891; Clair Eugene, born September 24, 1881.

Mary Elizabeth Scoughton, born April 17, 1857; married Sumner Freemont Wicks, October 3, 1878. He born August 1, 1856. Two children: Gracie May and Laura Etta.

Gracie May Wicks, born 1879; married George W. Eaton, May 20, 1896. One child: Hattie Marie, born November 8, 1898.

Laura Etta Wicks, born June 10, 1890.

William Eugene Harold Scoughton, born May 7, 1860; married Caroline Lucinda Bard, September 20, 1882. She born September 10, 1853. Eight children: Merle Eugenia, born June 20, 1883; Roy Bard, born February 22, 1885; Irma Grace, born November 17, 1886; Annice May, born September 19, 1888; Fay Winona, born September 26, 1890; Sherman Sloan, born September 23, 1892; Veda Blanche, born April 18, 1894; Una Elise, born June 17, 1896.

Theodore Augustus Scoughton, born December 20, 1863; died September 15. 1864.

5. Theodore Augustus Valleau

Born, Albany, N. Y., 1826; married Alexander, of New York City.

He died, New York City, August 18, 1887. No children. He went to California in 1850, and returned from there August 14, 1855.

6. George Peter Valleau

Born, New York City, April 19, 1831; married Priscilla Low, of Manchester, England. He died September 12, 1899. She died, Brooklyn, N. Y., August 27, 1886. Thirteen children: George Peter, Mary Elizabeth, John Henry, Theodore Augustus, Priscilla, Daughter, George Peter 2nd, Elizabeth and Priscilla, twins; Charlotte, Adelia, and two whose names were not given.

George Peter Valleau, born September 7, 1852; died September 28, 1860.

Mary Elizabeth Valleau, born, New York City, November 24, 1854; married first, Valentine Dixon, July 3, 1881. He died November 1, 1885. Two children: Charlotte, born November 6, 1882; Martha, born August, 12, 1884.

Married second, Edward Hammerquist, May 8, 1896.

John Henry Valleau, born June 15, 1857; married Mary Kenney, of Bridgeport, Conn., March 25, 1875. She died April, 1896. Four children: George Peter, born August 2, 1878, married Grace Malone, May 1, 1899; Mabel, born April 7, 1887; John and Walter, who both died in infancy.

Theodore Augustus Valleau, born, Jersey City, N. J., August 25, 1859; unmarried.

Priscilla Valleau, born, New York City, December 20, 1861; died there, January 3, 1862.

A Daughter, born, New York City, September 13, 1863; died in infancy.

George Peter Valleau, 2nd, born, New York City, October 10, 1865; married Phoebe Ida Maher, of Brooklyn, N. Y., November 10, 1886. She born, Brooklyn, N. Y., July 5, 1862. Three children: George Peter, born November 13, 1890, died July 19, 1905; Theodore Augustus, born February 27, 1894; Francis Thomas, born February 25, 1897.

Elizabeth and Priscilla Valleau, twins, born July 18, 1868. Elizabeth died August 7, 1868. Priscilla died September 15, 1868.

Charlotte Valleau, born, Bridgeport, Conn., June 12, 1870. Married first, Robert John Meadows, January 13, 1887. He born, Brooklyn, N. Y., August 27, 1868; died there, June 8, 1889. One child: Mary Elizabeth, born, Brooklyn, N. Y., October 17, 1887; died there, November 5, 1891.

Married second, William Summers, of Glasgow, Scotland, February 21, 1894. He born September 2, 1868. One child: Charlotte Jeanne, born, Brooklyn, N. Y., November 22, 1894; died, Philadelphia, Pa., April 29, 1896.

Adelia Valleau, born, Bridgeport, Conn., March 13, 1873; died September 7, 1874.

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