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foul; this is such a despair as is usually the forerunner of a saving conversion. And therefore for people chat have spent their time in fin and vasi ty, in ignorance and worldlineile, in living to thenefelves, and to the flesh, and have never fels any work of Grace upon their hearts, nor ever have been truly humbled under an apprehension of the ivit and danger of their fins; to expect a Minister should speak comfort to them, is to desire to be footb’d and flattered to their own deftruétian.

'The Directions therefore I think needful for fick persons are these following.

1. Lec chem consider that no sicknesse, disease, or distemper of body comes by chance, búr by the wise and orderly guidance of the hand of God that 'cis his messenger, and sent by him unte chem. And therefore let them hear the rod, and po ho hath appointed it, Micah 6,9.

II. Let them sec chemselves before the Tri bunal of Christ, before whom they may (fr: ought they know) hortly appear. And le

: [hem consider, he is a Fudge that cannot be de ceived, nor will be mocked: That he is just a well as merciful, righteous as well as graciou. and all their fins original and actual, of omißione commißion, against the Law and against ibe Gr Spel, against mercies, against judgments, agair promises and vowes of better obedience, all the finfull thoughts, and finfull affections and motius

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of their hearts ; all their finful words and finfolk actions, with the several aggravations of all these, are known unito him; jea, their fecretes fins are fet in the light of his countenances.

III. Ler them seriously examine themselves, and

put these fix questions home to cheir ConsciFirst, 'What abiding fenfe they have had upon cheir hearts (in the whole course of their lives) of their own vilenese and wretchednessa by nature, the odioafnesse and defilement of their fins, their just defert of wrath, their nataral impotency and inability to good,- their pronenesse to evil: Whether they have ever been deeply sensible of the darkneffe of their minds, stubbornnelle of their wils, deceitfulnejse of their hearts, inordinatenelle of their offe&tions, finfulnesse of their practise If they have, what effects has the confideration of these things produced ? what forrow, whac: fear has been ftirred in chem? What course has it por them upon for remedy ? Whac industry bave they used, what pains have they taken to be delivered on this miserable estare? Let

? their Consciences have liberty to speak them, tell them the truth, whether ever they have been affected ( in any considerable degree ) with these things or no.

Secondly, whether they "ever rightly apprehended what are the conditions of the siew Covepant, the Covenant of Grace. Moft will granç


Repentance towards God, and Faith in our Land Fisus Christ are necessary to salvation ;.. bue then their apprehensions and conceptions are different from, and inconsistent with the nature of these Graces. There is a great deal of danger in mifts

. king about these chings. Therefore let chem ask chemselves seriously, whether they do indeed understand that true repentance follows upon a clear and full conviction of the evil, odiostmele, and filhinesle of fin, as that which is contrary to Gods holy Nature, and is flat rebellion as gušnft his Lawes and Authority, as that which der faces his Image, depraves, defiles, pollutes ebe Joul; weakens its powers, difenables it for holy operations, and conforms it to the Image of seas, Whecher chey rightly apprehend the danger, der fert, and mischievous effects and consequents of fon's how ic exposes the sinner co judgments fpi

. rituak, tempor at, and eternal. Whether ever they apprehended their own deep guiltineß both of original, and a huge number of actual fams? Whether there ever has beenwrought in chem ar deep contrition and hearty forrow for cheir fins; and that sipon Gospel-grounds because they bare so-exceedingly dishonoured God, pierced our des Lord and Saviour, grieved the holy Spirit, brouge a stain and defilement upon their soules, and rer dred themselves juftly liable to the wrath and car! of God? Whether their hearts have been wrong to a hatred and loathing of fin, and to a forfaking


of every known fin; and are now really turned unto God? Whecher they have cleerly and without siguile of spirit confessed to bepailed their fins unto God; their particular known fins particularly, and wall secret, undiscovered, unknown fins with ageoneral confeffion? And here that the fick

perfon may the better examine himself, and awszken his Conscience, and may understand: f in some measure) the number of his sins, the feve

yal kinds of them, and the various maies of offufending God; let him consider and ponder seritrously of che duties commanded and firs forbidden in the Law or ten Commandments, and the special fins against the Gospel: For the more particu. lar his repentance is, the more pengent and affittive it will be, and so the more sincere and effettual.

of the duties commanded and fix forbidden in the Law or ten Commandments.

" The first Commandment requirech us to

own and acknowledge Jehovah to be the oncly true God, and our God, and co adore, wor" İhip and glorifie bim accordingly..

“The fins against this Commandment u are,

“ 1. Acheifm ; noc believing there is a God; “ or so living as if çhere were no God in the “ world to be obeyed and worshipped. 2. Ido< Jatry, in having or worshipping more Gods



" than one, or any with or in ftcad of the tre " God: praying, or giving any religious wc

fhip to Saints, Angels, or any other Crez “cure. 3. All compacts, and consulting with “che Devil, all resorting to Witches and Conjurers, which is in effect to go to the Devi s himself.4. Making men the Lords of our Fairb " & Consciences. 5. Ignorance, misapprehenfi

. Isons,misbelief concerning God; not labouring

after the true knowledge of God, nor endea“ vouring to understand

aright his nacare , prooperties, and works. 6. Infidelity, not believing "his word, or not believing ic effectually & pra

ctically so as colive according to our belief;noc “beleeving his chreitnings so as to be afraid of (chem; nor his promises so as to be inviced by “them unto obedience, and newnesse of life. 7. Diffidence and distrust of his care and pre

vidence; not depending on him for the sup

ply of our wanes: not looking up to him fora "blessing on oor lawful endeavours ; cemping

him by using unlawful means in'stead of wait"ing his leisure: Creature-confidence, trof

ing in wit, wealth, friends, &c. and thereby « withdraiving our hearts and dependance from "God. 8. Want of love to God: Noclezi rying to bim'wich a fervenctove, apprehendini " him the chief good; noi loving him for his "own infinite excellencies, and for his good "neffe co us; not loving him with all our af


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