Gathered Before God: Worship-centered Church Renewal

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Westminster John Knox Press, 1 Jan 2004 - 192 halaman

What is the central purpose of the church today? How can churches experience renewal through worship? In Gathered before God, Jane Rogers Vann answers these important questions by studying ten vibrant small, medium, and large churches. Her findings, she argues, show that worship is the most important thing churches do and is vital to the renewal of congregational life. Vann explores how these congregations changed into worship-centered churches and how their experiences can help other churches do the same. Gathered before God offers resources for pastors, worship leaders, and Christian educators to reflect on their worship, leading to an openness to change and processes to help church leaders support each other during the periods of reform and renewal. Moving beyond the "contemporary versus traditional debate," Gathered before God is an earnest call for us all to reclaim worship as a central act of our life together as Christians that expresses clearly what the church believes about God, itself, and the world.


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Worship at the Center of Congregational Life
Experiential Learning in Congregational Life
How Congregations Worship
Prayer and Spiritual Disciplines
Study and Instruction
Ministry and Mission
Leadership in WorshipCentered Congregational Life
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Jane Rogers Vann is Professor of Christian Education at Union Theological Seminary & Presbyterian School of Christian Education in Richmond, Virginia.

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