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See Mr. Mantan's excel.

are dnce caff into the fire prepared for the Devil and his Angels, shall ever enter into their Masters jer. As the tree falleth, so it lieth. There is no change to be wrought in man withinthose is flames no purgation of his fins, no faretificali

on of his Nature, no justification of his person, and cherefore no salvation for him. Without che mediation of Christ, no man fhill ever enter inco Heaven: And when he hath delivered up

the Kingdorne unto God, even the Father, then

Thailche office of ibe Mediator cease. The condi-
tion then of the damned is unalterable; their cona
demnation irreversible, their torments remediles,
their miferies eternal.
The Reasons hereof Int Comment on Jude,
are conceived by. Die P.430.
vines to be these,

1. Because of the great resfe of the Majesty against whom they have sinned. We are finite creatures, and so not fic to judge of the nature of an offence against an infinite God. The Law-giver best

knowes the merit of fin, which is the transgresfion of his law.

2. With man offences of a quick execution, are judged to deserve a long punishment ; and the cosa tinuance of the penalty is not measured by the continuance of the Aet of sinning; therefore no won.. der if it be so with God.

3. The damned sinned here as long as they sould; if they had to eternity been allowed to

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live, they would have improved it altogether in fin. They would have dallied with God longer, grieved his Spirit longer, had they lived longer; yea dispositively and in respect of their inclinacions', did so. In Hell the desire of Jinning is not extinguished, nor mortified. The damned bave not their hearts there changed.

4. They despised ars eternal happineffe, therefore do justly fuffer an eternal torment.

5. Their obligations to God are infinite, and their punishment ariseth according to the greatnese of their obligations against which they fin'. As the damned therefore shall not be taken from cheir punishment by annihilation,or destruction of their perfons ; fo their punishment shall not be taken of from them, by any compassion (hewed unto chem.

III. We come to consider the dreadfulnele of the infernal torments. Hell is set forth unio us in the Scriprures under sandry dreadful notion, viz. By the worm that never dieth, and the fire that never goeth out, by a lake of fire and brimften, by outer darkneß, and blackness of darknesse for ever. That which is most intelligible concerning the wofal state of che damned, I conceive may be reduced to these four Heads.

1. They shall be tormented with the pain of lose, in being for ever banished from the presence of God and the joyes of Heaven, 2 Tbel.:. 9. Being punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from ebe glory

of his power.

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2. With the pain of Jerse, inficted on them by the wrath of God, which abideth on them, re presented co us by a lake of fire. In this life, if his anger be but kindled a little, and a spark of it Ay into the Conscience, the poor creature is at his wics end. But how dreadful will their portion be against whom he stirreth op his fierce wrath Who knowes the power of his anger ? Ps.90.11. We chat cannot endure the gripes of tbe Cholick, the paines of the stone, or a violent tooth-ach; how can we think of enduring the paines and tor. ments of Hell :

3. They shall be tormented with the worms of Conscience, that is, with a cutting reflexion upon,

and remembrance of their former enjoyments, and by-past pleasures, Luke 16.25. Son rememe ber thou in thy life time badst thy good things; or when Conssience shall repeat over the paßages of cheir lives past, and set before them their precious time wasted and inspent, opportunities of Grace heighted, the foly of ibeir own choice, their turning their backs upon eternal life offered in the Gospel; their grosse neglect of their souls; their iager pursuis of fenfual satisfactions, their disregarding admonitions, fifing convictions, quenching the mations of the Spirit of God, bating to be reformed; O these will be fad ( wofal fad) remem brances. The scourges of Conscience we meet with here, are too great a price, for the short pleasure of a brutish luft: 0 then, what arti

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ging pain will such reflections as these cause bereafter? What will they do that are 10 mented day and night for ever and ever?

4. As they will have a sharp senfe and freling of their present woful state, and a bitter discontext and vexation that by their own folly they brought it upon themselves; so they will be tormented with despair of ever coming out of it. They wil see they muft continue for ever in this remedilej condition, under an everlasting pain of loß, because there is no hope of Heaven; under an etermal pain of sense, because there is no me anes to appease the wrath of God, which abideib on them, And this despair of ever coming out is the very Hell of Hells" o, wo and alas ! 'cis for ever, for ever they must be cormenced. Drexellius a lears ed Authour writing upon chis Argument , hach chis awakening passage; if God ( Saich be should speak thus to a damned foul, let the wobec world be filled with fand from the earth to the Es pyrean Heaver, and then let an Angel chase every thousand year, and fetch only one grais from that mighty Jardy mountain, and when the immeasurable heap is so spent, and so masoy ibsssand years expired, I will deliver thee cut of Hell, and i hose extream torments: That most miserable forlorn wretch, notwithstanding that he were tole through that unconceiveable length of time in the intollerable bellish forments, get upon such a pro mise would infinitely rejoyce, and deem himsel

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not to be damned. But alas! when all those years are gone, there are thousands upon thousands more to be endured , even throngh all Eternity.

O sad and woful condicion! 0 Eternity, Ecernity , Eternity! This word ever breaks the heart. O Lord, to depart from tbee for ever, to lose the fight and fruition of thy pleased courtenance, to be hurled down among devils and dam. ned fiends into a lake of fire and brimstone, to be alwaies burning, yet never consumed, ever'dying , yet never diffolv'd, almaies gnawed upon by the worm of Conscience, yet never devoured, alwaies gnashing the teeth, weeping , howling, vexing, without any glimpse of hope,or one drop of comfort: what heart can tbink on these things without splitling in pieces? O Lord, whatever thou deniet me for this life, whatever shall be my lot and portion here, yet deny me not ( i humbly beseech thee) the effectual assistance of thy Grace, to enable me to pork out my salvation, to enable me unfeignedly to. repent of all my fins, and forsake them, and to give up my soul to Christ Fefus for pardon and life; that by him I may be justified and sanctified, and saved from this dreadful wrath to come. Even fo let it be

Heavenly Father, for thy rich mercy (weet Saviours merits fake.

I shall conclude this discourse of Hell, wich a few serious meditations. Let us consider, 1. How great, how inexcufable is the folly and


and my

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