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the first , together with the Father and Holy Ghast. Christ as man hath the second, from the Father exprefly, from che Holy Ghost conce. mitantly. John 5.27. Al power is giver bin ia Heaven and eartbe, because he is tbe Son of man. The Fat ber therefore who is only God, and never cook upon him either the nature of men or Angels , judgeth no man, (and the same reafon reachech also to the Holy Ghost ) but barb committed all judgment to the Son. And the reason why he hach committed it unto him, is, because he is not only the Son of God, (and fo truly Ged) but also the son of man, and fo truly man. And because

1. He is the for of man, who fuffered fa much for the fans of man, He humbled himself, and be came obediens ta death, even the death of the Croh, wherefore God hark highly

exalted him, and gives bim a Name, which is above every Name : The at the Nanac of Fefus every knee should bom things in Heaven, do things in earth, do things under the earth. And that every tongue should cos feffe. that Fesus Christ is Lord, so the Glory of God the Father, Phil.2,8,9,10,11. So Ron 14. 11. For it is written, as I live faith the Lord, every knee shall bom to me, every tongue feall camfeßto God. Both which places have reference to 1f2.45.23. I have worn by my self, the word is gone out of my month in righteousneffe , ses shall not refwn, that usto me every knee ball bor.


So that this Prophesie receiveth not its full and fit nal accomplisment till the day of judgment. As Christ in his humane nature was unjustly judged, o in that nature fhall he juftly judge. At his fir# coming he was not a finner, but he came in the zarb of a finner , in the fimilitude of finful Alejh, Rom 8.3. But at the day of judgment he shall some as one discharged of that debt and burdex without fin. Heb. 9. 28. And as one bighly hos houred by God the Father.

2. Because God making a general judgment , will have a visible judge, which all they which hall be judged may see

. John 5.27. And hath riven him authority to execute judgment also, bem ause he is the son of man, and every eye shall see vim. God is invisible ; the son of mar there. ore will be Fudge, who will fo appear as to be een boch of those whom he fhill crown, and those vhom he shall condemn.

The Son of max therefore being represented

the Soripiures , as making the great decretory eparation between man and man; as an husbandpan separating che wheat sometimes from the

haffe, sometimes from the tares; as a fifherman athering the good fish, casting the bad away, as bridegroom receiving the wise, excluding the Foobia virgins; as a Master diftinguishing the serants of his Family, rewarding the faithful, puFishing che unprofitable ; as a Shepherd dividing is feep from the goats, placing one on the right


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God fest

hand, the other on the left: It will from there? follow, thac the fame Son of man (who is also the Son of God, God and man in the same person

) is appointed Fedge of the world. Of Chrilts first coming indeed ies said, Fohn 3.17. not his son into the world to condemn the world

, but that the world through him might be saved

. He came not chen as a Fudge, but as a Redeemer but his second coming will be co judge the quick and the dead. We have seen who shall be the Fudge

3. Ic followes in the nexe place, that we er-
guire into the nature and manner of this judga

And here we shall speak,
1. Of the preparations to it.
2. In whai manner it will be performed.

I. The preparations for the Fudg's approxid, the Scripture sets down in these two Partice Lars.

1. The Arch. Angels Trumpes, by which a the world shall be ! as it were ) fummoned 10 25 pear betore Christs Tribunal. i Thel. 4.16 Fir the Lord himself shall descend

from Heaven wit. fhout, with the voice of the Arch- Angel, and w: the Trump of God; and the dead in Chrifto rife forf. M21.24.31. And he shall send bis gels with a great found of a Trumpet, and they full gather together his Elect from she four winds, for one end of Heaven torbe other. At che giving

the Law, the voice of the Trumpet was exceed. ing loud; but what a terrible blast will this be? Such as shall be heard all the world over, startling the dead out of cheir graves, and summoning the whole world to come to judgment.

2. The sign of the Son of man. What that is we cannot certainly cel, till experience mani. felt it. loterpreters probably conjecture, it will be some mighty brighineffe , fome forerunning beams of Majesty and Glory which shall darken the great Luminaries of the world, and strike a terrony into the hearts of men.

11. Let us consider the nature and manner of this great judgment. The Scripture represencs ic tous, under a formal, judiciary processe, wherein,

1. The Fudge himself will appear. exceeding glorious, adornd wich Majesty, and cloached with unpakeable Luftre: He will come with power end great glory, Mat.24 30. Even the Glory of the Father, Mat. 16.27. The Glory of a thousand Suns made into one, will be nothing to chac wherein Christ shall appear in mans nacore a chat great day. The beams of his Glory Ihall da ule che eyes of sinners, and delight che eyes of Saints. When bis Glory shall be revealed, the Saints fo.14 be glad with exceeding joy, 1 Pet. 7.13

2. His attendance will be very glorious. The glorious Angels shall be Chrihs attendants ac


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that day. If ac the time of his nativity, tertation, paffion, refurrection, assention they readily gave him their attendance, how much more fhall chey do it at this great day? Mat.25. 31. 'Tis. said, the son of man fhad come in his Glory, and all the holy Angels with him. And: all the Angels must wait on Christ, the number will be exceeding great, and the train will be exceeding glorious. What Glory thall be in chat day when the servants of the judge thill be Angels of power,' every one stronger etian an caribly Army; Angels, whose countenances ar? like Lightning, and as much exceed in Glory the greatest Emperor in the world in his bright pomp, as the San doch a Clodof earth. O bor great , how illustrious will the plendour of this appearance be when the Judge coming is ile clouds fhall come thus accended ? 4.3. There will be a Throwe fet, a tribunal, judgment feat Ercited. Mar. 19:28. 'And Po Jaid unto thein, verily I say unto you, that ge which Have followed me in the regeneration, when the son of man fhuill fit in the Throne of his Glory, xe: Shall fit upon twelve Thrones, judging the imela Tribes of Israel. And that this Throne is a les not ohly of Majesty, buc judicature, may fe ther appear by Rom. 14. 10. But why dost ikes judge thy brother? or why doff thow let at need thy brother ? we shall all ft and before the judz 12* feas of Chrift. And 2 Cor.5.10. For we ma

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