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Second Annual Report




New York State Hospital for the Treatment of

Incipient Pulmonary Tuberculosis, to

the State Board of Charities.


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To the Honorable the State Board of Charities of the State of New

York: The report of last year gave to your honorable body a statement of what had been done in connection with the State Hospital for Tuberculosis up to January 1, 1901.

In April, 1901, by chapter 691 of the Laws of that year, the sum of $100,000 was appropriated with the following provisions:

Section 4. No expenditures shall be made from appropriations under this act or from appropriations under chapter four hundred and sixteen of the laws of nineteen hundred until a determination of the proper location and site for suitable buildings has been made or approved by a commission composed of the governor, the president pro tempore of the senate and the speaker of the assembly, and their decision and the reasons therefor in writing filed with the comptroller.

During the summer the Commission appointed by the above act visited and examined various sites in the Adirondacks, including Lake Clear, Ray Brook, Dannemora and White Lake. The Commission then conferred with your Board and requested it to make a visit to White Lake. At the request of the Commission, the Board had previously presented to it in writing the reasons of its individual members for the selection of Ray


Finally, in December, 1901, the Commission approved as a site for the State Hospital, Ray Brook, already selected by this Board of Trustees, and filed a letter stating such reasons for

its approval.

The contracts for the purchase of the property have been prepared, and it is hoped that the land will soon be acquired. Out of the $50,000 appropriated at the session of 1900, $40,000

will be available for the construction of the hospital after pay. ment of the purchase money for the site and of contingent expenses. The Board respectfully asks that this sum be reappropriated by this Legislature. The sum of $140,000 is therefore applicable to the construction of the hospital. Of this, from $10,000 to $20,000 will be necessary for the furnishing and equipment of it. We have therefore the sum of $120,000 to $130,000 for all purposes. This is probably not sufficient to enable us to build with brick, but we can build a frame or brick


It is the earnest hope of the Board of Trustees that the work of the hospital buildings can be begun this spring and pushed through as rapidly as possible to a termination. All of which is respectfully submitted to your honorable body.


Secretary December, 1901.

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