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, but now he is icons forried and ihou art formented.

V.27. Then be said I pray thee therefore Father)
: "'t bát thom would't send him to my Fathers
V.28. For I have five. Brethren, that he man

testifie unto themes, left they also come unto thia

place of formente Matth.16.26. For what s # man profited, if he

jhal gain the whole world, and lose his souls or what Mall dwan-give in exchange for hours foul.

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ü of Heaven,

(... We have seen what will be the state of the damned. We come now to speak of the blefede nieß of those that doe in the Lord,1, c. in the ftvour of God, in a state of peace with him, being members of Chits myftical-body. When they die, their souls are carried by Angels to Christ, Ad by him 'prefented to God the Father, as the Fit of his purchase. So that they are presently lefled apon the departure of the soul out of the ody; bà Thall be more blessed as the general esurrection, when soul and body being reunia ed, the Fudge thall fet thein at his right hand, hd pronounce upon them this graciones tentence, ome ye blessed of my Father, inherit the Kingdom

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prepared for you, from the foundation of the world,

Matth.25.34. Which done, they shall go away into life eternal, as it is , v.46.

The Glory and Blessednesse of this flate, we come now to enquire inco, and there are two things wherein ic consists.

1, In a total removal of all evils.

2. In a confluence of all good, necellary to sbe kappinesse of the Creature.

First, All evils are removed. There are three great evils we labour under here.

1. The evil of fin. :. Of temptation.

3. Of affliction. None of which shall croable the Saints in Heaven.

1. The evil of fin is there removed. Sixis the great evil the chi/drea of God complaisos wich so much fadnelle in this world, Here ike Spirit lufteth against the flesh, and be fefh agaré ihe Spirit ; but in Heaven chere shall be no fanta Lufts to war againff the soul. Paul Thall not there complain of a law in his members rebelling again the law of his mind : Nor cry out, ob milersh man that I am who shall deliver me from the bog of this death, Rom.7. There Thill be no blindre in the mind, perverserelle in the will, disorder is the affections, no concupiscence in the members, no rebellion in the flesh, the old Adam is left: the grave, never sorile more. The dominies o sia che Saints are delivered from in this life, bu:


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there the very being of it is removed.' Grace ni weakens fin, Glory quite abolifheth it. Into Hea

ven nothing enters that defiles. There we shall be S onder an happy impossibility of offending

2. The evil of temptation. The world is a place of snares, a valley of temptations, the devils circuit. What abundance of temptations are we assaulted with here continually, eicher 1 from the Devil, the world, or our own corrupt Natures? In Paradise there was a tempter, buc there is none in Heaven. No Serpent can creep in there. Here we had need prag continually, Lord lead us not into temptation : There we shall be fully delivered from it.

3. The evil of affli&tion. In Heaven, there is an absolute freedom from all misery, pain, las bour, want, or whatever else mighe afflictus.

All forrow shall be done away, as well as all sir. Sorrow is the fruit of sin, and when the morber is dead, no more offspring can be expected. Whatsoever is painful, and burdexfom to Nature is a fruit of fin, and a brand, and mark of our rebellion against God. Here we are subje& to a namber of neceffities, hunger, thirst, cold, wants of several forts. In Heaven the children of God Thall enjoy perfect freedom from whacloever is troublesom. Grief fear, temptation, fickwesse, pain of body, ang wish of mind,' shall be heard of no more for ever. When the saints are once


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pall death, they are put the fear of all milery.! When their bodies are once lape up in their mind ing:beets, they are past all tribalation. Herven is a happy ayré, where none are sick. There is no such thing as agues, feavers, gouts

, or ube grinding paines of the store. There is nothing to discompose the mind, or affict the body. The Saints Hill there be freed from the necessities of Natare, such as eating, drinking, Deeping

, &c. Meat is far the belly, and the belly far mear

, but God hall destroy both it and them, 1 Cor.6. 2. The use of mears, and of the stomack and belly is there abolished. Here we are almost continually in want of fomething or other, but there we shall be above meat and drink and apparrel, &c. Here we have a mixture of plealues and forreres; (boch gad and evil are co be received from the hand of God in this life) but there is fulnel: joy for evermore. I Dall conclude this, with the comfortable place, Rev. 21,4., And God lui wipe away all tears from their

eges, & ibere bilde no more death, neither forrow, por crying, neizber jual zbere be any more pain; for ihe former thing de passed away.

Secondly, A Second ibing wberein the blefus. mes of Heaven consists, is, in a confluence of a good receßary to the bappines of the Creatore

, Tza Saints in Heaver will be blested,

1. In their bodies.
2. In their foules.

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38. In their Company, 4. In an abfolute Security of enjoying all this blessedneß for ever, without any fear of losing it, E on being deprived of it. 1. I. They will be blessed in their bodies. The bee:

dies even of the best of the Saints are for the pres sent vile bodies, instruments of fin, and subjects

of diseases; but the Lord Fofus Chrift fhall at the

day of judgment raise these vile bodies, and change thens into the likenelle of his own glorious body, Phil.9.20, 41. The bodies of the Saints are

the members of Chrift, and no member of his -Thall remain in death. They are the Temples of the holy Ghoft; and therefore if chey be destroy do chey shall be raised again. For if the Spiria of him obat raised sap Felws from the dead, dwelk in us ( as he dochia the Saints, and by fo dwelling makes their bodies Temples ) he that raised up Chrift from ebe dead, shah alfo quicken our mortali bodies by his Spirit that dwellethinn, Rom.8.11. The Holy Ghost will not forsake bis manfion and ancient habitation. Therefore he raisethit up a and formeih it again inco a compleaf fashion like Chrifts: glorious body. Thesbodies of the Saints when dead, and separated from their souls, are not separated from Christ, as we lhewed before: And therefore are said to be dead in Chriftz to steep in Fefus, as 'tis, 1 Thef.4:14. While dead, they are united to Chrift, and by vencue. of this Union, Christ is their Hend, will raise


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