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Children and Descendants of Henry Wesley

Fourth Child of William Valleau and Eleanor Henneson
1. William Rathbone Valleau

Born, Baltimore, Md., January 14, 1814; married Edith Ann, daughter of Daniel Biddle, Esq., of Philadelphia, Pa., May 12, 1839. He died, Philadelphia, Pa., March 2, 1901. She born 1818; died May 18, 1842. One child: Anna Louisa, who died before her mother.

2. Fauconnier Valleau

Born 1822. In the Civil War he was Captain of the U. S. Lightship "Rattlesnake." He sailed from Baltimore, Md., after the war, as second officer of a British Barque bound for Rotterdam, Holland. Nothing further has ever been heard of him, though every effort possible was made to determine his whereabouts. He was unmarried.

3. John Ming Valleau

Born 1824; married Jeanette Feeney, Philadelphia, Pa., 1844. He died, New York City, 1847. He entered the U. S. Navy when a young man, but subsequently went into the merchant service, and was on board the packet ship "Garrick," when she arrived disabled at New York City, in the winter of 1846-7. From this exposure he became ill, and entering a hospital in New York City, died there after a few weeks, of typhoid fever. One child: John Ming.

John Ming Valleau, born, Philadelphia, Pa., April 8, 1846; married Sally Stiles, May, 1866. He died August 31, 1910. She died March, 1877. He served during the Civil War in the 109th and mth Regiments Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry. Five children: Henrietta Ming, born 1868; William Rathbone, born July, 1870, died, July, 1876; Bertha Estelle, born April 7, 1872; Robert Sumter, Eleanor May, born May 1, 1876.

Robert Sumter Valleau, born October 4, 1874; married Mary Lena Austin, 1897. One child: Grace Evelyn.

4. Eleanor Suzanne Valleau

Born 1827; married John T. Money,* June 8, 1846. She died January 2, 1906. He born January 25, 1825; died October 8, 1884. Two children: William Valleau and Florence Garwood.

William Valleau Money, born December 24, 1856; died January 31, 1873, after forty-eight hours' illness.

Florence Garwood Money, born December 23, 1858; married Robert J. Stinson, May 1, 1879. He born October 10, 1852; died January 14, 1902. Two children: Edith Valleau, born November 30, 1880; Robert Money, born November 1, 1882.

Children and Descendants of Martha Ming

Fifth Child of William Valleau and Eleanor Henneson 1. Juliette Rathbone Born July 9, 1812; died February 10, 1844. Married first, Peter Godwin

* Le Moine, the original name of this family was corrupted at an early day, to Money or Mawney—see Vol. 2, Baird's "Hug. Em. to America."

Van Winkle,* at Paramus, Bergen County, N. J., September 21, 1831. He born, New York City, September 7, 1808; died, Parkersburg, W. Va., April 15, 1872. Three children: Rathbone, Godwin and Mary.

Married second, W. S. Sinclair, of West Virginia.

Rathbone Van Winkle, born 1834; married Sallie Cook, 1858. Five children: Munson, born 1860; Henry, born 1862; Rathbone, born 1864; two others, names not given.

Godwin Van Winkle, born 1836; married Belle Teft; died 188Mary Van Winkle, born 1838; married J. G. Blackford, of Lynchburg, Va. He died. Three children: Godwin, Benjamin and Juliette.

2. Mary Brown Rathbone

Born June 24, 1814; married John Paxton Atkinson, of New York City, May 15, 1836. She died February 12, 1858. He born January 25, 1805; died, Brooklyn, N. Y., December 28, 1890; buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn. Nine children: Juliette, Hoffman, Jerome Gill, Edward Spear, William Rathbone, Rathbone, Harold Valleau, John Paxton, and George Morrison.

Juliette Atkinson, born July 11, 1837; married George Morrison, of London, England, September 5, 1855. She died June, 1860. He died in England, 1879. Three children: John Atkinson, Mary B. and Richard Rundle.

John Atkinson Morrison, born, Natal, South Africa, August 20, 1856; married Ida Leach, of Liverpool, England, 1881. Five children: Lionel George, born January 18, 1882; Juliette Ada, born July 22, 1883; Rupert Ernest, born May 10, 1886; Robert Arthur, born May 28, 1888; Marvil Christie, born October 17, 1891.

Mary B. Morrison, born, Natal, South Africa, June 4, 1858.

Richard Rundle Morrison, born, New York City, August 20,1859. Widower with one child.

Hoffman Atkinson, born November 20, 1839; died November 28, 1901. Married first, Louisa Baker. Two children: both died.

Married second, Sophia Durand, daughter of Joseph Hepburn, of Milford, Conn. Two children: Guy, born March 6, 1890; Geoffroy, born October 21, 1892.

Hoffman Atkinson, in the Civil War, was Captain, Company G., First West Virginia Cavalry, 1861 and part of 1862; Assistant Adjutant-General to BrigadierGeneral William Sooy Smith, Army of the Tennessee; detailed commanding 19th Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry, 1863.

Jerome Gill Atkinson, M.D., born August 19, 1843. Married first, Kate, daughter of B. A. McDonald, December 20, 1870. She died April 7, 1901. Two children: Juliette Paxton, born April 15, 1872; Kathleen Gill, born November 15, 1875.

Married second, Julia A., daughter of Alexander Fullerton Imlay, of Oswego, N. Y., June 11, 1902.

Jerome Gill Atkinson, in the Civil War, was Private, Corporal, 22nd Regiment, National Guards, New York State, 1862-63; Medical Cadet, Acting Assistant Surgeon, 1862-3-4.

*"Peter G. Van Winkle removed to Parkersburg in 1835, and practiced the profession of law there till 1852, when he became treasurer and subsequently president of a railroad company. _ He was a member of the Virginia constitutional convention in 1850, and of the Wheeling reorganizing convention in 1861, was in the West Va. Legislature from the formation of the new state till 1863, and in that year became V. S. Senator having been chosen as a Unionist for the term that ended in 1869. He was chairman of the committee on pensions in that body, was a member of those on finance, pensions, post offices, and post roads, and in the impeachment of President Johnson was one of the members that voted for acquittal. In 1866 he was a delegate to the Philadelphia loyalists convention."—Appleton's "Cyclop. Amer. Biog.," Vol. VI., p. 257.

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