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Robertus Jenney LLD
huic eccle

hoc ejus sac
sub suis
ci qua

Structa vidit
Similiter parietes junioris Ecclesiae S. Petri,
in Monte sociali sitae
Tempore ejus constructs fuerunt
Natus est Armachae
Coll. S. S. Trinitat, Dublin studuit alumnus
Obiit Die V mensis Januar Anno Salut MDCCLXII .rET. LXXV

Age Lector

Si purae Religionis honestae Veritatis benevoli animi

Exemplum Velis
Hunc Christianae fidei Vindicem Probitatis Cultorem
Benevolentia Studiis
Respice, Sequere, imitare
Juxta hoc etiam marmor sepulta Jacet
Joanna Elizabetha Praedicti Roberti Jenney Conjux
Qua. sextantummodo Dies post Maritum superstes
Obiit Anno .ffitati suae LXIV"

The Last Will and Testament of Mrs. Jenney.*
"In the Name of God Amen. I Jean Elizabeth
Jenny of Philadelphia, Widow, being sick and weak do
make my last Will and Testament in manner following:
I do make & ordain the Rev. Mr George Craig my Sole
Executor of this my Will I give devise and bequeath all
my Estate Real & personal whatsoever and whereso-
ever to my beloved Relation Mary Valleau who has
lived with me as my adopted Child near Six years To
hold to her the sd Mary her Heirs Execs Adminiss
and Assigns for Ever and I do Revoke all other Wills
and declare this to be my last Will In Witness whereof
I have hereunto set my hand & Seal January the
Eleventh Ano : D : 1762.

(L. S.)

delivered by the sd Jean Elizabeth Jenny for and as her
last Will and Testament in presence of us John Ross
Jno Kearsley the above as sure of the two last lines
being first made Be it Remembred that on the 13th of

* Recorded at the Register's office, Philadelphia, Pa.


January 1762 Before me William Plumstead Esqr Regr Genl for the Probate of Wills & granting Ires of Adminion in & for the Province of Pennsylvania personally appeared Doctor John Kearsley and John Ross both of the City of Philada Gentmn being sworn on the holy Evangelist of Almighty God did depose declare and say as follows the sd John Kearsley for himself doth depose declare and say that on Monday morning last being ye eleventh day of this Instant January this deponent went to see Mrs. Jean Elizabeth Jenney and found her in Bed very ill and thought she could not live long that this depont ask'd her if she was not desireous to settle her affairs by making a will to which she answered she was desireous to make a Will that this depont then called for the Revd Mr George Craig who was then in the House and requested him the sd Craig to go or send for Mr Ross for the purpose afsd that the sd John Ross accordingly speedily came and Questioned the sd Jean Elizabh who should be her Executors to which she answered the afd George Craig and the sd Jean Elizabt was further asked by the sd John Ross and this depont and also Mrs Mary Franks then also in the room with her who should be her Heir or to whom she would give her Estate to which the sd Jean Elizabt repeatedly answered her relation Mary Valleau should be her Heir & Enjoy her Estate that divers Questions were asked to the sd Jean Eliza, in favour of divers persons as well Relations as others whether she would not give them some part of her Estate to which she continually answered in the Negative that she was asked concerning her Library of Books whether she would not give the same for the use of the Minister of Christ's Church to which she then agreed & soon after refused that thereupon the sd John Ross put the same in writing & acquainted her with the contents thereof in manner it now stands save that when she signified she would not give the Library to the use of the Minister of the sd Church aid the sd John Ross was asked whether she would Sign & Seal the same to which she answered yes and was raised up for that purpose & the pen & Ink offered to her but she could not take or hold the pen in her fingers & soon after Expired And the sd John Ross for himself saith that he was requested on Monday last the Eleventh day of this Instant January by the revd Mr George Craig & the aid Doctor John Kearsley to attend the aid Jean Eliza Jenny to make her Will that the sd John Ross Immediately went and found her in bed sick as before set forth that all and singular the matters &

things before related by the sd Doctor John Kearsley
concerning the Questions to & answers of the sd Jean
Eliza touching the appointment of her Exr disposing
of her Estate & every other matter before related by
the sd John Kearsley which happened after this depont
John Ross came into the room are strictly and litterally
true and that he the sd John Ross & the aid Doctor
John Kearsley sett their names to the same Will in the
presence of the sd Jean Eliza as they now stand which
are of their own respective hands writing the words
Signed Sealed & published being first obliterated or run
through with a pen & Ink as they now appear John Ross
Jno Kearsley Sworn at Philada Jany 15th 1762 Before
Wm Plumsted Regr General Be it Remembered that
on the 15th January 1762 the last Will & Testament of
Jean Elizabeth Jenny deced in due form of Law was
proved and Probate and Lres Testamty were granted
to the Revd George Craig the Executor in the sd Will
Named being duly Sworn well and truly to adminr
the sd decedt Estate and bring an Invey thereof into
the Regr Genls office at Philada on or before the 15th
Febr next and tender a true act when thereunto Law-
fully required given under the Seal of the sd office by
Wm Plumsted Regr Genl"

[Author's Notes.—The Mary Valleau mentioned in the above Will was a daughter of Peter Theodorus Valleau, a nephew of Mrs. Jenney. At the time of her Great Aunt's death, Mary was in her thirteenth year. Her history is given in the article upon Peter Theodorus Valleau. John Ross, who drew up the Will, and was a witness to it, was a prominent lawyer of Philadelphia at that time. He was a son of the Reverend George Ross, Rector of Immanuel Church, Newcastle, Del., and a brother of George Ross, a signer of the Declaration of Independence from Pennsylvania. Dr. John Kearsley, the physician of Mrs. Jenney, married her sister, Anne Magdalene, in whose history is given an account of the Doctor. The Reverend George Craig held the position of Missionary to the three churches, St. Paul's, Chester; St. Martin's, Marcus Hook; and St. John's, Concord, Pennsylvania, from 1758 to 1783, through the troublous times preceding and during the Revolution, a fact which speaks volumes for his ability, discretion and personal character. He was buried under St. Martin's Church, in Marcus Hook, and the memorial tablet may still be seen in the floor of the basement of the present edifice. Mrs. Mary Franks, most likely belonged to a Hebrew family of this name, then prominent in Philadelphia.]

8. Anne Magdalene Fauconnier

Anne Magdalene, the eighth child of Pierre Fauconnier and Madeleine Pasquereau, was their youngest daughter. There are no known records of her birth, baptism or marriages. In regard to the last it is family history that she was twice married, the name of her first husband being Theophilus Caill6; and that she was quite young when she became the wife of Dr. John Kearsley, Sr., of Philadelphia,

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