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them at the last day, and at their refurrection , they fhall be changed, as to their qualities, though their substance shall not be alcered. The Ancient Christians when chey rehearsed that Artick of the "Creed, 1 believe the resurrection of the flesbe

, were wont to adde, even of this my flesh: 'Tis necessary the same flesha fhould be raised again. For it cannot stand with Gods justice, that oxe body fhould fin; and another body be damned. That he chat finned in one body, Mould be punished in another, or he that pleased God in bis own flesh, Thould see God with other eyes. 'Tis also contraging to the very nature of the refurrection ; for a resurrection is when the fame body that dieth, riseth again. Otherwise it is rather a nen Creation than a resurrection. As therefore the body of Christ after his resurrection was the same for * stance, though much more excellent and glorious, fo shall the bodies of the Saints be at their resorection. If any fhall ask how a refurrections poffible? I answer, to Angels or men this is im pofsible, but to an all-knowing God, whose weil dom is infinite, and to an almighty God, whole power is illimited, this is very poffible. It fhall be done according to the mighty working, where he is able to fubdue all things unto himself; As the A postle speaks,Phil.3.21 He by whom the

very haires of our heads, and the fands of the sea are si wuwbred knoweth all the scattered bones, knowech What duft belonged to each body. And as his

all-feeing ege'observech every particle of dissolved and corrupted man; so doch he also see and knom

all waies and meanes by which those scattered E parts should be snited 3 by which this ruin'dfan i brick fhould be re-compofd. Though the parts bit of the body of man be disolved, yet they perish I not. They are laid up in the secret places, and He lodged in the Chambers of Nacure, and 'tis no a more a contradiction, chat they fhould become d the parts of the same body of man again, to which , they did once belong; chán chat after his death, 1 they should become the parts of any other body,

as we see they do. : And moreover we see by si experience that our most curious glasses are made

by art, even of Ashes, Cannot chen the all knowing and Omniscient God, raise mens bodies out of Afhes? 'Tis as easie for God co distinguish between duft and duft, and to give to every man his own duft, as it is for a Gardiner chat häch divers seeds in his hand to fever them, and know them one from another. A skiltal Alchimist can, extract one metal from another ; much more can God Almighty distinguish and separate one duft from another. As ic was therefore only an Omnipotent power, which could mould the first dust, of which man was made, into an humane body, and breathinto the nostrils of it the breath of life, fo the same power can still make of the dust, returning from the bodies of men anto the earth, bumabe bones and flesh. For the Apostle cels.

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us in the place before mentioned, that he is able to fubdue all things unto himself. And further the Scripture tels us, that Ghrift by verine of the deminion he obcain'd at his refurre&tion, moftreign till he hath puf all his enemies under his feet; and the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. Now there is no deftruction of death, but by a general refurrection, Christ is the Lord of the dead, and fo bach a right by that dominion to raise chem all to life I Cor. 15. 22. For as in idam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. I thall conclude this with those 'ewo famous places, Fohn 5.28. Marvel not at this, for the hom is coming; in the which all that are in the graves fball hear his voice, V.29. And shall corse fortb, ibeg that have done good, unto the refwrection of life, and they that have done evil, unto sbe resurrection of damnation. Afts 24.15.' And have hope towards God, which they themselves, also allos, that there shall be a refurrection of the dead, bots of the just, and the unjust. 6: Well then, seeing there will be a Resurreetion,

Here pofsibly fome will enquire, what is 483 formations and changes Chrift will make in the bodies of the Saints at the laft day?

I answer, That day being cobe as it were the marriage day between Chrift and his Saints, he will endow their bodies with glorious qualities, as well as their fönls : For he assumed their bodies

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as well as their soulss Jøffered in body as well as

in foals died for their bodies as well as for their Souls; and therefore will glorific their bodies as well as their samlse: But to speak more partion larly; the Apostle te's us what kind of change this will be, I Car, 15.41. There is one Glory of the Sun, and another of the Moon, and another Glory of she Stars, for one Star differerb from ano, ther Star in Glory. V.42. So alfa is the refurt re&tion of the dead; it is sowne in corruption, it is raised in incorruption. V:43. It is fowne in disho

it is raised in glory: It is sowne in weakness, it is raised in paper. V.44. It is famnera natural body it is raised a spiritual body.

Our bodies shal be made incorruptible. They are (own in corruption, but fbill be raised in incorridp. tion. They now yield to the decaies of nature, and are exercised with paires and aches; but hereafter they shall be clothed with immortality, made wholly impasiblea What a comfort múft ic needs be to the Saints, to think that there is a time coming when they fhall have a body with out aches, paines, and without decaies, chat shall be alwaies in the spring of youth. The refura rection is the Saints beft Physician.

2. Qur bodies shall be made glorious bodies. They are sown in dishonour, but Thall be raised in glory. All deformities, and defécts ( which are the fruics of fin). Hall be removed. As the body of uddansinjonocancy , was lovely and beautiful, compleat in all its parts, so hall ons be at the resurrection : The righteous shal shine as the Sun in the Kingdom of their Father, Mat.13

. 43. If Moses's face by conversing with God but fourty daies did shine so exceedingly that they were glad to pur a vail upon it ; how gloria ons shall our bodies be, when we shall be cover with the Lord? Christ in the Mount when he was transfigured, Mac.17, 2. His face did fine as the Sun, and his raiment was white m (non. Per ter, Fames and Fohs were not able to bear the sight of the glory there manifested , and

yet this was but a glimpse of that glory he hack now in Heaven. By this you may guesse a little at the glory of the body; when it is likened to Christs glorious body. If we would have our bodies eternally beautiful, lec as labour to be truly gracious here.

3. Our bodies shall be made spiritual bodie: They are fown natural bodies, but shall be raised firitual bodies. When we come into the etber world, that world of Spirits, even our bodies bal be spiritual ; got piritual for substance, but for qualities.

i. They shall have no need of meat, drinks jeep , &c. but Thall be as the Angels of God, Mal.22.30, If Moses upon the Mount, in che State of mortality, was upheld by the power of God fourty daies, without meat, and without feep; how much more thall we be so upheld


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