Reports of Decisions of the Public Service Commission, First District of the State of New York

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New York State Public Service Commission, First District, 1917

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Halaman 79 - A gas corporation or electrical corporation organized or existing, or hereafter incorporated, under or by virtue of the laws of the state of New York, may issue stocks, bonds, notes or other evidence of indebtedness payable at periods of more than twelve months after the date thereof...
Halaman 13 - The final judgment in any such action or proceeding shall either dismiss the action or proceeding or direct that a writ of mandamus or an injunction or both issue as prayed for in the petition or in such modified or other form as the court may determine will afford appropriate relief.
Halaman 350 - That he is the petitioner herein; that he has read the foregoing petition and knows the contents thereof, and' that the same is true of his own knowledge, except as to the matters therein stated to be alleged on information and belief, and as to those matters he believes it to be true.
Halaman 80 - ... proceeds thereof are to be applied, and that, in the opinion of the commission, the money, property or labor to be procured or paid for by such issue is reasonably required for the purpose or purposes specified in the order, and that, except as otherwise permitted in the order in the case of bonds, notes or other evidences of indebtedness, such purpose or purposes are not, in whole or in part, reasonably chargeable to operating expenses or to income.
Halaman 13 - If there was such proof, whether there was, upon all the evidence, such a preponderance of proof, against the existence of any of those facts, that the verdict of a jury, affirming the existence thereof, rendered in an action in the supreme court, triable by a jury, would be set aside by the court, as against the weight of evidence.
Halaman 79 - ... provided and not otherwise that there shall have been secured from the proper commission an order authorizing such issue, and the amount thereof and stating that, in the opinion of the commission, the use of the capital to be secured by the issue of such stock, bonds, notes or other evidence of indebtedness is reasonably required for the said purposes of the corporation...
Halaman 30 - ... granted, continue in force until otherwise ordered by the Commission, and that within ten days after service upon it of a copy of this order the said Manhattan Railway Company notify the Commission whether the terms of this order are accepted and will be obeyed.
Halaman 185 - ... are unjust, unreasonable, unjustly discriminatory or unduly preferential, or in anywise in violation of any provision of law...
Halaman 184 - In determining the price to be charged for gas or electricity the commission may consider all facts which in its judgment have any bearing upon a proper determination of the question, although not set forth in the complaint and not within the allegations contained therein, with due regard among other things to a reasonable average return upon capital actually expended and to the necessity of making reservations out of Income for surplus and contingencies.
Halaman 95 - A corporation formed by the reincorporation, reorganization or consolidation of other corporations or upon the sale of the property or franchises of a corporation, may have the same name as the corporation or one of the corporations to whose franchises it has succeeded. No corporation shall be hereafter organized under the laws of this state, with the word trust...

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