The New Zealand Law Reports, Volume 18

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New Zealand Council of Law Reporting, 1900
Digest for 1903-1907 contains "Index of cases reported in the Gazette law reports and not reported in the New Zealand law reports."

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Halaman 846 - And be it further enacted, that every will shall be construed, with reference to the real estate and personal estate comprised in it, to speak and take effect as if it had been executed immediately before the death of the testator, unless a contrary intention shall appear by the will.
Halaman 534 - There must be reasonable evidence of negligence; but where the thing is shown to be under the management of the defendant or his servants, and the accident is such as in the ordinary course of things does not happen if those who have the management use proper care, it affords reasonable evidence, in the absence of explanation by the defendant, that the accident arose from want of care.
Halaman 874 - The hours of employment, sex, age, qualification or status of workers, and the mode, terms, and conditions of employment; (c) The employment of children or young persons, or of any person or persons or class of persons in any industry, or the dismissal of or refusal to employ any particular person or persons or class of persons therein; (d) Any established custom or usage of any industry, either generally or in the particular district affected; (e) Any claim arising under an industrial agreement:...
Halaman 390 - Plaintiff, being of opinion that they had no power to direct a new trial on the ground of the verdict being against the weight of evidence...
Halaman 219 - It is added, however, that this mode of construction will yield to a very faint glimpse of a different intention in the context.
Halaman 189 - But it is in this sense, and in this sense only, as I conceive, that the question of unreasonableness can properly be regarded.
Halaman 310 - No Court ought to enforce an illegal contract or allow itself to be made the instrument of enforcing obligations alleged to arise out of a contract or transaction which is illegal, if the illegality is duly brought to the notice of the Court, and if the person invoking the aid of the Court is himself implicated in the illegality.
Halaman 783 - I conceive, be thus put : ought this inconvenience to be considered in fact as more than fanciful, more than one of mere delicacy or fastidiousness, as an inconvenience, materially interfering with the ordinary comfort physically of human existence, not merely according to elegant or dainty modes and habits of living, but according to plain, and sober, and simple notions among the English people?
Halaman 544 - Reason and justice seem to prescribe that, at least as a general rule, where a man by gift or purchase acquires property from another, with knowledge of a previous contract lawfully and for...
Halaman 448 - Curiam, that there was evidence from which the jury were justified in finding that there was an agreement or understanding between the plaintiff and M.

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