An Historical and Statistical Account of the New South Wales: From the Founding of the Colony in 1788 to the Present Day, Volume 1

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Sampson Low, Marston, & Company, 1875
Governor Phillips efforts to conciliate the Aborigines Includes brief references to natives.

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Halaman 45 - It is my son's coat; an evil beast hath devoured him. Joseph is without doubt rent in pieces.
Halaman 440 - Hic mihi quisquam mansuetudinem et misericordiam nominat? lampridem equidem nos vera vocabula rerum amisimus: quia bona aliena largiri liberalitas, malarum rerum audacia fortitudo vocatur, eo res publica in extremo sita est.
Halaman 390 - I gave him paper and pencil, and he tried to write, and he then fell back and died, and I caught him as he fell back and held him, and I then turned round myself and cried : I was crying a good while until I got well; that was about an hour, and then I buried him; I digged up the ground with a tomahawk, and covered him over with logs, then grass, and my shirt and trowsers; that night I left him near dark...
Halaman 429 - Governor will adopt provisionally and recommend to the confirmation of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, in the name and on behalf of His Majesty...
Halaman 164 - Mountains, to the westward of which are situated the fertile plains of Bathurst; and, in all respects, enjoying a state of private comfort and public prosperity which I trust will at least equal the expectation of His Majesty's Government.
Halaman 429 - The Court in passing a sentence so inadequate to the enormity of the crime of which the prisoner has been found guilty, have apparently been actuated by a consideration of the novel and extraordinary circumstances, which, by the evidence, on the face of the proceedings, may have appeared to them to have existed during the administration of Governor Bligh, both as affecting the tranquillity of the colony, and calling for some immediate decision.
Halaman 112 - SIR, The present alarming state of this colony, in which every man's property, liberty, and life is endangered, induces us most earnestly to implore you instantly to place Governor Bligh under an arrest and to assume the command of the colony.
Halaman 163 - Sydney; agriculture in a yet languishing state ; commerce in its early dawn ; revenue unknown ; threatened with famine ; distracted by faction ; the public buildings in a state of dilapidation and mouldering to decay ; the few roads and bridges formerly...
Halaman 351 - THE Modern Universal History, in speaking of our colonies in the times of 1731, says, "A government in any of our colonies was scarcely looked upon in any other light than that of an hospital, where the favourites of the ministry might be till they recovered their broken fortunes; and oftentimes they served as asylums from their creditors.
Halaman 375 - ... it shall be lawful for the Governor, with the advice of the Executive Council, by...

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