Annual Report of the Board of Railroad Commission of the State of California

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Halaman 384 - Injuries to persons . . . Insurance . ... Stationery and printing. Other expenses Maintaining joint tracks, yards, and other facilities — Dr Maintaining joint tracks, yards, and other facilities — Cr Total Maintenance of Way and Structures...
Halaman 24 - That it shall be unlawful for any common carrier subject to the provisions of this Act to charge or receive any greater compensation in the aggregate for the transportation of passengers, or of like kind of property, for a shorter than for a longer distance over the same line or route in the same direction, the shorter being included within the longer distance...
Halaman 24 - Commission and keeping open for public Inspection new schedules stating plainly the change or changes to be made in the schedule or schedules then in force and the time when the change or changes will go into effect. The Commission, for good cause shown, may allow changes to take effect without requiring the thirty days...
Halaman 333 - ... (b) Bunching. 1. Cars for Loading — When, by reason of delay or irregularity of the carrier in filling orders, cars are bunched and placed for loading in accumulated numbers in excess of daily orders. The shipper shall be allowed such free time for loading as lie would have been entitled to had the cars been placed for loading as ordered.
Halaman 384 - Yard supplies and expenses Operating joint yards and terminals — Dr. Operating joint yards and terminals — Cr.
Halaman 332 - Consignee shall be notified by carrier's agent in writing, or as otherwise agreed to by carrier and consignee, within twenty-four hours after arrival of cars and billing at destination, such notice to contain point of shipment, car initials and numbers, and the contents, and, if transferred in transit, the initials and number of the original car.
Halaman 332 - Whenever it shall appear to the satisfaction of the Commission that the failure of a railroad to furnish a car or cars for loading within the time fixed by these rules, or the failure of the shipper or consignee to load or unload the same was due to causes beyond the control of such carrier, shipper or consignee, no payment shall be required to be made on account of such delay.
Halaman 333 - ... such free time as he would have been entitled to had the cars been delivered in accordance with the daily rate of shipment.
Halaman 452 - General Officers, ...'.. Other Officers General Office Clerks Station Agents, ..... Other Station Men, .... Enginemen, Firemen, ....... Conductors Other Trainmen, . • . Machinists Carpenters, ...... Other Shopmen Section Foremen, ..... Other Trackmen Switchmen, Flagmen, and Watchmen, . Telegraph Operators and Dispatchers, . Employes — Account Floating Equipment, All other Employes and Laborers, . Total (including " General Officers "), . Less
Halaman 396 - Expenses — Yard Yard Supplies and Expenses Operating Joint Yards and Terminals, Dr Operating Joint Yards and Terminals Cr Train Enginemen Train Motormen Fuel for Train Locomotives Water for Train Locomotives Lubricants for Train Locomotives.

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