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ments of it, hath been for many years confo ming and dying, will more easily parc with them, than he whose

love is stronger to them; As the Reverend Mr. Gurnal excellently expreffes it in his Christian Armour. We should consider, we are but pilgrirbs and strangers here : Heaves is the proper coustrey of holy

Souls. We should therefore be providing for our removal out of this strange countrey. We should pack sp, and send our best things aforehand, namely, our love, our hearts, our delights, our joyes, before we set out our selves for those Heavenly manfons.

Fifthly, Consider what great reasons chere are, chat those that are truly Godly should not much fear death. I confesse noching can sweeter death, and make it deforable co a Christian, but only an interest in Christ. Things that are ia their own nature four and sbarp, will ask much Sugar to make them sweet. Death is one of those things, that hath che most harsh, and satgrateful tast to a creatures pallat that may be. Believe it, a man cannot think ( with any comfort ) of purcing his head into anocher world, if he hath no fobid ground co hope Christ will oss him chere for his. Buc if he have, there are mar! reasons, why he should not dread death.

1. They chat are truly godly, shall die but once, i. e. a natural death only: The wicked die twice, not only a natural, but a spiritual deach. The natural death stands in che separation of the fou


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from the body. The spiritual, in the separation floul and body from Go, Rev.20 6. Blessed and

holy is he that hall part in the first resurrection, on fuch the second deatli hath no puwer. He chat is

born but once, (namely naturally ) shall die twice renaturally and firitwally: He that is born iwice, in d. e. besides his natural birth, hath been spiritsia

pályregenerated and born again, thill die but onces namely, anatdral death

2. Deach is not a destruction, ör annihilation sither of foul or body, but only an alteration and mhange of the condition of them both, and that

or che better to all chose thac have an interest in Chrift

. Such may say with Paul, Phil.1.21. o mie to live is Christ, to die is gain. For

Though death separate foul and body, yet it can párate neither of them from Christ. As in hrist's death, bis soul and body were separated

ch from other, yet neither of them from the bifond Person in the Trinity, in which both of Jemn did subsist at that time in the personal Uni.

so though when the Saints die," foul and bobe separated; yet after cbis séparacion, both main united to Christ in the mystical Unions cause cheir bodies as well as their souls are part the mystical body of Christ, who is the Head d Saviour of the whole person, consisting of jl and body. And when Christ who is their Thill appear, then fall they also appear with na in Glory, Col.3:3,4. We fec cheñ that


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though body and soul be sever'd each from aba at death, yet ( às to all those that' die in the Lord) meither of them are severed or disjoned from Chrift; bue che conjunction which is begun in this life, remaines for ever: Which must needs be macter of exceeding joy and comfort to them that by a lively Faith are united to his here. 2. The body, being resolved into duft, s freed from all licknesse, and pains, from all be miseries, troubles and calamities of this life. 3. 1 teafeth to be, either an active, or a passare inftren ment of fin; whereas in this life'iis both. Sin and the cemptations co it, are the great grievances and burdens of the servants of God which they groan to be delivered from. As therefore broughe death into our bodies, rodes carries fin out of them. 4. The bodies of in Saints shall be raised in a fur greater glory general resurrection, and be joyned again to the Jouls, to live an everlasting life of glory and be pinefse with them.

So that we may from hence conclude i beem will be no lofer by this change. Neicher 1 the fools for it will gain this threefold advists thereby,

1. It will change its place, axd be rema from a prison to 4 palace, from a Tabernak clay, 10 a Heavenly Mansion.,

2.. Its qualities. Here is infested with and unruly passions and affections of all :

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which are a great annoymenc toit: Buc there it shall be freed from all these, and made perfectly

3. Its company. It Jeaves the company of fin. ners, and gaines the company of Saints and Angels : Yea, shall have feltowship with the blessed Trinity, in whese presence there is fulreffe of joy, and at whose right hand there are pleafures for evermore, Psal. 16.11. Let all such therefore, as have an interest in Christ look upon death, not in the glass of the Law, but of the Gospel. Deathin the Law is a curfe, and a downt al to the pit of deftraction. In the Gospel it is an entrance into Heaven. Christ hath caken away the sting and mischief, and destructive power of death. He hach altered the property of it, and instead of being a door to Hell, haib made it a gate so bliffe and happineffe for all those that are his. Let the truly Godly and serious Christian cherefore, hot fix his mind so much on the pangs and torments of death, as upon the blesed estate, that is co be enjoyed after it, and so fortifie his heart azainst che fear of it. See the Reverend and Wurby Mr. Baxters considerations againft the fear of death, in the 4th Part of his Saints everlasting Reft, Chap. 2. Heb.9.27. It is appointed unto mer once to die,

but after this, the Fudgment. Job 30:23. For I know that thon wilt bring me to



death, and to the house appointed for all lix

ving Job 17 14. I have said to corruption, thou art my

Father, to the worm, thou art my mother and

my fifter. Jam.4.14.-For what is your life? it is even a

vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and

then vanisherb amay. Isa. 40. 6. The voice Jaid, cry, and he said,

what shall I cry? Al Aesh is grase, and all the goodlines thereof is as the flower of tbe field. V.7. The graß withereth, the flower fadetb;

because ibe Spirit of the Lord blowetb upon it :

Surely the people is graß. Psal.90.12. 'So teach us to number our daies, the

we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Pfal.39.4. Lord make me to know mine end, sod

the measure of my daies, what it is; that I ma knoto hovo frail I am. V : Behold thou haft made my daies as an had breadth, and mine age is as nothing before ther,

verily every man at bis best ftate, is altogethe Job 14.2. He cometh forth like a flower, ands

cut down; he fleeth alfo as a fhidoro, and costins

eth not, Pfal.146.4. His breath goeth forth, he reiwme

to his earth; in that very day his thoughts

rifh Job 9.25. My daies are swifter than a poft, sk

varily, Selah.

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