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Report of Dentist.

Mr. MORRIS, N. Y., September 30, 1901. To the Medical Superintendent of Craig Colony:

I have the honor to report to you my professional attendance upon the patients at Craig Colony as dentist for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1901.

Permit me to state that I have had this year, as during tbe preceding years, the valued co-operation of yourself and staff, which has been of great value to me in the prosecution of my work.

I have made during the past year one thousand and seventeen treatments, classified and described as follows: Males treated ...,

795 Females treated


[blocks in formation]

1,017 All of which is respectfully submitted.




The Colony is greatly indebted to the following for donations noted:

The Pennsylvania Railroad Company, through the courtesy of Mr. G. W. Creighton, General Superintendent, for the use of an excursion car for fifty persons to Portage. Mrs. Elizabeth Warren

$2 00 John Belknap

5 00 Mrs. A. T. Speight

5 00 Carl Forndran

2 00 Geo. M. Bennett

10 00 Dr. and Mrs. Peterson and Madame Berg

20 00 Chas. A. Macy

25 00 Geo. M. Wirt

5 00 J.S. Haselton

60 50 Mrs. John Seder

5 00 Mrs. C. Brown

1 00 Mrs. Gottlieb

1 00 Hugo and Mrs. Emma Generlick....

5 00 Mrs. Minnie Biele...

2 00 J. Eisenberg

5 00 W. R. Brown.

4 00 John Gutman

1 00 Mrs. Robert Ross...

5 00 Theodore R. H. Hanne..

5 00 Francis M. Jones...

1 00 D. Szasz

10 00 Charles P. Olsson...

2 00 Mrs. E. Meehan

1 00 Joseph Bader

2 00 Mrs. John Miller .

1 00

$10 00

2 00

1 00

Mrs. M. Applebone..
Mrs. Broseman
Mrs. Fred Baumgarten.
Charles L. Adrian..
Rev. D. M. Wilson
Leo P. Frohe...
Mrs. Elvirah D. Winchell.
Mrs. Michael J. Kerwin.
Miss Emily Bell ...
Matthew Reilly ..
A. Meyer ...

20 00

3 00 15 00 2 00 1 00 10 00

3 00 10 00

Dr. W. Scott Hicks, reading matter.
C. L. Newton, papers and magazines.
Miss Julia F. Beebe, reading matter.
C. L. Carhart, magazines, papers, etc.
Seigel-Cooper Co., games, toys, etc.
Moulson Soap Works, pictures.
Leroy History of Art Club, papers.
Mrs. Anna Hardick, books.
William Pape, books.
G. D. Keeney, books, magazines, etc.
The College Settlement, New York city, toys, games and books.
F. M. Howard, one year's number Youth's Companion.
A. O. Bunnell and others, books, magazines, etc.
Levi Ellis, toys.

Montgomery County Committee State Charities Aid Association, reading matter.

Mrs. Ira Patchin, reading matter.
Mrs. E. C. Brocklebank, reading matter.
Miss Jennie B. Fillmore, reading matter.

Pittsford Women's Christian Temperance Union, papers and magazines.

Miss Jessie Gillender, books.
Mrs. Ellen H. Lovejoy, magazines and papers.
Mrs. J. P. Winters, reading matter.

Mrs. John Seder, box clothing.
Charles De Hart Brower, books.
Mrs. Ezra Clark, magazines.
Magazine Dispensary All Souls Church, Chicago, magazines.
Brooklyn Public Library, magazines.
Mrs. Harriet Morgan Pratt, magazines.
Mrs. E. Hook, chair and game board.
Mrs. Ludwig Larson, toys.
Dr. M. Bresler, books.

Junior Endeavor Society, Batavia, by Miss Jennie B. Fillmore, literature.

Mr. K. D. Lindsay, reading matter.
Emil V. Kohnstamm, magazines.
Murray Dunham, magazines.
Mrs. J. W. Swanton, three pieces furniture.
We are much indebted for copies of the following papers:
Caledonia Advertiser, Caledonia, N. Y.
Castilian, Castile, N. Y.
Christian Advocate, New York city.
Dalton Enterprise, Dalton, N. Y.
Dansville Advertiser, Dansville, N. Y.
Dansville Breeze, Dansville, N. Y.
Gazette and Independent, Ovid, N. Y.
Hammondsport Herald, Hammondsport, N. Y.
Holley Standard, Holley, N. Y.
Ithaca Democrat, Ithaca, N. Y.
LeRoy Gazette, Le Roy, N. Y.
Livingston Democrat, Geneseo, N. Y.
Livingston Republican, Geneseo, N. Y.
Livonia Gazette, Livonia, N. Y.
Mt. Morris Enterprise, Mt. Morris, N. Y.
Mt. Morris Union, Mt. Morris, N. Y.
Oakfield Reporter, Oakfield, N. Y.
Oakland Standard, Oakland, N. Y.
Oneida Despatch, Oneida, N. Y.
Ontario County Times, Canandaigua, N. Y.

Ovid Independent, Ovid, N. Y.
Penn Yan Express, Penn Yan, N. Y.
Rochester Herald (daily), Rochester, N. Y.
Rochester Post-Express (daily), Rochester, N. Y.
Rochester Post-Express (weekly), Rochester, N. Y.
Rochester Union and Advertiser (daily), Rochester, N. Y.
Rochester Union and Advertiser (weekly), Rochester, N. Y.
Rochester Presbytery News, Rochester, N. Y.
Union Springs Advertiser, Union Springs, N. Y.
Watkins Express, Watkins, N. Y.
Yates County Chronicle, Penn Yan, N. Y.

We have received a number of other donations, but not knowing from whom they came, we have to thank the donors collectively, which we take pleasure in doing.

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