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and charitable, to defer ic till then: But as Fe. lix dismist Paul for that time, and promised when he had a more converient season to send for him, yet is never read to have done it ; or as the Jürdid scandalous Mifer quarrels wich fomewhat in almost every object of Charity he meets with, to excuse himself from ; so we must take heed that we do not pretend unfeasonsbloneß for our excuse, when 'cis meerly our com ardize or the coldneffe of our Christian Charity thac is the true cause of our neglecting this dury. Life is uncertain; we may die, or the party may dy; chen he is for ever out of the reach of our Charity. The longer he lies in sin, the more God dishonoured, the more wrath is creasured up, the harder his heart ordinarily growes, and his recovery will be the more difficult

. Therefore St. Fode, speaking of secure finners; faies, we should snatch such out of the fire, v.23.

obj.6. But does not our Saviour say, we met not give that which is holy to dogs, nor coft pearls before swine, Mac.7.6. And what are lewd fingers but fuch.

Sol-Every disorderly liver is not to be ac. counted as a dog or a swine. ( in the sense our S3viour usech che word :) For of some such pas! (peakech, 2 Thel.3.15. And faith, we must ** account them as enemies, but admonish them o brethren. Whom therefore we are co accounts dogs and furine, appears by cur Saviours ox?


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words in that place, even such as not only out of a swinish balenesse crample under foot che preci. ous Word of God, offered to them in a reproof, buc out of a doggish rage and fierceneß are ready to Ay at the throats of such, as out of good will to their souls, offer to loosen them from the devils thraldom, and to help them on towards Hea. ven. Left ( sales our Saviour ) they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rent you. (If you meet chen at any time with such defpe

rate wretches, thac you are in danger of violence from (if you stop them in their course of sin). you may forbear medling with them. And seeing they will be filthy, let them be filthy stil. Seeing chere is no other remedy, let them (wear on, swagger on, drink on, and at last despair, die, and be damned. O fad condition! Whose bowels do not turn within him char chinks of their woful misery! But as for others ( as we have oppor. tunicy) let us endeavour their amendment and salvation.

Thus much for the Second thing, the removing che prejudices, and answering the objections chac are conceiv'd against chis duey. I come now in the third place, to give some Directions for the righc practise of it.

1. Labour to walk circumpeetly thy self; look well to thy own life and converfation, that it may be ( as much as in chee lies ) blameleß and barmlele; that ro chou maist be more capable of

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performing this du'y-( with advantage ) cowards others.

Il. Look well co thy own heart, chat thy ends and intentions be upright and sincere in this businelle. Take heed chou be not moved to this day our of any proud hamour of contradicting or controlling oibers, or of purpose to disgrace et hers, or ove of vainglory, and a secret ambitious de fare of purchising to thy self a Name; or for any such by and base end; buc let thy motive be a earnest desire to discharge thy duiy to God, abare sin, and advance bolineß in the world, and to save thy brothers soul.

VII. Look ic that the thing chou of ferest coreprove, be a fault in it self, and afas that he is guilty of co whom thou addreseft ety reproof, elle thou mistakest chy mark.

IV. Before thou sertést upon this work, sen. up fervent prayers (either folemn fupplications if thou hast time, or fecret mental ejaculations unto the Lord, for the pardon of thy own fiu. and to direct, affift, and blesje thy endeavours: his own Glory, and the amendment and salvaties of the party to whose benefit chy admonition is de Sign'd.

V. Let the reproofs chou dost minister, whir'd in with prefaces of good will, and maxiged with evidences of love, pity, and real affe on to the party reproved. Reproof is a bitter şi and (sometimes nust be lapt ap in Sagar 3


Pap; but not so neicher, as co inake it lose iis operation. When we reprehend che faults of men,

tis not amisse ( many times) to commend whac is good in them; that they may see we are as forward to take notice of what is good and com. mendable in them, as to reprehend what is evil. And this will make them take reproof che beta ter.

VI. Be serious in reprehending others. A loose and trifling reprehension between jest and carnest, usually doch more harm than good, and cather confirms the sinner in his sin, thanreforms him. Well may he çhink, ic matcers not much vhether he leave his fin or no, when he sees o-. hers make but a jest ac it. Solomon saies , fools Bake a mock at fin, Prov.14 9. Let thy heart herefore be deeply affe&ted with the dishonour lone to God, the danger the parties foul is in if he o on in his sin; and then shew him plainly and feriously che evil of it.

VII. Back and confirm thy reproofs with plain laces of Scripture, chat the party may see and eel chac 'cis God reproves him rather than thou ; nd that thou doft but mind him , what God hach eclared concerning men in his condition : Tell im, 't is not as thou wilt, nor as he will, who hall be fav’d, and who shall not , but as God will: Now God hath reveal'd that such as live bus and thus; shall never enter into bis- Kingdom: Therefore entreat him to consider where such courses will end, and what must needs become of his soul, if he do not timely repent and forJuke those evil waies.


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VIII. Be discreet in miniAring reproofs : Call in prudence co afsift Charity. Distingaist prudently between person and perfon : For though all are to be reproved, (except they be dogs a swine, or obstinate obdur ate Hereticks, Tic.3.10.) yet all are not to be dealt with in the same mas ner. This Caution St. Fude gives us, Fude v. 22. of fome bave compassion, making a difference, and others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire. Some are of a more flexible nature, and cherefore fair and loving admonitions are likelseft to work upon them. Some are hardned and ober rate finners , those should be rebuk’a Jharply, Tit. 1.13. ( when gentler means will not do and with fear must be pullid out of the fire, i.e. must be terrified with Gods Fudgmenis, chac the may fear him who is able to cajt borb foul and bos into Hell.

IX. Be impartial in reprehending chose it chy duty to reprehend. Do nor do in reprous men, as Saul did in executing the Command he had against Amalek, who spared the fat and chee and destroyed only the refuse. Puc on a trwy most and Christian refolution, and fear net the face men in performing iby Duty to God. God is stiske poured by one mans fins as well as by anothers and lia i deftruutive to the soul of ox6 masi ?

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