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Mark 12.32. And the Scribe said unto him, well

Master, thou hast said she truth: for there is oné God, and there is none other but hệ. V.33. And to love him with all the heart, and

with all the understanding, and with all the soul, and with all the strength, and to love his neighbour as himself, is more than all whole

burnt offering and sacrifice. Rom. 3.31. Do we then make void the Law

through Faith? God forbid, yea, we eftablish

the Law.


of Communion with God.


Abour to maintain a daily close Commu

nion with God, in chele particulars following,

1. Awake with God in the morning.

2 Forget not to poúre forth thy Joul in secret prayer, and praise before him.

3. Read the Scriptures.

4. Live continually as in the fight and view of God.

5. Live by Faith

6. obferve all the passages of kis Providence towards thee, 7. Be continually watchful.

First, First, Awake with God in the morning:When I awake, I am still with thee, sais holy David, Pfal.139.8. The morning is an embleme of the Resurrection, when our bodies shall awake from the sleep of death, and that long day (hall arise upon us, that shall never have any nighe, O how shouldst thou then, when sleep fals from chine ,

eyes, lift up thy soul in praises and thanksgivings to the Lord, for his gracious Providence over thee in the night season. Had not he been exceeding gracious, thou mightft have slept the sleep of death, and from the darknesle of the night been sent away into outer darknesle. Leč not the commonnefje of this mercy diminish, but the continualneß of it rather encrease chy chankfulnesse. O when thy body awakens, how shouldlt thou awaken and stirre up thy soul also, to some holy and pious Ejacelations; such as che sweet Singer of Israel, used to send up to God; O Lord, thou art my God, early will I seek thee. I laid me down and pepi, and thos hajt sustained me. I have been

safe under the phadoro of thy wings, thy faithfulnejle, and truth have been my shield and buckler, And now Lord, lift sp the Light of the Countenance upon me, instruct me in the way wherein I should go, and quid me with thine eye.

Teach me thy way, 0 Lørd, and I will walk in'rby Truth, o knit my


heart to thee, that I may fear thy Name. And hold up my goings in thy paths, shat my footfteps flip not. Let me walk circumfpe&tly this day, redeeming the time, Let my soul put on the Lord Pelus, and be clothed with the white robe of his righteousneffe, and adorn me with the saving Graces of thy holy Spirit, dc.

After come such pious ejaculations sent up to the Throne of Grace, labour to get thy heart poffeffed, with deep, strong, and powerful apprehensions and impressions, of Gods holinesle, Majesty, Omni-prelence, Omniscience: Consider with reverence, and humbly admire, and adore his glorious wisdome, bis almighty power, his gracious Providence, his truth and faichtalneffe, and especially his tender love and mercy in Christ Jesus. And it such choughts as these make strong and deep impresions in chy mind, in the morning, thou art the more like to be in the fear of God all the day after, and to have thy mind possessed both with reverencial and delightful thoughts of his Majefty. Pfal.139.18.--- When I awake, I am ftill with Job 7.17. What is man that show fhouldeft magnifie him? and that thou shouldest set thine heart


upon him?

V.18. And that thou shouldf visit him every morning, and try him every moment ?


Lam.3.22. It is of the Lords mercy that we are

not consumed, because his compaßions fail not. V.23. They are new every morning, great is aby faithfulnesse. V.24. The Lord is my portion, saith my foul,

therefore I will hope in him. V.25. The Lord is good unto them thal wait for

him, to the soul that seekerh him. Psal. 73.25. Whom have I in Heaven but thee?

and there is none upon the Earth that I defore

besides thee. Eph.5.14. Wherefore he faith, Amake thou that Reepest, and arise from the dead, and Chrif

shall give thee Light, Rom.13.11. And that knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake

out of sleep : for now is our salvation peerer, than when we believed. V.12. The'night is far pent, the day is at band: let us therefore cast off the works of darknese,

and let us put on the armour of Light. Eph.5.15. See then that ye walk sircumfpe&tly

, not as fools, but as wise. Rom.13.13. Let us walk honestly as in the day,

not in rioting and drunkennese, not in chambering and wantonnelle, not in ftrife ardenvying. V.14. But put ge on the Lord Ferues Chrift, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lufts theref.


Pfal.63.1, O God, thou art my God, early will I

seck thee : my soul thirstetb for thee, my flesh longeth for thee, in a dry, and thirsty Land,

where no water is. Pfal.59.16, But I will fing of thy power : yea I

will sing alond of thy mercy in the morning, for Thou baft been my defence, and refuge in the day

of my trouble. Pfal.35.28. And my tonguesball speak of thy righ

teousnese, and of thy praise all the day long. Pfal.3 s. "I laid me down and pept; I awaked,

for the Lord sustained me. Plál.91.1. He that dwelleth in the secret place of

the most high, fhall abide under the shadow of the Almighty V.4. He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under bis wings shalt thou trust; his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

.4.6. There be many that say, who will shemo us any good? Lord lift then up the Light of thy

Countenance upon us. Pfal.32.8. I will infruct thee, and teach thee in

the way which thou shalt ge, I will guid thee Pfal.86.11. Teach me thy way, o Lord, I will

walk in thy Truth: unite my heart to fear thy Psal. 17.5. Hold up my goings in thy parbs, that

my footsteps hip not. Psal.90.17. And let the beauty of the Lord our



with mine eye.


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