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children: Charles Julius Kerr, Julia Elizabeth, Mary Jane, John George, William Robert, Margaret Milligan, Pitcairn Morrison, Clara Maude, and Mark Gibson.

Charles Julius Kerr Colville, born February 3, 1848; died May 3, 1850.

Julia Elizabeth Colville, born March 17, 1850.

Mary Jane Colville, born November 30, 1851.

John George Colville, born August 3, 1854; married Ella McCoy, June 10, 1891. No children.

William Robert Colville, born November 16, 1856; married Sarah B. Winch, May 4, 1881. She born May 16, 1857. Two children: William Robert, born February 22, 1884; Mabel Blanche, born July 31, 1885.

Margaret Milligan Colville, born July 28, 1859; married John T. Rudir, May 8, 1879. He born August 18, 1857. Four children: Edwin Colville, born October 1, 1880; Clara Maude, born November 15, 1882; John Harry, born January 20, 1887; Margaret Helen, born March 11, 1897.

Pitcairn Morrison Colville, born December 14, 1863.

Clara Maude Colville, born March 2, 1869; died March 13, 1871.

Mark Gibson Colville, born August 7, 1872.

5. Ann Eliza Morrison

Born, New York City, April 30,1827; married, New York City, Robert Laurence Woods, October IO, 1854. He born, St. John's, Canada, October 15, 1823. Four children, all born in Brooklyn, N. Y.: William Henry, born July 31, 1855, died, Chicago, Ill., October 11, 1893; Robert Laurence, Jr., Charles Morrison, born October 7, 1859; Helen Louise, born August 17, 1866.

Robert Laurence Woods, Jr., born December 7, 1857; married Ida Waterman Todd, October 22, 1884. No children.

6. Joseph Morrison

Born July 22, 1830; married Mrs. Jane Moore (nee Wright), June 13, 1854" Four children: Susan Kay, Joseph Valleau, James Douglass, and William Christie.

Susan Kay Morrison, born May 17, 1855; died October 19, 1860.

Joseph Valleau Morrison, born August 14, 1857; married Jennie Green, August 11, 1884. She born September 11, 1860. Four children: Laura, born November 28, 1885, died December 12, 1885; Edward Valleau, born December 25, 1887; Susie Green, born August 6, 1890; Emma Henrietta, born September 29, 1891.

James Douglass Morrison, born January 5, 1862; unmarried.
William Christie Morrison, born August 14, 1865; unmarried.

7. William Valleau Morrison, Jr.

Born October 12, 1833; married Emma Julia Hills, November 24, 1868. She born April 4, 1834; died February 15, 1874. Two children: Edwin Hills, born December 24, 1869, died March 23, 1870; Caroline Bliss, born February 11, 1874, died February 13, 1874.

Children and Descendants of Pitcairn

Third Child of Mary Rescola and Joseph Morrison
1. Fannie McMahon Morrison

Born, New Orleans, La. Married first, Thaddeus Higgins, Lieutenant, 4th Infantry, U. S. A. He was killed on a Government steamer near Corpus Christi, Texas, September 19, 1845.

Married second, Thomas Rector, at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., April 27, 1848. He died, St. Louis, Mo., June, 1881. Three children: Lydia Marion, Pitcairn Morrison and Irene Morrison.

Lydia Marion Rector, born, St. Louis, Mo. Married first, Honestus De Voe Bizzell, M.D., May 1864. He died 1873. Eive children: Fannie Morrison, William Henry, Thomas Rector, Irene Rector, and Mary De Voe.

Irene Rector B1zzell, married, Richmond, Va., Charles F. O'Ferrall, Jr., son of Governor O'Ferrall, of Virginia, February 4, 1896.

Married second, Henry L. Bizzell, 1877. He born, Richmond, Ark. Seven children: Sallie Cravan, Maria Jane, Louisa D., Henry L., Nap B., Maggie Morrison, and William Henry.

Sallie Cravan B1zzell, married, New Boston, Texas, in 1896, Norfleet Ellis, of Texarkana, Ark. Three children: Henry Bizzell, Norfleet, Jr., and a daughter.

Pitcairn Morrison Rector, born, St. Louis, Mo.; died January, 1890.

Irene Morrison Rector, born, Glen Morrison, Mo.; married William Neville, of Glasgow, Mo., October, 1886. Two children: William Rector, born, North Platte, Neb., died 1898; Irene, born same place.

2. Clara Le Mai Morrison

Born, New Orleans, La.; died, Jefferson Barracks, Mo., 1846.

3. Georgia Antoinette Morrison

Born, Baton Rouge Barracks, La.; married Alexander Early Steen, Lieutenant, 3rd Infantry,U. S. A., April, 1848. She died, St. Louis,Mo., January, 1884, He born, St. Louis, Mo.; was Brigadier-General in Confederate Army in 1862, and was killed at the Battle of Prairie Grove, Ark. Three children: Fannie Rector. Charles Morrison and Alexander Early.

Fannie Rector Steen, born, Fort Thorn, New Mexico; married, Baltimore, Md., Frank Gale Renshaw, M.D., of Pensacola, Fla., July 26, 1887. He, son of Lieutenant Francis Budden Renshaw, U. S. N., of Philadelphia, Pa. Three children: Georgia and Fannie, twins, born, Pensacola, Fla., June 27, 1888; Frank Saltmarsh, born, same place, November 22, 1890.

Charles Morrison Steen, born, Jefferson Barracks, Mo.; died, Helena, Ark., November, 1892.

Alexander Early Steen, born, Fort Smith, Ark.; died 1858.

4. Joseph Eugene Morrison

Born, New Orleans, La.; died there.

5. Martha Rathbone Morrison

Born, New Orleans, La.; married at Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, Henry Little, Captain, 7th Infantry, U. S. A., April 6, 1854. He born, Baltimore, Md.; was Brigadier-General in the Confederate Army, and was killed at the Battle of Inka, Mississippi, September 19, 1862. Two children: Kate Morrison, born, Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, died, Fort Smith, Ark., 1860; Irene Morrison, born, Fort Smith, Ark., died, Baltimore, Md., 1868.

6. Eugene Joseph Morrison

Born, Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory; died there, Jan., 1854.

7. John Le Maire Morrison

Born, Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory; died.

8. Irene Sierra Morrison Born, Fort Jessup, La.; died.

9. Mary Rose Morrison

Born, Jefferson Barracks, Mo.; married, St. Louis, Mo., William H. Fitzgerald,* of Baltimore, Md., November 16, 1869. She died, Richmond, Va., December 25, 1898. Two children: Irene Morrison, born, St. Louis, Mo.; Pitcairn Morrison, born same place.

1o. Margaret Mason Morrison

Born, Fort Worth, Texas; unmarried.

Children and Descendants of John Clitz

Fourth Child of Mary Rescola and Joseph Morrison
1. Josephine Morrison

Born December 1, 1822; married William Thompson, June 10, 1858. She died February 23, 1900. One child: Irene, died.

2. Catharine Ann Morrison

Born February 19, 1825; married George W. Schott, April 8, 1850. She died March 8, 1896. Two children: Walter, died; Georgina Emma.

3. Stickler Morrison

Born October 1, 1827; married Mary Lynch, July 27, 1851. He died February 23, 1867. One child: Mary Josephine.

Mary Josephine Morrison, married Charles De L. Young, November 10, 1870. Four children: Montague Ainslee, Florence, Josephine, and Belle Louise.

4. Mary Place Morrison

Born October 1, 1830; married Henry C. Marks, July 5, 1860. She died August 29, 1863. One child: Harry Morrison.

Harry Morrison Marks, married Jeanne A. Cochrane, February 25, 1890. Two children: Jean Cochrane; Henry, died.

5. Walter Kiersted Morrison

Born February 23, 1835.

Children and Descendants of Josephine Rathbone

Seventh Child of Mary Rescola and Joseph Morrison
1. Elias Brevoort Zabriskie

Born June 22, 1826; married Justine Jackson, December 17, 1863. He died

* William H. Fitzgerald was Colonel of the 21st Mississippi Regiment Infantry, Humphrey's Brigade, Kershaw's Division, C. S. A. He commanded the Brigade, during its operations with the Army of Northern Virginia, under General Robert E. Lee.

June IO, 1894. She born September 17, 1838. One child: Christian Brevoort.

Christian Brevoort Zabriskie, born October 16, 1864; married Margaret Louise Edwards, September 10, 1888. She born August 15, 1867. One child: Zayda Justine, born May 29, 1891.

2. Juliette Zabriskie

Born May, 1832; died June 12, 1883.

3. Samuel Zabriskie Born April, 1834; died September 19, 1842.

6. Marguerite Valleau

Margaret, a daughter of Fauconnier Valleau and Elizabeth Earle. She married Alexander Ming, of New York, but had no children. The circumstances of her illness and greatly lamented death, in the year 1807, are narrated in a letter from Mrs. Susan Pendleton, of New York, to her cousin, Mrs. Anne Morel, of Savannah, Ga., as follows:

"Sept. 24, 1807.

My Dear Anna, I am just returned from Hyde Park,
where I have been for several weeks, and was very much
shocked to hear of the death of your sister Peggy. I
went yesterday to see your Mother, she was much
grieved at seeing me, but upon the whole bears it much
better than I expected. Poor Polly is in the deepest
affliction, she is the greatest loss to her, you know till
she married she always lived with her, she was very
happily settled, her husband in good business, & I am
told very affectionate & attentive to her, her death was
so happy a one that it ought not to be lamented, she was
perfectly resigned, she comforted her afflicted friends
by saying she was willing to go, the only regret she had
was parting with them, but she added, a few years can
make very little difference, you will then follow me, her
resignation was not the effect of discontent or unhappi-
ness, she was cheerful & surrounded with every domes-
tic happiness, but a proper reliance upon her Heavenly
Father's wisdom and Mercy. I know nothing that I
envy so much as the resignation of a religious, pious
person on their death bed. I never saw your Father &
Mother look better than they do now. * * * * Mrs.
Stephens mentions to me, that you have had a great
deal of sickness in your family, & that you had lost your
eldest daughter. I hope that I shall soon hear that
you have all recovered; happy & thankful that we
have it in our power to return to our city at this season
of the year. I heard before I came, that it was not
healthy for children & left Anna & Susan Mary, my
brother John's children, who live with us at Hyde Park,
they will be down next week; my three little boys are in
Connecticut at school. The yellow fever drove us every
Summer from New York, and interfered so much with
their education, that we thought it best to leave them
in the Country. I have not any at home but Edmund,
who is in College. Give my love to Tryphena, I suppose
she does not recollect me, Edmund does not recollect
her, but I believe she was a year or two older, he was 16
last January. Your Mother beged I would give her
love to you, & desire you would write frequently to her,
remember me to Mr. Morel & believe me my dear Anna
your affectionate cousin

S. Pendleton.

if you can, send me some good Water & Musk Melon
seeds for my brother, you will oblige him"

7. Magdalene Valleau, and

Magdalene Valleau, and, a daughter of Fauconnier Valleau and Elizabeth Earle, born February 22, 1764; married Francis Marschalk,* November 6, 1786. She died October 3, 1850. He born March 14, 1765; died June 7, 1830. Nine children: Andrew Fauconnier, Elizabeth, Ann Hardenbrook, Francis, John, Margaret, Ellen, Andrew Fauconnier and, and Mary Morrison.

Children of Magdalene Valleau, 2nd, and Francis Marschalk

1. Andrew Fauconnier Marschalk

Born October 26, 1788; baptised f November 9, 1788.

2. Elizabeth Marschalk

Born June 10, 1790; baptisedJ July 4, 1790; married George Ogden in 1811. She died July 4, 1817. One child: Ann.

3. Ann Hardenbrook Marschalk

Born June 20, 1792; died August 6, 1882; unmarried.

4. Francis Marschalk

Born ;died October 18, 1825.

5. John Marschalk

Born ;died September 30, 1839.

6. Margaret Marschalk

Born 1801; died January 3, 1877.

7. Ellen Marschalk

Born 1803; died January 4, 1876.

* He was a son of Andrew Nfarschalk and Ann Hardenbrook, baptised Marehr20, 1765, witnesses: Leonard Kip and Elisabeth Marschalk. (Records Reformed Dutch Church, New York City.) t Baptism recorded at Reformed Dutch Church, New York City. t Baptism recorded at Reformed Dutch Church, New York City.

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