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Tariegull the bond of perfectnesse,7.15. And le che peace ar jau of God rule in your hearts, to the which allo ye

are called in one body, and, be ye thankful. I s beat Jhall conclude with that divine and affectionate ex

bortation of the fame Apoftle, Phil.4.8. Finally revern brethren, whatsoeper things are true, whiclo

ever things are honest, whatfoever chings are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whacfoever things are of good report; if there be any vertue, and if there be any praise, think on these chings.

And now O Lord, thou who haft put into nobene the hearc of thy unworthy servant to write these 0:53 things for the good of chis people, be thou

pe pleased by the gracious and effectuall working a les of thy holy Spirit, to make them useful to

them, (and to all others into whose hands chey

Thall come ) for che promoting knowledge, Berke. Faith, and obedience among them, and the ati furthering of their salvacion. What is here le? He agreeable to thy holy Will, write upon their

hearts. O lec ic not be in vain that this help is

afforded them. Grant successe (I humbly beDve feech chee) to chis poor endeavour, and take offee thon all che Glory. Good Lord give this peofor ple a right understanding in all things. Guide

them in the way wherein they should go, to 26cain ecernal life. Open che eyes of che ignoranc among them, turn the hearts of the prophane, reduce the erroneous, and encrease thy Graces



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The Epistle Dedicatory: daily more and more in the hearts of those whom thou hast savingly wrought upon. Olet thy blessing be on this people: God Almighty blesse chem. Let Truth and Holinefle, reall Piety and the power of Godlinefse, Lec Coundneffe of mind, and uprighcnçffe of heart and life ; let true Faith and fervent love , ler charicy and good works ( through che operation of chy holy Spirit) abound among them. That to living here in thy fear, and serving their gencration according to the Will of God, they may at last (through thy infinite mercy, and the merits of our blessed Lord and Saviour) bere. ceived into thy Heavenly Kingdom. This is ebe earnest and hearty Prayer of,

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Tour very affectionate,

though unworthy Pastor,

Samuel Cradock,


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s in humane bodies, some parts

are vital, ochers only integrall, fome necessary to the being, others to the well being, integrity, and

beauty of them: So it is in Theologicall Doctrines, some are more fundamental, and immediatly neceffary to life and Godliness; others such as do greatly accomplish and adorn Christians that have attained unto them, and are of singular use for the edification of the Church, though not so primarily belonging to the very vicals and eflencials of Faith and Holineffe.

Now because multitudes of crdinary Christians, either through the exigence of their particular callings, or chrough the narrowacfle of their capacities , waac boch cime and Atrength to procure such plentiful mçasures of knowledge, as many others, whose leisure is greafer,

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Dr. Reynolds his Epistle and intellectuals stronger, have accained unto: Therefore che Lord hach from cime co cime stirred up zealous and faithful men to commit unto writing those primary and most necessary Doetiines of Faith and Duty which are common to great and smal, and of principal use for ordering their conversacions arighe in every relation wherein they stand towards God and men.

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Of this forc were Basil's Moralia Regula,
Ambrose his Book De officiis, Auguftin's Enchi-
ridion, Bernards Tractats De interiore domo,
De Comfcientia, De ordine vita, De Dilectione
Dei, De modo bene vivendi, and other the like
writings of the Ancients.

Amongst our felves in this age, several
Books of this nacure have been written.

Rezers his seven Treacises, Mr. Pan Baine bis
Directions for a godly life, Mr. Fohn Down
ham his Gaide co Godlinefle and Christian war-
fare. The Practife of Piery, Mr, Scudda's
Chritians daily walk, Mr. Boltons Directions
for comfortable walking with God, with di-
vers others of the fime kind.' Ofiwhich some
possibly may be of too great a price for every
poor min to procure, and too large for him co
read quickly over. However, the fame mi-
Serials managed by the differenc gifts of several
instruments, and pressed by new Arguments
and Motives, do bring to the Conscience a
fuller evidence, and awaken the heart unco a



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more serious consideracion of the importance of them.

Amongst Books of this Nature, I commend into the Christian Reader chis Manual, which I have read with great facisfaction and delight, It hasb many things to render is acceptable to such judicious Palats as are best pleased with savoury and serious things, 1. The variety and neceficy of the maccers cherein handled : Such as are self-knowledge and examinacion: Repencance and self-judging, living by Faith; watchfulnesse over our hearts, words, and waies:-communion with God in spiritual duties, faithfulneffe in our particular callings and relations, CA. 3. The pertinency of the Scriptures produced for confirmation of che Truchs which they refer unto. 3. The graciousnefle, favourinesle, and whollomnesse of the Language, becoming the weight and holinefle of the matter. 4. The strength of the Arguments whereby the duties are pressed.

5. The Brevity of che whole, which rendrech is the ficcer for memory, meditation, and praEtise: In all which the Reverend Author hach shewed himselfe a workman, which needech noc to be ashamed.

Some Learned men have chosen lome one or other Book, which they have resolved to read over once every year.

I could wish that serious Christians would single out some one

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