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"ly valuing of it, as we should; not sufficient“ ly admiring thac miracle of Divine bounty, "wherein the love of God was so wonderfully “ manifefted cowards us, in sending his only s begotten forne into the world, chac'we might "live through him.

“IV. Making light of Christ, and undervac “Juing the great love of our blessed Redeemer, “creading under foot the Merits of the Sonne of “God, and prophaning the blood of the Cove

nant, and thereby labouring to render Christs s passion of none effect; not counting all things “ losse and dung in comparison of the excellency w of the knowledge of Christ Jesus our Lord's "not counting him all in all, not rejoycing, and - glorying in him, and him crucified, by whom is alone we receive atonement; not esteeming his favour and loving kindnesse beccer chan life it self.

« V. Not living by Faich in all estates and condicions, nut embracing the promises of

che Gospel, wich so much readinesse, and ad. - hering to them with so much stedfastnesse, as

the excellency and certainty of chem does re- quire ; not improving nor applying this rich :- freasure of Gospel-promises, unco the various " occasions of this cemporal life ; not looking “ upon them as our Hericage, and esteeming si them the joy of our hearts.

"VI. Being apt to rely on our own righteous


neffe “nefse, our own services or Graces ; and there

by endeavouring (as much as in us lics ) 13 $deprive Christ of his Saviour ship,

“VII. Not owning Christ in all his offices s not being willing to accept of him, as we o for our Lord as our Saviour ; for our Prophe

to guide us, as well as for our Priest to make « aconement for ds; not being willing to be o I bedient to his Lawes and Precepes; co be Fa fanctified by his Grace and holy Spirit, as "" well as to be saved by his merits ; & chis heart sof unbelief does prove many times a rool of i apostacy, and departure from the living $c God. The second fon against the Gospel is Impenitency

, which hath several degrees also. I. Wh "' notwithstanding God hach in some measure s discovered co us our uniserable, and loft con: 6 dicion by reason of the Covenant of works “(which admicced of no repentance ) we hat: 6 not yet humbled our selves in any proportica ŚC to the malcicude and greatnesse of our fios, “ chough the Gospel and Covenant of Grace “call us to it, and require it of us, as that wichfout which we are not to expect pardon.

* II. Not being inquisitive atrer our fins o nor endeavouring to examine and find out og F' particular failings, but rather to hide and ex f'cuse them. "III, Not being humbled and grieved fc

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sechem, considering the great injustice, folly, OG

"unkindnesse we have expressed by them.

.:"IV. Not refolving and striving against schem, nor improving advantages for the a. « voiding and subduing of them.

"V. Refusing to repent, though God « vouchsafe time and means, hardning che “heart by a custome and delight in fin, being prone to maintain, justific, or excenuare

And thus much of the fins against the Law and against the Gospel. Upon these Heads not only fick persons, but such as are in health allo should examine themselves, when they intend more folemnly to bumble cheir soules before the Lord." And they may have further helps here

in from Dr, Wilkins's discourse concerning the bez sift of prayer,

When fick perfons therefore have adyanced ibus far, let them then in the next place ask themselves,

Thirdly, Whether they do indeed rightly anderstand and firuly believe the history of the Gófpel? who Christ was? whal manner of perfon? what were his offices? what he did and suffered? for what ends and purposes he came into the world! Whether they understand that he came, not only to face and deliver from Hell, and everlasting punishment, buc also to destroy fin, undo the works



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of the Devil, co crucific and fubdue purtats, mor tifie our earthly members, turn'us from darkness light, to illuminate our mind, to give repentance, to work Faith, to make us alive to God, to ens. ble us to serve him in righteousnes and holinese

, to recover Gods interest in us, and co bring us back co him again: And let them consider how their hearcs have been affe&ted with chefe things

Fourthly, Whether they have, and how long they have in truth and finceriv applied them selves to Christ, co receive from him these great and glorious benefics ? namely, to bave their pardona procured by his Merits and interceffion, to have a fupply of all Grace from him, and their nuiures fan£tified? Whether they have fought to him as co a Phyfitian, co beal their soules, and rid them of their distempers? Whether they have accepted him as cheir Prophet to guide chen js, their Lord and King co govern them, as well as cheir Priest co make atonement for chem: Whether they do not believe in him and trus in kim groundiefdy,and presumptuously (as

, carne people do.) only to be delivered and freed from Hell and wratb ta conse, without yielding up cheis hearts in fincere obedience to him, deliring anfeignedly to be guided and governed by his be-y Spirit, and co bc fan&tified by his Grace.

Fifthly, Whether chey have received power and firengib from Christ by ghe effectuall operation of his holy Spirit to mortific the old mar, (the old Adamical nature ) to crucifie the fleth, with its wffe&tions, and Imftsy to fight with, and to fubdwe pride, jearshly: mindedness, Jensuality, selflove malice; venry, and other vile affe&10453 so that they are not under ibe Dominion of fan, but of grace? Whether they have put on the new sman, and have a very nature wrought in them, which confifts in knowledge, righteousnefle, and troue halineß? Whoever is in Christ is a new.orcature, old things are past away, -2 Cor.5.17. And whoever has not the Spirit of Christ is none of his. Rom.8.9. They that are after the fep do mind the things of the flesh, but they that are after the Spirit, the things of the Spirit, V.5. To be carnally mindedis deatb, but to be fpiritually minded is life and peace, V.6.' Lec them consider therefore whother ever they found. powerful work of Grace xapon their hearts..? whether the Spirit of Chriftidwell in them? whether his Law be written in their hearts? Wherber his

. Glory, be their end? Wherber indeed they are alive unto God? what strengtbibey

. have for active and proffeve duties? whether the Word be: wbeir delight wherher they prey feruently.? delight is communion with God, in his waies and Warfhip? whether they obey him fincerely, and walk hambly before bim? whether shey bear afflictions patienily, fuffer reproaches joy. Sixthly. Whether they have for any conside



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