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Plal. 37225. I have been young and now am old ,

yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor - his seed ( forsaken , though ), begging ? bread. Phil.4.6. Be careful for nothing, but in every

thing by prayer and" application with thanksgi17: ving, let your requests be made known unto

Jam. 2.5. Hearken my beloved Brethren, Hath

not God chosen the poor of this world, rich in
Faith, and heirs of the Kingdon, which he hath

promised to them that love him. E Prov.17.5. Whofo mocketb the poor , reproacheth

bis Maker, and he thirt is glad at calamities, shall not be unpunished. Plál. 10:14. The poor committeeb himself into

thee, thou art the helper of the Father

leffe. You * Match.6.23. Therefore 1 say unto you, take no

thought for your life, what ye fhall eat, or what ye ball drink; nor get for your body, what ye shall put on; is not the life more than meat, And the body than raiment ? V.26. Behold the forels of the air, for they Jom

not, neither do they reap, nor gather into
barns, yet your Heavenly Father feedeth them,

Are ye not much better than they
Va7. Which of you by taking thought, can add

one Cubit unto his ftature ? + V.28. And why , take ye thought for raiment ?


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confider the Lilies of the field how they grow, they toyl not neither do they pin. V.29. And yet 1 say unto you, that even Solomon

in all his Glory, was not arrayed like one of thefer. V.36. Wherefore if God fo cloath the grasle of

the field, which to day is, and to morrow is car into the Oven, shall be not much more cloath you, oh yes of little Faith? V 31. Therefore take no thought saying, what shall we eat? Or what shall we drink? Or wherewithall shall we be cleathed? V.33. But seek ye firft the Kingdom of God, and

his righteousness and all these things shall be ada ded unto you. V.34. Take therefore so thought for the morten, for the morrow shall take thonght for the things of it self , sufficient unto the day is the es thereof.

im See more Scripcures co chis purpose, pa! 215.


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First, of those that concern the younger fort. A

LL young persons should consider that ic

is their duty, and high concernment, to endeavour to be really good, and truly religious betimes. In order hereunto, I shill,

1. Lay down some Reasons and Arguments to presse them to it.

2. Answer such objections', and labour torea move such prejudices, as are conceiv'd against it.

3. Give fome Directions to them, who are pilling to be advis d herein.

There are many weighty Reasons and Argus ments to perswade them to it,

I. God now invites them to it, Ecclef.12.13 Remember now thy Creatour in the daies of thy youth, &c. And lec then consider, !. God hath no need of them, but they have need of him, and cannot posfibly be happy without him. 2.He is willing to be reconcil'd to them, if they will urn to bim, though for their sins he might justly



destroy them. 3. He offers them better term. and conditions ( if they will serve him ) then they can possibly have anywhere else, either in the service of fin or Satan, Rom.6.21. What fruit had ye then in those things whereof ye are now albe med? for the end of those things is death. The two genuine and natural fruits of sin are shame and death. Is it not chen an intollerable indignity and affront put upon the great God of Heaven and Earch for any to refuse to serve him, who offers them fo fair terms , and to continue in che Devils Navery, who ( they know ) incends che ruine both of their souls and bodies ?

II. Delaies are exceeding dangerous.

1. Life is uncertain, Prov. 27. 1. Boaf thy self of to morrow, for thou knoweft not rohat o day may bring forth. Young men may reckon us on years, when possibly they have not moneta. to live. Consider how quick God is with form. cutting them off in their fins. Time is precies Redeem it; for on this moment depends Ele nity.

2. Grace is uncertain. 'Tis not in mans post to have Grace when he will. The Spirit of G: will not alwaies strive with the children of men, 7: day, and while it is callid to day, hear his voir Plal.95.7. And harden not your hearts. Gach: the Manna while it fals; come in while the di of Grace stands open: Take heed of being lo Elsk, coming too late for a blessing.

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3. The longer thou delayeft, the more unfit , zt unable and indisposed thou wilt be to return. Now ochy parts are fresh, and thy affections vigorous.

If chou wilc enter thy self inco the School of Christ now, what a great deal of knowledge and Grace and spiritual experience maist thou accain unco? What a good Scholar, a good proficient maist thou be?

But if thou delayeft,chen consider in what a fad cim,

condition chou art. 1. Sin will be every day more and more bardning thy heart, and stupifying thy Conscience, and so wil make thy return the more difficult. Now ( may be ) chou haft fome ten derneß of Conscience : Thou wilt quickly lose ic; if chou refuseft co hearken to Gods call.

The world, and the cares of this life will more and more engage and int angle thy Affections. If thou givest not thy self to God while young, bem

fore thou art much engaged in the cares and bufinesses of this life, 'tis very hazardous, whether

the world will not carry away thy heart, and whecher chou majst not lose chy soul in an eager pursuit of these outward things. 3, The Devil

get stronger poffeßion. Every soul is either Gods. Temple, or the Devils house. 'I will be bard to calit Satan out, where he hath had many gears posleßion. The longer any go on in fin, the greater pómer God permics the Devil to have over them. 4. The longer thou delayoft, the more thou provokeft Godto give thee up torby own

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