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where they could be well cared for. Until these persons can be removed to State institutions, it is incumbent upon the city to make adequate provision for their proper care.


The hospital has been doing more efficient service during the past year. The appended statistics will show that, measured by the number of cases sent to it from week to week, it is one of the most important in the city. It therefore should be properly maintained, and have such additions made as will enable it to continue and extend its beneficent work.

A new general store house is needed. At the present time the inadequate store houses are scattered and are hardly suitable for the large business which has to be transacted. A new store honse is a necessity, and by erecting one large enough all of the steward's department could be under one roof.

In three years from now the State will be compelled to vacate the buildings occupied by the insane on the adjoining tract, and then the hospital work will probably be extended to embrace wards thus left at the disposal of the city. To provide for this extension of work, and to make it possible to conduct the several store departments with economy, it will be necessary to erect new buildings.


The clinical laboratory and morgue is a small building. There are accommodations for only nine bodies. It is unwise as well as impracticable to attempt to convey bodies from this hospital to the central morgue at the foot of Twenty-sixth street, there. fore there should be a mortuary building large enough to accommodate at least three times the number of bodies which can now be cared for. This would enlarge also the clinical laboratory and greatly enhance its usefulness.

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One other matter has been referred to in previous reports as deserving consideration, that is, the water supply. Last year, as in times past, this was furnished by a private water company, and the cost to the city was $8,932.32, which seems a very large price for the city to pay for water for these institutions, when it can obtain a supply by the expenditure of a comparatively small amount. The entire cost of a private plant would not exceed the amount which the city pays to the Flatbushi Water Company for a single year. $283,400 30


One important improvement has been the consolidation of the laundry work. A central laundry has been erected at a cost of nearly $15,000. This will be ready for use in the early spring, and greatly lighten the labor in the laundry as well as facilitate it. Last year a small frame pavilion was erected at the almshouse for a smoking and sitting room, which will be used in 1902. The total cost of this was $4,964.


The front of the hospital has been changed also, a new portiro having been constructed to take the place of the old dilapidated one which had outlived its usefulness.

THE INSANE. Heretofore the suspected insane have been kept in two wards in the basenient of the hospital building. These wards were dark and inconvenient. A contract has been made for the erection, at a cost of $30,000, of a special pavilion for the observation of such cases. This will enable the hospital to transfer the insane from the two small buildings originally intended for hospital help, into which they have been lately removed from the basement wards. Work has not yet been begun on this pavilion, but as the contract is let it will be under way in a very short time.

ALLIED HOSPITALS. Beside the buildings at Flatbushi, the city is about to open a new hospital in another part of the city. The Brooklyn Homeopathic Hospital, turned over to the city, has been undergoing repairs, alterations and improvements for a number of months, at an expense of $ 15,000. It is said that it will require at least $20,000 more to put the building in a satisfactory condition, and to equip it for work. As this emergency hospital is greatly needed, there should be no delay in furnishing its equipment.

During the summer time an emergency hospital is maintained at Coney Island. This is strictly for emergency cases; these are treated and transferred as soon as able to bear the long journey to the main hospital at Flatbush. Last season the Coney Island hospital did most acceptable work.


One complaint of a serious nature has been made against the character of the help who are employed. A large number of convalescents are used in the hospital, but many permanent employes must be maintained, and in the minor positions the wages allowed by the city are not sufficient to attract the most satisfactory people. A slight addition to the wages now paid woold remedy this, and secure to the public service, people will. ing and qualified to do satisfactory work.


During the past year there was a considerable shortage in clothing, bedding and other supplies, especially during the last six months. This was in consequence of the appropriations being too small, and the necessity therefore of stopping the purchase of necessaries. It is hoped that there may be no future trouble on this score.

The total salary list on the 31st of December, 1901, was $35,662.50. For the month of January, 1902, about $15,000 additional has been asked for.

The following statistics of the general service in the borough of Brooklyn will be of interest.

Respectfully submitted,


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15,000 00

Brought forward......
Furnishings and equipment for Cumberland Street

1,000 iron beds for Kings County Almshouse, at

$3.75 each... (Most of the beds now in use are of the old strap

iron variety, with straw ticks. They are difficult to keep clean, uncomfortable, and the constant refilling of the ticks with straw is an expense that should be abolished.)

3,750 00

Total for supplies and contingencies..

$302,150 30


Additions, alterations and repairs, as per list.....
Clothing for insane.
New ambulances, horses, stable supplies, etc...
Burial of pauper dead..
Transportation of paupers.
Poor adult blind...
Burial of veterans
Donation to Grand Army veterans.
Clothing for patients at Craig Colony.

$41,500 00

4,000 00 10,000 00 4,300 00 2,000 00 1,300 00 15,000 00 10,000 00 10,000 00 1,000 00

$99, 10000


Central Office.


One commissioner .
One deputy commissioner.
One chief clerk.....
One bookkeeper
One secretary

Pay-roll Dec. 31, 1901. $7,500 00 5,000 00 2,500 00 2,000 00 2,400 00

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