The Passionate Teacher: A Practical Guide

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Beacon Press, 20 Okt 2015 - 328 halaman
An inspiring handbook, enthusiastically embraced by teachers; with a new chapter

Every teacher can be a passionate teacher-one who engages young people in the excitement of learning and ideas-if teaching is not undermined by the ways we "do business" in schools. The Passionate Teacher draws on voices, stories, and successes of teachers in urban, suburban, and rural classrooms to help you become, and remain, a passionate teacher despite the obstacles. This edition includes a new chapter for teachers beginning their careers

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Interesting to read this along with Doug Lemov's techniques. The latter is oriented toward practicality, whereas this is about love of learning for its own sake. I kept reading techniques from Lemov ... Baca ulasan lengkap

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The Art of Engaging Young Minds
The Passion
Passionate Teaching
The Context of Passion
A Passion for Content
Designing a Unit
The Game
The Greatest Obstacle We Face
Discovering a Stance
How a Stance Evolves
Putting Your Stance into Practice
Some Thoughts About Classroom Discipline
The Student
A Passion for Excellence
The Practice of Excellence
What Is My Kid Actually Learning?

Opening Up the Dialogue
More Ways to Change the Game of School
The Stance
The Course
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Robert Fried is author of The Passionate Learner and associate professor of education at Northeastern University. He works with teachers in schools around the country, and lives in Concord, New Hampshire.

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