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for ever in the Kingdom of Heaven? a 2. They shall move with great agility and nimblea ineffe. We shall not be clogg'd as now, but shell be able ( as the Learned think) to move upwards and downwards.freely, like a bird in the aire.

3. Or Lastly, Our bodies after thereforreo tion may be termed spiritual, because chey will chen be more fitted and disposed for piritual uses for che enjoyments and employments of Graces.

4. Our bodies shall be made powerful. They are fown in weakneß, but shall wife in power. The power and Arength that glorified bodies shall have, will be wonderful. In this life the eye is džina zeled at the brightnesse of the Sun; but then ic shall be strengthened to behold glorious fights', and not be dazeled at them. The body shall be enabled and strengthened by God, co bear chac exceeding and eternal weight of Glorġ chat (hall be allotted to it.

Unto all these glorious perfections, and endowments, we may add this one more, the great priviledge and happineß we shall have to be hild with our bodily eyes our blessed Saviour as man.

Thac. we shall fee our Redeemer with these eyes, Fob plainly testifies, Fob 19:25. For I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that he shall fand at the later day upon the earth.V.26. And thongh after my skin, worms destroy this body, get in my fejla hal i sie God. V.27.whom I shall see for myself and mine


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eyes shall behold, and not another , Bec, And that this fighre will add much to our happinesse, we need not doubt. The fight of Chrift us mar is the Mapalany in his pet object (as one faith well

, te Serm u Du Bol the beatifical Vision. For che fultons Funeral

neffe of the God head dwells in him.bodilyo and doch is it were radiate threszbbis bpely, Hence therei mast needs arise mach joj se the bekaldera bort from the eminency of, and our in terest in this objekta Christ in Glory, and Chrif in Glory aursong

as much of the Creator, ss is posfibby visible in the Natwir of min, will be to be lees in Chriftou As much contentation to the Creature can be made partiaker of , by the fighs of any visible object, will be the portion of the beholders of Christus he is man... See Mr. Nortons orthodox Evangelij, det !!!!

So much for che blesedness af the Body. cull The, Saints in Hearios yhall be blerjess their souls. Let us enquire wherein this blef¢dnesse consists 2. Orth. The under flawding being enlarg‘d and widenedball have a righe knowledges a clear fight and vision of Goder Nebo be see through wstaje darkly, 1 Cor.131.13., but then face to face, now se know but in part, but then be shall know even as age temown; "our kabyledge of God now is very imperfectbac'hen we lball fer hire as he is, 1 John 3.2. 2. The will shall be perfonted

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indefective holineffe, with exact conformity to the will of God, and perfe£freedom from all fervitude to fin.

3. The affections thaill be fet rightily an amaltea rable regularity. There shall be a constant clear ving of 'heart to God, a conftant loving of him, without satiety or wearinesse. Jarrings afide to the creature ; but in Heaven chere will be an eternal-Yixed delight and compla

4. The Soul will enjoy a full, immediate, unina terrupted communion with God, and fruition of him. Whilst we are here at home in the body 1 we are abfent from the Lord, faies the Apostle, 2 Corisió. Here our comförts come in by the ministry of Ordinandes, bar there God will be all in all to us immediatly, 1 Cor. 15:28. SIIT. The Saints in Heaven shall be blessed in

their companija i Oh what blessed compang is I there in the new Ferusalem! There is God, and

Christian and Angels, and Saints. How will
God the Parker welcome to Well done good
and fads hfui
fervants, enter into your Masters

How will our Redeemer welcome'us How
joyfel will he be to receive us, who shed his blood
to bring us thither ? How will the Holy And
gels welcome as? They delighe in the good of
men. When man was created, thole More
ning Stars fing together, and those Sons of God
thonted for joy, fob 38.7. When Chrift came to


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God, Luke 3. 13. When man is converted; there is joy in Heaven among those blessed Spie rics, Luke 15.10. How much morerejoycing will there be when we come to be glorified? Lastly, How will the bleffed Saints welcome us? Oor old acquaintance, with whom we have prayed, fuffered, familiarly conversed. Memory is not Ms. Mänion in his abolished in Heaven (as one ob

Mrs. serves ) but perfe&ted. ThereBlackwels Funeral. fore those whom we knew here, we'fhall know again. A Minifter thall see bis Crown, and che fruic of his labours, 1 Thef

, 2.19. Those that have been relieved by us, Thall welcome us inco Heaven, who therefore se said (according to fome Interpreters ) tort ceive us into everlasting habitasions, Luke 16.9. Yea, we shall know those whom we never (29. Why else is it made a part of our priviledao fil down with Abraham, Ifaac, and Facob Mar. 8.11., Inghe cransfiguracion, Peter kneve Mo ses and Elias, dead many hundred years before. So fhall we ( as 'cis more than probable ) know one anorber. what bletled company hull we converse with in the Cicy chac. is * bove.

IV. And Lastly, The Saints in Heaven fall be blessedinthis, They shall have the perpetual en jayment of all this bleßodneffe fecured to them, wilhout any fear of everlafing it, or being de


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prived of it. The Saints Thill never put off their glorious robes, after they have once put them on. Their state is a fure eternal state of actual delights. Though there be several degrees of glory in Heaven, yet he that enjoyes the least degree, is fully facisfied with what he enjoyes. He desires not one degree of Glory above whac he pofsesses.

What now remaines, but thac we prejse this dety upon our selves, frequently to meditate on this cæleftial Glory. Many great benefics will accrue to us thereby.

1. This will abste our thirst after earthly things. One houres feriores musing on the glory that is bove, would cause the soul to be as a weaned hild co the glory that is here below.

2. It will make sufferings lighe, Rom.8.18. For I reckon ( faies the Apostle ) that the sufferings of this present time, are not worthy to be comured, with the Glory which shall be revealed nus.

3. It will make us serious in Duties. It will nake us pray earnestly, hear attentively, walk ircumspectly. Serious thoughts of Heaven will wake us shake off laziness, and Noth, and with ervency of spirit to serve the Lord.

4. It will stirre us up to an earnest desire of hat righteousnesse to which such a Glory apperaines, and to a careful and constant performance of those commands to which such a reward is so

TC graciously

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