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Concerning Man. Concerning Man we are to know and under

1, The happy Condition in which he was made,
2. His Fall.
3. The way of bis Recovery by Christ.

1. The Holy and happy estate in which God created man at first, Namely, after his own Image, in Knowledge, Holinesse, and Righteousnesse, with Dominion over the Creatures here below, writing bis Law on mans heart, requiring perfect obedience from him and giving him power to perform it, promising the continuance of him in that happy ettate if he obeyed, and threatning him with death if he disobeyed ; which is called the Covenant of works.

2. The miserable Condicion into which màn threw himself by sin: Our first Parents (by the temptacion of Sachan) disobeyed God, broke his righteous Law and Commandement ; and thereby cast themselves out of the Favour of God, became the Slaves of Sacan, and liable to che curse of the Law, and brought a great depravation of soul and body upon themselves ; And such as our first Parents were, such must

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their posterity needs be: For who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean, says fob, Chap. 14.4.

They having lost the Image of God themfelves, the holinesse and happinesse in which they were made, could not conveigh ic to their posterity. So that the nacure of man is now become corrupt, prone to evil, backward to good. And this miserable condition is derived to us from Adam by our immediate Parents ; and as men come to be born in several Ages, and generacions, so they actually participace of the lap that comes from the firft root ; we being therefore all of us in so bad a Condition by mature, and by castome and practice in sin haying made our selves much worse, and more abominable in the light of God, more guilty and liable to his wrach;

we are to know and consider that this woful ftace of fin and misery is by no means to be rested in ; But seeing we are fallen into so lamentable a condition, we must speedily endeavour to get out of it. And therefore let us remember that without Conversion there is no hope of Salvacion ; Except a man be born again, and made a new Creature, he cannot enter into the Kingdome of God. 3. The blessed

way found out and appointed by God for mans Recovery out of this miserable stare, which is by the undercaking and mediation of his onely Son,



Concerning the Mediator between God and

Man. Concerning the Mediator between God

and man, Christ Jesus ; We must know and understand these seaven things.

1. What manner of person he was ; He was God and Man in the same person. The Ecernal Son of God, The second Person in the Trinity took to himself our humane Nature (a humane soul and body) and aniced it after a wonderfull manner to his Godhead; And so God and Man became one person.

2. How he became man; He was born (about sixteen hundred and odd years ago) of the Virgin Mary, who was of the seed of Abraham, and of the Family of David, as was foretold in the Scriptures, being Conceived in her by the Almighty power of che Holy Ghost, without che help of man, and without sin; and was Called Jesus Christ.

3. How he Lived ; He Lived about three and thirty years here upon Earth, a most holy, innocent, finless Life, performing perfect obedience to the Law of God. And as the great Prophet of God (who was promised, Deut.18. 15. Afts 3, 22.) he declared his Fathers will

in his heavenly discourses, and Sermons, and wrought many miracles to confirm his doctrine, and to prove himself the true Messias, and the Eternal Son of God.

4. How he Died; Being betrayed by Fudas, forsaken by his Disciples, scorned and rejected by the World, through the malicious prosecution of the Jews, and unjust sentence of Pilat, he was Condemned to be Crucified; and being tormented by his peșsecutors, and having conAicted with the Terrors of Death, and felt and born Gods wrath ; He endured che painful, shameful, and cursed death of the Crosse; chere as a Priest offering up himself a Sacrifice to God, and a Ransome and Propitiation for our sins.

5. What became of him after his Death; He being buried, rose again the third day, and afier Fourty days continuance on the earth in which time he frequently appeared to his Dilciples, and cchers, teaching the things appertaining to che Kingdome of God,) he ascen. ded into Heaven, and is now in Glory with the Facher, where he intercedes for, and presencs the Meries of his Deach and Sufferings, in the behalf of all them that unfeignedly repent of their fins, and do truly beleeve on him. And being made King and Head of his Church, and Lord of Angels and Men, he shall come from Heaven again in great Glory, to judge the quick and the dead at the Last day.

6. What

Coming into the world. The chief End and Intent of his Coming into the world was to save Loft and undone finners, to procure their pardon & reconciliacion with God by his Merits ; & to San&tifie their Natures by his Holy Spirit; and to bring them to everlafting Life. And to this end he appointed his Ministers to preach the Gospel unto the world, and inftituced the two Sacraments, Baptism, and the Lords Supper, to signifie and keep in remembrance the great and inestimable benefits of his Death and Sufferings.

7. What they are effectually called unco,and through the affistance of the Spirit of God enabled to perform, that shall receive Remission of fins by Chrift: They that shall be made partakers of that great and ineftimable benefit, the Remission of all cheir sins by Chrift, are effectually called and enabled by the assistance of his Grace, uofeignedly to believe the Gospel, hears tily to repenc of all their sins, seriously to give up their souls unto him, resting and relying on che Redemption and Ransome of his Blood for their Pardon and Reconciliacion with God, And taking him for their onely Lord & Saviour, and yielding themselves up in sincerc obedience to him, and to be guided and governed by his Grace and Holy Spirit; they do depend on hiin alone for Justificacion, Sanctificacion, strength

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